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    6:00 Draft Help!!

    DJ Cook Kelce Connor

    Derrius Guice

    I'm keeping him because I have him at a 19th round value, but I'm expecting very little from him.
  3. Exactly. Instead of championing his views to show EVERYONE, what is possible, the media will paint him as a race traitor and demonize him.

    Thielen or Diggs?

    Diggs probably maxed out last year, as Cook wasn't healthy. I highly doubt that the Vikings get to 600 pass attempts this year with a healthy Cook. The targets won't be there like last year. Plus, he himself misses time due to injuries. With the 149 pass targets, he got 264 points in PPR leagues (1.66 points per target - including rushes). With 95 targets, Godwin had 185 points in a ppr league on 95 targets (1.95 points per target). Tampa has a crappy OLine, can't run, and has a bad defense. Godwin is likely to increase his target share by about 30% (or more), with the loss of Humphries and Jackson. Honestly, I can't really see an argument in favor of Diggs over Godwin.
  5. Shame, does sound like a great candidate, but the media will call him an Uncle Tom.

    Thielen or Diggs?

    I'd rank them as such... Thielen - He's clearly the best WR in this group Godwin - Will get tons of targets Diggs - While both he and Godwin are their teams #2 passing option, the Vikings will be able to run the ball more and they won't NEED to pass as much. Golladay - I don't trust their offense

    Probably putting our dog down today

    Sorry to hear. Dogs are legitimately family members to their owners.

    Golden Corral weekend breakfast buffet

    There used to be 2 relatively close to me. They both closed down.

    Stand your ground trial starts today

    I looked up Florida's manslaughter sentences and apparently a "second degree manslaughter" sentence is 15 years.
  10. TBayXXXVII

    Stand your ground trial starts today

    As long as he gets at least 15 years, I'm good.
  11. TBayXXXVII

    Maximum bid excel formula - anyone use one?

    It would actually depend on what his real objective was. If all he wanted was that final answer, then yes, that formula would do it... and he wouldn't need Excel for that, just common sense. But if he wanted to track it live he would need to make sure that any values that arise are added to the total money spent.
  12. TBayXXXVII

    Ending Birthright Citizenship

    That's actually a reasonable take.
  13. I'd like to bang Cyrus (sorry if I lose my man card... I am ashamed to admit this). I certainly want nothing to do with Bieber.