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    Think the MSM isn't biased?

    I'm not totally sure I have a problem with this. The relationship was apparently consensual with a legal adult (22), and her husband. I'm not really sure the propensity of black mail is really out there as the husband knows and was involved (and brilliant to be so... lucky bastard). How would they black mail her? I don't care who people sleep with... I just care about what policies they make. Of course, the Democrats would care (see Trump/Daniel's), but I'm better than them. To me, this is a non-story. That said, I would require daily pics of said romance, to verify that things are on the up and up.

    Hole in ozone smallest on record........

    That's a good point. We'll need to wait until a 13 year old from somewhere like France though, to be woke enough to point us in that direction.

    Hole in ozone smallest on record........

    Global warming.... er uh, Climate change... I mean, carbon emissions... wait, no... COW FARTS!!!!

    Hole in ozone smallest on record........

    No, that just means you don't understand the nuance of climate change and the progressive acts towards creating a more perfect planet... yada, yada, yada.....
  5. With this being true... and that she wasn't able to make the first cut, is proof that the Democrat party is a dumpster fire.

    Timbersports lol

    Oh, my bad. The best bowler on the PGA Tour this year has a 227 average. I'm sure you've seen a LOT of 279+ games on tv.

    Timbersports lol

    It's not that easy when on tv. PBA Tour Scoring Records - scroll down about halfway and see the list. Yeah, those guys bowl a lot of 300's, because they're that good... but to have actually seen them on tv, is extremely rare, as it happens once every other year. The highest average on the PBA Tour this year is 227.67. I've bowled for about 15 years, the highest my average was, which was last year, was 217. I've been over 200 the last 8 years. I've bowled on professional lanes 12 times (9 games each time), and over 108 games, my average is a 151. Over the last 6 years, while I was a better bowler, my average in 54 games is a 173. The shot these guys bowl on, is very hard. I've bowled with guys who in their local leagues are 200 bowlers who've struggled to hit 130 on those lanes.

    Timbersports lol

    Bowling is dying in some areas, but not all. In some, it's very huge... especially in youth leagues.

    Timbersports lol

    You have some really amazing timing then. Since 1967, there has only been 26 nationally televised 300's, on the pro bowler's tour.
  10. TBayXXXVII

    California legalizes eating roadkill

    Why was this not legal before?
  11. Liberal outrage towards this video... just more Leftist hypocrisy? Seems like it. MSM and Dem's defended and/or had no issues with... the play in Central Park where they killed Trump, defended Kathy Griffen beheading Trump, Snoop having a video where he puts a bullet in Trumps head, Eminem showing a body bag with Trump on a toe tag, and Johnny Depp referencing the Lincoln assassination with Trump. I hope American's understand this and vote primarily Republican in 2020 so that the they control the House, Senate, and White House.
  12. TBayXXXVII

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Soooo..... we're now pretending that the Democrats haven't been pushing for impeachment for about 3 years now?
  13. TBayXXXVII

    Joker: anyone watch it?

    There are hard leftists who don't like it, so that means it's a must see for me.
  14. TBayXXXVII

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    I just want the impeachment to start. The only reason the Dems are dragging this out is because they know they can't actually impeach him... also, and most likely, is because they're actually behind everything. They just want to discredit Trump with the hopes that the public won't re-elect him. If I were a gambling man, I'd bet on Trump never getting impeached, Trump gets re-elected, and the impeachment talk goes away completely. The best case scenario is that Trump gets re-elected the Republican's take the House back and increase their hold on the Senate. That's the only way this country will get back on track completely.
  15. "“The Triumph of Injustice,” by economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman of the University of California at Berkeley" = 0.0% credibility.