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    NCAA = rooned?

    Like 15 to 20% https://www.collegeraptor.com/college-rankings/details/SportsProfitability University of Iowa, in 2022 made a total profit of $37M. The biggest sport was football, at $14M. That $37M ranked 13th in country that year. If you notice, Alabama is 11th overall at $52.6M with football leading the way at only $6M.

    NCAA = rooned?

    Never happen. Ticket prices will increase, merchandise costs will increase, concessions will increase, etc. The biggest losers of money are women's sports. A few years ago, I read an article that said only UConn, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and South Carolina women's programs make money... every other women's team across the board, loses a LOT of money. Title IX will make it virtually impossible for schools to drop programs. Even if they do drop some, the impact will be pennies on the dollar, so it wouldn't be worth the effort.

    NCAA = rooned?

    I don't mean demand literally, I mean it in terms of supply and demand. Because there are only a few conferences worth a dam, the selling price for the Networks to buy the broadcast rights will just go up. So, if the SEC was asking for $50M (example only), per year for 10 years from 2015-2024, instead of the asking price being say, $75M per year from 2025-2034, it'll be $100M. They could only get this at the end of the contract. They obviously can't do it mid-way through.

    NCAA = rooned?

    Neither. We're going to pay for it. They'll raise the cost of ticket prices and demand a higher dollar for broadcasting. In turn, networks will increase the ad prices which trickle down to price increases in the products. Don't you worry, Title IX will be safe and the NCAA will still get their money.

    NCAA = rooned?

    Very few schools are "making millions" off of them. The good ones, causing the viewership, are.
  6. The order did say they were authorized to use deadly force, did it not? So he's telling the truth. Thanks. We're good. I wouldn't doubt that the Communist party IS ready to kill him. Don't know why you aren't. Oh... wait, you support them. That might be why......????

    NCAA = rooned?


    NCAA = rooned?

    You mean a free education worth about a quarter of a million dollars wasn't enough?
  9. He didn't say assassinate.... and you have to audacity to say to us: "apparently people are buying it".
  10. I think it's funny how board Communists are always up in arms about Trump's lying... and when he tells the truth, they complain!
  11. TBayXXXVII

    CEO Pava Marie LaPere

    I wonder if at any time during her last minutes, she ever thought... "maybe I was wrong."
  12. TBayXXXVII

    Kyren Williams...

    Listening to the fantasy sports channel a bit lately, and a few shows have said that Corum is the guy to get. They seem to think that Williams doesn't have the body/build to be an every down lead back and point to his multiple injuries in such a short time frame, as evidence of that. They believe Corum has that body/build and is a more talented player... to which they think he could beat him out for the starting job. Or, if the Rams feel that they don't want to make that depth chart switch, Williams get hurt, Corum would play too well in Williams' absence, to reduce his playing time when Williams gets healthy.
  13. TBayXXXVII

    Harrison Butker, geek club hero

    I didn't say the author did... nor did you quote me saying that. You even said that I quoted CDub about THE BOARD hating the nuclear family. I said that based on the Libturd website, if people on this board disagree with Butker's take, then they in turn, hate the nuclear family. I think that's pretty obvious.
  14. TBayXXXVII

    Majority of Americans wrongly believe US is in recession

    Makes sense... polls generally skew towards liberal opinion.