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    Another mass shooting in CA

    LOL, that's funny.
  2. Agreed. Which is why I said that I see them as one in the same. His statement and response lead me to believe that he thinks they can't be the same. It also warrants the question, "Where is the line drawn?" I don't think legal action should be taken where the lines are vague.
  3. To be clear, my example was hypothetical, not the specific one being discussed. You're saying that misgendering is emotional and verbal abuse?
  4. If a kid (say born a girl), tells her parents that she is now a boy and his name is John (no longer Jane). They then proceed to call "her" Jane. The kid then says that "he" is being emotionally and verbally abused because they didn't accept "his" transgender identity. The authorities then take the kid from the parents for abuse. To me, that's one in the same as having your kid taken away from you for misgendering them. You're saying it's not?
  5. ...and the white knights who want to help the poor by taking 'someone else's' money, as long as it isn't theirs.
  6. Honestly, when talking to him, I just say things to egg him on. He's the straw man and the "Not uh" king of the world. He exaggerates everything and when anyone makes a comment, he just says you're wrong without giving reasons why. I read his posts, laugh at him, and move on. As an example. At the end of last year, someone asked how we'd rank that years rookie QB seasons. I had Mac Jones and the Houston kid #1 and #2, I then had guys who never played, like Trask and Book (I think), then Lawrence and White. My reasoning was that that Jones and the Houston kid did pretty well while White and Lawrence sucked azz. I said that guys who didn't play had a better year than guys who were garbage. He went to the extreme to say that I claimed that Trask was a better QB than Lawrence. Anytime I've talked about Trask, I've never been complimentary of him. I've always said that since the team drafted him, they should see what they have in him after Brady left... but I never said he was going to be any good. For the record, I don't think Lawrence is anywhere as good as what he was supposed to be. I don't think he'll be as bad as his rookie season and I think this past season might be the best he ever has. I think his ceiling is a mediocre starter. To note, I never said Trask was ever going to be any good at all.
  7. He claimed that the Eagles wouldn't make the playoffs if it weren't for Hurts. I said that with the talent on the team, he could. That was my point. It wasn't about Smith or Jones being better or worse than Minshew, though, I'm not so sure there's all that much separation. I would say that Jones is better, how much may be nominal. Geno Smith has been in the league for what, 10 years and he finally had a season where he was competent. Sorry, I'm not going to give him the benefit of the doubt over anyone. Let's see what happens next year before we start saying "he's better than...". As far as the Giants are concerned, I'd contend that Barkley had more to do with the teams success than Jones. The Giants were running that dude into the ground in the first 10 games. He averaged over 25 touches a game up to week 10 (9 games), and they were 7-2. After they backed off a bit, in the last 7 games (not counting the Eagles game that he didn't play in), he averaged 18 touches a game, and they were 2-4-1. I don't think it's a coincidence that in the first 9 games, Barkley averaged 25+ touches a game and Jones 26+ pass attempts that they went 7-2 and in the last 7 (again, not counting the Eagles game), they went 2-4-1 with Barkley averaging 18 touches a game and Jones 33 passes a game.
  8. Minshew went 6-6 with a garbage Jacksonville team. I think he can win 9 with a team who had a great OLine, great defense, excellent WR's, and a solid running game.
  9. Never said Minshew did have the skill set of Hurts, nice try making a straw man argument. In fact, I compared what Minshew could do with mediocre QB's who only won 9 games.
  10. Nice try, but no. You claimed they didn't change a thing. I proved that they did. Swing and miss bud.
  11. TBayXXXVII

    Coaching Changes

    I don't think they need a total rebuild. After they got rid of that bum Mayfield and went back to Darnold, they weren't all that bad. They were 3-8 when Darnold took over and he went 4-2. No, I don't think he's the answer but they're not a terrible team. Depending on the upgrade at QB, they could win 9+ games next year. Now, I don't know what their cap situation is nor do I know what free agents they have, so that may push them towards a rebuild if they are going to lose good players. I'm just going off of how the season ended and a potential upgrade at HC.
  12. LOL, come on. You think those games looked anything like the first 13? Seriously? Minshew threw the ball 40 times. Do you know how many times Hurts threw the ball 40 times this year? It was less than 1. The Eagles never trailed that game until there was 2 minutes left in the game. The Eagles don't throw the ball like that. They run, a lot. If your excuse is that Hurts is a big part of that run game, I'm not buying it. There is NO WAY, that if Minshew was NEEDED to WIN them that game, that he throws the ball 40 times when they were never trailing. The Saints game... the first 3 plays of the game were pass attempts, Minshew was sacked twice. They punted. The next drive started out with 2 runs for 9 yards. They proceeded to pass on 3rd and 1... Minshew got sacked. You really think that if the Eagles needed that game, those 2 series fall that way? Come on. Didn't change a thing? They threw the ball 40 times in a game they never trailed until the very end. That never happened all year! Didn't change a thing? They started off with 4 pass attempts on the first 6 plays of the game, gave up 3 sacks. That never happened all year. No, they didn't change a thing. Come off it.
  13. TBayXXXVII

    Coaching Changes

    He'll need a QB. Not sure where he's going to get one. If it's a rookie, that's fine, but he's gotta get it right. We'll see.