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    GOP Texas AG blocks abortion of dead baby

    There is one. Make abortion "elective surgery", and keep the government out of it. If it's elective surgery, the government can't/won't pay for it.

    Mike Evans

    I'm not completely surprised based on the fact that their new OC came from Seattle where the last 4 years or so, they've been throwing to Metcalf and Lockett almost exclusively. With Gage getting hurt in the pre-season, there was no real WR3 with experience on the roster, so the expectation of Evans and Godwin getting over 45% of the target share is somewhat expected. Keep in mind, Evans only has 8 more receptions than Godwin, despite higher production. This really shows how bad of a QB Mayfield is, and why no one can win with him. Mayfield does throw reasonably well deep ball, but his intermediate game is horrific. It's why Evans is doing as well as he is and Godwin's numbers are much lower, despite only 18 less targets and 8 less receptions.

    Mike Evans

    Every year, you can pretty much assume that he'll finish with around 75/1100/9 (16-game season - in terms of fantasy production), which will get you around 15 fpg. He is elite at being a 50/50 guy. If you can get the ball there, he'll put up huge numbers. The only reason why Evans doesn't have 1500 yards and 15 TD's every year is because he had Godwin opposite him, who's a great slot receiver, and had crappy QB's for 7 of his 10 years there. Brady, while not a crappy QB (obviously), does not like to throw too many of those 50/50 passes. In his 3 years with Brady, his yards per reception was between 14 and 14.6 each year... in the other 7, he's 15.5+ in 5 of them.
  4. I do think that is what the NFL was going for back in '07 when they started making rules that made it harder for defenders to defend.

    Donald Trump blasts Robert De Niro

    3 idiots.... DeNiro for being a virtue signaling azzwipe. Trump for responding. OP for thinking that this is worth posting/discussing.

    NYC to charge drivers $23 daily to drive cars in the city

    This is why Democrat politicians are jackazzes and the people that support them are incompetent. People are NOT going to stop driving and take public transportation instead. There is no outcome to this that will improve the everyday goings-ons. Most likely outcomes.... More people will work from home causing retail/customer service businesses to suffer. More people will look to work for other jobs outside of NYC, causing some businesses to lose employees and reduce production. The net result of this will be businesses raise wages to at worst cover a large chunk of this added cost. That added cost by the businesses will get passed on to the end user and increase costs of goods and services. Increase of goods and services increase the cost of living, and the money coming in from the $23/day/driver, will NOT help the lower income earning locals. (anyone want to take a guess at what demographic that hurts the most?). The people who lose the most are the people who need their cars and money the most. In other words, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Ah, remember the days where the Democrats supposedly fought for the little guy? Yeah, good times, good times.

    1st Rd Next Year?

    1 pt per 10 yards, 1 pt per reception, 6 pt per TD? That's the scoring system we have, which I thought was the standard system. The list I gave is right from our website. This website has Williams at RB12, my guess is that the difference is turnovers. My league takes away 1 point, theirs may take away 2.

    1st Rd Next Year?

    Understood, but in the post I was responding to, he claimed that Williams was already RB4 in his scoring system. That's why I asked what scoring system he used.

    1st Rd Next Year?

    What's your scoring system? Is it a performance league? He's not a RB1 in my league (standard scoring/PPR).... Christian McCaffrey 297.1 Raheem Mostert 215.4 Travis Etienne Jr. 209.7 Alvin Kamara 188.1 Rachaad White 183.9 Joe Mixon 178 Brian Robinson Jr. 177 Derrick Henry 176.68 Josh Jacobs 175.1 Isiah PachecoQ 173.8 Tony Pollard 171.5 Bijan Robinson 171.2 Kyren Williams 169.7
  10. TBayXXXVII

    1st Rd Next Year?

    2 TE's in the first. I'm not saying that's how I'd rank them, that's what I think will be the way most 1st rounds fall.
  11. TBayXXXVII

    1st Rd Next Year?

    McCaffrey Jefferson* (pending QB situation) Chase Hill J. Taylor Bijan Robinson B. Hall Kelce St. Brown LaPorta AJ Brown Diggs I think the top of the second round features a lot of RB's like (in no particular order) K. Williams, Mixon, Etienne, R. White, Montgomery, etc...
  12. TBayXXXVII

    Current state of politics

    This basically confirms why per capita isn't the important metric. Honestly, I think the use of the per capita metric favors Florida. If a higher percentage of Floridians are moving to California than Californian's going to Florida, implies that Florida is getting more red at an increasing rate while California is getting more blue at a slower rate.
  13. TBayXXXVII

    Current state of politics

    When talking about population, percentage based on total is irrelevant, exact numbers are what's more important. Why? Because people vote based on exact numbers. Income, is also based on exact numbers. They're not based on the relationship to the whole. Florida's population increased and California's decreased, based on direct impact.
  14. TBayXXXVII

    Hollywood droppable?

    Don't you have to be "draftable", before you can be "droppable"? I'd like to see him go to a team with a good QB. Two teams that could be a good fit for him next year are the Chiefs and Chargers.