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  1. TV ratings are a bunch of crap anyway. The system is so antiquated that there's no point in even acknowledging it's existence.

    NYG hire Jason Garrett - OC

    Quite possibly.

    NYG hire Jason Garrett - OC

    I think Garrett will be better as a coach now that he's away from Jerry.

    Obummer solves Iran

    I think things are going well. I think the best course of action, after the acquittal and Trump's re-election, would be to look into acts of treason against the democrat party and arrest every democrat politician who voted for impeachment then removal. That would be a great direction and the pinnacle of any legacy. The President who prevented a country from internal terrorists.
  5. Yeah, Trump and the Feds did a good job getting things over there... it was their corrupt people who were in charge, who hated Trump, that didn't disperse a lot of the supplies.

    Happy MLK day

    Happy b-day. He's one of my favorite people in history. While no one is perfect, he was a big force in addressing one of the nations biggest issues.

    So...this new San Fran DA seems like a real gem

    I'll say this again, can we just wall off the Pacific Coast states?
  8. No, passed away a few years ago.
  9. I'm sure his wife will have something to say about that.
  10. Well, I think it might qualify. A single mom. A black (female), best friend. A white husband (ex), who ditches her. Of the 3 children, the foster child is a girl, another child is a girl, and the third is Hispanic (which is why they chose Freddie Prinze Jr - because he's half Spanish). Obviously, the best friend (black woman), is married with a child. So, at this point in time... no white men.
  11. Yeah, I never actually saw any episodes either. I don't remember seeing the Wonder Years, but I do remember the show. I may have delve into the archives to see if I can find Punky's episode in The Wonder Years.
  12. I'm guessing Izzy is going to 8 years old, so I'm going to say that she probably won't have a rockin' body. LOL... NAILED IT!!! She'll be 8 next month. Quinn Copeland - Izzy
  13. TBayXXXVII

    Arrest Warrant issued for OBJ

    Apparently I'm a retard and dumbass. It's not like I haven't been accused of that in the past.
  14. TBayXXXVII

    Arrest Warrant issued for OBJ

    You keep blaming the cop. Why? What information do you have that's not in the clip on the OP? If you have something, then share it with the group. I'm willing to keep an open mind.