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    God, this Guy is F'ing Retarded

    Look on your bright side, you only have to deal with him for 5 more years.


    I don't go to KFC, I don't like their food.

    AOC warns Petey Pillows

    Yup. Nailed it.

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    https://historyplex.com/why-did-north-win-civil-war Someone might need to read a US History 101 book not written by a liberal.

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    I'm not sure that this contradicts anything I said. This doesn't change the fact that the south were a bunch of crybabies whining because they didn't get their way.

    How woke are you? Take the test

    You: Have Your Eyes Open Meh. It's true... but I don't think that means what you think it means. LOL

    Real conservatives asking real questions

    When I see "Alt-Right", "Extreme Right", "Real Right", etc... I think 1 thing. Democrat. Those are the racist bigots that hate everyone/thing that isn't white. Meaning, Democrats. That was the cornerstone of the South that believed in racism and slavery, male dominance and male chauvinists. It's why the Republican's went to war against the Democrats. It's why the north won. Because the South was a bunch of loud mouth crybabies that only wanted to whine if they didn't get their way. That's exactly the same as today. The Democrats are still racists and slave masters and still believe in male dominance... they just disguise it better. They pretend they're doing it in a "progressive" manner, but what they're doing is controlling them by controlling their income and their standing in life. Minorities and women are lied to by the Democrat and are put on pedestals that can never be lived up to, so that they can always be victims. That ensures the people in power of the Democrat party and the people with money, stay there. There are times when I think Riversco is right about another civil war. Just look at how the last one started and how that same trend is happening now. It was Republicans vs the Democrats. If this country doesn't wise up and start realizing that the socialists are moving in, we will have another civil war.

    AOC warns Petey Pillows

    Majority, yes... overwhelming, no. There's more than enough who will flip sides if the right candidate comes along. There's enough to flip states.

    Illinois city to start paying reperations

    This is just another example of the Democrats being racist slave masters disguising themselves as the good guy. They pretend to be trying to help black people at the expense of white people so that they can target the white people as the bad guy. But what's actually happening is that they're enslaving black people to the democrat party via financial chains instead of physical chains. There's going to be enough white guilter's who will buy their weed in town to help out black folks, but no where near enough to accomplish their goals. This, like all democrat policies won't work and they'll claim it's white people and republican's faults... not that the idea was bad. So, what will happen is that they raise the tax. That won't work either... and more blame will come. It's the only way Democrats can keep the black people on their side... by telling them that they are victims of white republicans. I'm sorry, but if you can't that this is just a different form of slavery, but slavery nonetheless, then you're just not paying attention.
  10. TBayXXXVII

    AOC warns Petey Pillows

    The economy won't tank unless the Dems force it. They've been trying for over a year to force it, but it still won't, because Trump is doing a great job.
  11. TBayXXXVII

    AOC warns Petey Pillows

    That's because a lot of Republican's are moderates. There are a lot of Republicans who voted for Trump ONLY because they hate the direction of the left is going. If they weren't going that far and stayed reasonable, then Trump would definitely lose... heck, he wouldn't have won in the first place. Currently, people probably still will vote for Trump because until the normal Democrats do separate themselves from the nut jobs, Republican's won't trust the normies to stay the course. In order to win the Dem nomination, you need to be far left. That's not the fault of the Republican's. It's as I said initially, it's the fault of the Dems for getting in bed with Satan.
  12. TBayXXXVII

    AOC warns Petey Pillows

    That's because you need to be far left to win the nomination. Most people don't want far left... or far right. It's why the normal democrats need to remove the socialist element from their ranks. The problem is that they need them to have the numbers. They got in bed with Satan and now they're paying the price.
  13. TBayXXXVII

    AOC warns Petey Pillows

    Anyone who thinks free college is a good idea needs to realize who's in favor of this plan... college's and universities. It's why people need to start voting Republican. Colleges are no different than private corporations/businesses. All of them support liberal agendas. Why? Because it makes them more money. Colleges and big business both know one key thing about money... limited competition means more profits. That's why they support higher taxes on business. It's why they support free this and free that. It's because they know they have the money to withstand the cost burdens that the smaller businesses and in this instance, online colleges, can't. Colleges and universities will get their money. They're banking on these online colleges - who's target customers are those who don't want the high tuition costs - fail and go away. What that means is more guaranteed (government), money for them.
  14. TBayXXXVII

    This Peloton thing?

    The issue isn't whether the commercial is bad or not, the issue is the "message" that liberals think is being made.