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  1. TimHauck

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    Got ya, yeah he was only off by a factor of 16 million (0.16 / 0.00000001). Better luck next time I guess
  2. Are you saying the owner was in on it? Man the GC really loves conspiracy theories. If Watson was demanding a trade, this isn’t helping his value. Maybe it would’ve made more sense as a conspiracy theory if they traded him and then this came out afterwards to make them look better. Did he deny even being a football fan? He lives in Houston and was on the Board of Regents for Texas A&M, it wouldn't be that shocking for him to do that even if he was a fan of another team. But are you saying all that means these women are lying?
  3. TimHauck

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    You can subtract...congratulations?
  4. Probably more where this came from https://www.totalprosports.com/2021/04/06/multiple-texts-flight-tickets-ig-dms-released-of-deshaun-watson-recruiting-masseuses-pics/?fbclid=IwAR126rQKsorF4m7RnAQEOC2Uqmk82Zw_KE9v24hiUD0uk7rYiqFYkYInc-U
  5. Seems like the neighbors thought it was due to being cut off from his meds: https://qcnerve.com/phillip-adams-lesslie-shooting-rock-hill/
  6. 6th guy died. Not sure if it was in the initial report but seems a possible motive is the doctor stopped giving Adams medication
  7. TimHauck

    How to deal with long drive thru wait times

    should've went to Chick Fil A if you want a drive thru that actually moves
  8. TimHauck

    Minny at it again. Black man shot at traffic stop

    There have definitely been a few. Worst was probably Daniel Shaver who IIRC got shot while laying face down on the floor for trying to pull up his pants after the cop was basically playing Simon Says with a gun pointed at him. Cop was even found not guilty and reinstated so he could get retirement.
  9. I don’t know what the author has against minivans. They’re great (and if it’s a Pacifica or something they’re not cheap)
  10. TimHauck

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    I guess we may just be arguing semantics. I'd agree that Florida was an "overall success" because they didn't impose strict measures and still managed to keep their covid numbers about average compared to the rest of the county despite an old population. But they weren't a success looking purely at covid numbers. Earlier you brought up Maine. Maine, despite the oldest population as you called out (actually looks like Florida is 5th, not 2nd - https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/median-age-by-state), had stricter measures and had the second lowest % of total excess deaths of any state (thru 3/24 - https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/01/14/us/covid-19-death-toll.html).
  11. TimHauck

    I have the Moderna flu

    Per usual, you are misinterpreting the study. Here it is: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.04.06.21254882v1.full-text (worth noting that neither the Washington Examiner nor Fox News actually linked to it that I could tell - the Washington Examiner linked to Fox News and the Fox News article had a hyperlink for "study" which just went to their "Science" page...I found the actual study through CNBC). Yes, the conclusion of the study was that the (Pfizer) vaccine did not seem to work as well against the South African variant. Basically the only data they looked at was positive tests, so it's very likely the reason that the South African variant was more prevalent in vaccinated individuals is simply because the vaccine was more effective in stopping the other strains, not some stupid claim like the vaccine makes people get the South African strain. The authors even say they didn't measure the infection rates -
  12. TimHauck

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    No, it's disingenous to say they "have been a tremendous success." I think it could be further evidence that you don't need strict restrictions (which I've agreed with all along) because they didn't do worse, but it's not like they did "well." The old population likely voluntarily took more precautions, and they also had the weather advantage.
  13. TimHauck

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    I hope you're not referring to me. I'm literally saying Trump should get the majority of the credit for what is looking like a pretty successful vaccine rollout. J&J issue certainly a hiccup, but if anything that gives me more confidence in Pfizer/Moderna since this clearly shows they are willing to admit if there are any issues (and this issue in question is literally a 1 in a million chance based on the release). And of course Pfizer/Moderna have been out much longer and are the vast majority of vaccines that have been given in the US.