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  1. I new it was stupid before getting to what his idea actually was when it was an article from ESPN and in the first paragraph, the author writes "...has come up with a novel idea." Then I read the article and wasn't surprised that I was right.

    Becker with Ted Danson...

    Never really watched the show regularly, but I did watch it from time to time when came on... only because of Shawnee Smith. Yum.

    Big Ben Time Out in the Burgh?

    I'd say that the answer to your question is "very few" or "very rarely". I mean, I can't think of a time where I've ever said that. I guess argument could have been made with Ertz and Goedert, but while the Eagles' WR corp blows chunks, they're both starter worthy already. I mean, go look at the guys who finished outside of the top 10 and see if anyone legitimately fits that profile. Both Brate and Howard have finished in the top 10 in TE's, so they clearly have the potential. I looked at the top TE's over the last 5 years and I didn't see any TE that would fit that criteria. The only times where you'd get the idea of that, was a year when that TE got hurt and only played like 10 games or so.

    Big Ben Time Out in the Burgh?

    The reasoning was based on the fact that not only did the Bucs have 2 quality TE's, they had anywhere from 2 to 4 quality receivers over the years. That makeup for a pass catching corp is extremely rare. Specifically for last year, Godwin, Evans, and Perriman combined for just short of 3000 yards. Even with a 5000 yard season from their QB, how many would you expect from 2 TE's? Brate and Howard were both 4th and 5th in targets and yards on the team. My point was, and remains, had only 1 of them been there, the result would have been a top 7 TE. Teams with top 7/10 TE's don't generally have 3 other target monsters. Last year, top 10 non-PPR TE's and their teams target share leaders... Travis Kelce (136) - Sammy Watkins (90) & Tyreek Hill (89) Mark Andrews (98) - Marquise Brown (71) & Willie Snead (46) George Kittle (107) - Deebo Samuel (81) & Emmanuel Sanders (53) Zach Ertz (135) - Dallas Goedert (87) & Alshon Jeffery (73) Darren Waller (117) - Hunter Renfrow (71) & Tyrell Williams (64) Jared Cook (65) - Michael Thomas (185) & Alvin Kamara (97) Austin Hooper (97) - Julio Jones (157) & Calvin Ridley (93) Hunter Henry (76) - Keenan Allen (149) & Austin Ekeler (108) Dallas Goedert (87) - See #4 Zach Ertz Tyler Higbee (83) - Robert Woods (139) & Cooper Kupp (134) Of the top 10, 7 TE's were their teams' #1 or #2 most targeted pass catcher. Only Hunter Henry was 4th (as Henry and Higbee were 3rd), in target share... the next closest TE on the team was Virgil Green with only 13 targets. Godwin, Evans, and Perriman combined for 308 targets. Back to my main point (adding the two together), had only 1 of Brate or Howard been on the team, that TE would have been a legit starting fantasy TE and disproving the statement that Winston does not throw to TE's.

    Great football for your enjoyment

    I'm a Bucs fan, the Bucs won, great game.
  6. Best game ever. You... are... welcome.
  7. Look at that, 1 week into the season and the Pirates' $45M payroll has a similar or better record than teams with a $200M payroll. LOL, yeah, that'll last.

    Best Live sporting event you were at.

    Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia (Veteran's Stadium), on January 19, 2003 (NFC Championship Game)

    FF board mock NFL draft?

    Just throwing out a possible solution, take Tennessee and the team that picks either before them or after, if available. That way, you can make both picks at one time.
  10. TBayXXXVII

    Big Ben Time Out in the Burgh?

    That's not because of Winston though, which is @weepaws argument. That was system, game plan, and team make-up... not Winston refusing to target them.
  11. TBayXXXVII

    Big Ben Time Out in the Burgh?

    You guys are missing the point. The main reason for this tangent is because the comment was made that Winston doesn't throw to his TE's... and that's just wrong. It's not a misunderstanding, misconception, or oversight... it's flat out wrong. No team in the NFL has two receivers who are 1,300 yard receivers and two TE's who can put up 600+ yards. If the Bucs had only 1 TE, that player would be a 70 reception, 900 yard, 8 TD player (plus or minus). Proof: 2016 & 2018. In 2016, Brate had 57 rec, 660 yards, and 8 TD's in 15 games. In the first 2 games he played only 40% of the offensive snaps where as the rest of the year he averaged around 65%. If you pro-rate his season to him playing 65% of the snaps, he'd have 66 reception, 840 yards, and 10 TD's. Even still, in that season, Brate was still TE6. In 2018, Howard, in 10 games, had 34 rec, 565 yards, and 5 and still finished as TE10. The fact that the TE's weren't higher and there more often is an indictment on their availability, not Winston refusing to target them. Brate and Howard both missed games to injury... Howard more so than Brate, but also, because of the fact that when healthy, they're both their limiting each others targets. Now, if you want to say that the Bucs only had two 1,000 yard WR's last year and not years past, I will point out 2018 where Evans, Godwin, Jackson, and Humphries combined for just under 4.000 yards, which averages out to FOUR 1,000 yard receivers. Only one-third of the leagues QB's that year even totaled 4,000 yards... Winston/Fitzpatrick did that with just 4 players. Look, Winston is a bad NFL QB, but a great fantasy QB. If you have a TE and only two other top pass catchers... not 3, 4, or 5, then that TE will produce quality starting numbers.
  12. Certainly. There are a multitude of scenarios where the Bengals are "stuck" with the QB that falls to them instead of getting the guy they want. Hey, if they want Tua, then take him. Just because the consensus opinion is Burrow, it doesn't mean that Tua isn't a viable option. If they like him, then they should take him. But to trade down and be forced to take who falls to you is playing with fire.
  13. If the Bengals take Young, then the Redskins would get a MINT for that pick. I'd sell to the highest bidder.
  14. Right, but they still have bills to pay. They may be paying rent or a mortgage. They'll still have some utilities to pay, just not as much. They're still going to have to pay for upkeep (cleaning as dust accrues), etc. It's not like they're living free so to speak.
  15. I agree with you. Just throwing out a scenario. I could see the them trading down. If they trade down and the new team drafts a QB, the result is the same in that there's 1 less QB available at #5.