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    We need more of this...

    Well, if Biden wins, I know what county I'm moving to.

    Black National Anthem?

    If it becomes a mainstay, I'll never attend an NFL game ever again.

    Zeke is low-key faded....

    Nailed it.

    Beavis and Butthead

    So it looks like ViacomCBS is playing both sides of the fence. Good move for them it appears. They own MTV & VH1 which is ultra liberal and Comedy Central & CMT which, while not ultra conservative, allows highly conservative programming with shows like Last Man Standing, South Park and now Beavis and Butthead.

    Dallas Goedert Put to Sleep!

    Probably because they're jealous that Eagles bench players are better than Jets starters?

    Dallas Goedert Put to Sleep!

    Gotta tell ya, after reading the article, if that guy is telling the truth... I condone the sucker punch. I don't know if he is telling the truth or not, but we'll see what happens.
  7. The NYT will hire her for something. I mean, it could be anything. It's not like they have credible people there now anyways.

    Zeke is low-key faded....

    Exactly. I think that's what people are referring too when they say "Elliott has never accused of being smart". I mean, we have a number of examples to point to, in social settings where you say, "what and idiot". The fact that he scored well on a test or got good grades in college, is irrelevant.

    Chase Daniel's Paycheck

    I will agree with you that if they think there is no discernible gap between Trubisky and Foles, Trubisky should start for the very reason you stated. There's no long term upside to Foles. To me, he's a stop-gap starter / mentor. Trubisky's ceiling is definitely higher. If I were a betting man though, I'd bet against Trubisky. QB's can make their line better though. Believe it or not, there is a contingent of Tampa fans that don't think Brady will do well and feel that bringing back Winston would have been a better option. Seriously, I'm not joking. It's actually a sizable number too. Of course, you have to consider that there are a lot of homer FSU fans down there. Anyway, their reasoning was that the OLine isn't that good and Winston is younger and more athletic and would be able to handle the pressure better than Brady. Here's the thing... over the last 5 years, Brady's time to throw is lower than Winston's in every year. Meaning, Brady gets the ball rid of the ball faster. So, if the Bucs OLine is bad and give Winston 2.80 seconds to throw the ball, that's enough time because Brady got rid of the ball in 2.6 seconds. I never looked at Trubisky or Foles, but if Foles is a faster decision maker, then the quality of the OLine isn't as important when he's in there compared to Trubisky.
  10. TBayXXXVII

    Chase Daniel's Paycheck

    You very well might be right about Nagy, but Trubisky never looked like a good prospect, even in college. I honestly have no idea whatsoever anyone was thinking when evaluating him. Concerning Foles and Trubisky, I don't think they need a training camp or preseason. Nagy worked with Foles. He already knows what he can do. Honestly, I think they'd only need like a week to decide.
  11. TBayXXXVII

    Chase Daniel's Paycheck

    I think that's more of an indictment on how bad Trubisky is than Daniel. After all, Daniel was with Alex Smith, Drew Brees, and Carson Wentz prior to being with Mitch Trubisky. Not saying Daniel had anything to do with the success or failures of any of those other 3 guys, but apparently those teams liked his contributions. He was in NO for 3 years, and they brought him back a few years later. He was in KC for 3 years and Pederson brought him to Philly. You don't last that long in this league with coaching consistency for no reason at all. Especially since Nagy brought Daniel to the Bears from Philly. I'm willing to bet that Foles, who isn't all that good, will beat out Trubisky for the starting job.
  12. TBayXXXVII

    Any Chance That The NFL Completely Sinks?

    LOL, no, not that good. I have a 194 average. My son is better, has a 217 (d!ck head). Anyway, every person is allowed to enter those tournaments, you don't need to be a pro, amateur, or sanctioned. The difference is that your bowling on oil patterns like the pros. I bowled in 7 national tournaments, 70 games, and my average in those 70 games is a 167. My son has a 181 in 40 games. You need to be great to bowl high scores on those lanes because you have to constantly be moving and constantly be hitting a specific spot within a half inch over and over again. The guys you see on tv probably would easily average something like a 250+ in regular league bowling. Pete Weber bowled in one of our local tournaments once, with a standard league house shot. In 9 games he had four 300's, a 299, a 298, and three 279's.
  13. TBayXXXVII

    🎶 SONGS ( you hate )

    No, sorry, that didn't happen.
  14. TBayXXXVII

    Chase Daniel's Paycheck

    I definitely think that's a legitimate outcome. I don't think it'll play out that way, but it's certainly possible.