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  1. TimHauck

    Cal Ridley punks out

    7 in PPR, 4 in non...
  2. TimHauck

    Falcons at Panthers: TNF Discussion

    The Tropical storm came through this morning, it’s actually pretty nice in CLT right now
  3. TimHauck

    Jonathan Taylor & Josh Jacobs handcuffs?

    In a PPR Hines probably has some standalone value, so may not be a bad idea depending on who else is out there. You should probably replace your backup QB if you're thinking long-term
  4. TimHauck

    James Robinson - sell high?

    I mean it's more about what you project to happen the rest of the season, hence you can try to sell low or high if you think certain guys will improve/decline after you trade them. While Robinson was/is having a solid season, some may have concern if he'll be able to keep it up. So his value based on what he's done so far may be more than you think it will be ROS. Obviously people have different opinions on some guys and that's part of the reason why trades happen.
  5. TimHauck

    D. Swift Breakout Coming?

    Did he get a long run called back or something? I could've sworn at one point I saw his point total higher then it dropped.
  6. TimHauck

    M Thomas

    Thanks for the link and interesting read, although that doesn't seem to really answer the question That's from 2011-2014...have they done that again recently? The % of top 5 staying in the top 5 is much higher for WR's The top 12% is basically the same (or is that what you are trying to say?). The "bust rate" is higher for WR's, but I have a feeling that's partially because a "bust" here is defined as being below the WR or RB36, but it's probably going to be pretty hard for a non-injured guy to be below RB36. In my PPR league the #36 WR has 76 points, and the #36 RB has 58. So, a WR2 or WR3 based on ADP may be easier to replace, but not necessarily a WR1.
  7. TimHauck

    Colts D

    Hopefully you didn’t drop Edmonds
  8. TimHauck

    M Thomas

    So who do you spend cash on? I’d bet more top RB’s don’t repeat than WR’s...
  9. TimHauck

    James Robinson - sell high?

    I probably went "against expert FF thinking" and traded him & Rodgers for Russell Wilson. I offered Rodgers & Drake and he countered with Rodgers & Robinson. I was hesitant but went for it as I had gotten burned the prior 2 weeks at QB (Burrow & Rodgers combining for less than 10 points over 2 weeks). I have a good stable of WR's where my Flex will likely always be a WR and Taylor & Swift in addition to Drake, so figured 2 out of the 3 RB's should be decent (of course Drake has now gone back to sucking with Taylor on bye) while upgrading at QB. I liked Robinson, but didn't really think of him as a possible sell-high until I looked closer at the offer. I'll admit this thread was a little bit of me trying to convince myself I made a good move...
  10. TimHauck

    Chargers Backfield = A Fantasy Cluster!@#$

    2.4 YPC for both Kelley and Jackson against the Jags. Guess we don't have to worry about Ekeler losing many carries when he gets back.
  11. TimHauck


    another solid game for Gronk (and still the first half)
  12. TimHauck

    D. Swift Breakout Coming?

    Swift to see “expanded role” Please don’t get injured though
  13. TimHauck

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    Looking at the draft results, were Henry and Hopkins traded to the same guy (Kade's team)? I'd guess he might be in first, but he did spend $92 on drafting Fournette and LeVeon Bell, so no idea.
  14. TimHauck

    Against FF Common Thinking

    Yeah I’ve been mixed on handcuffing over the years but I think I’m gonna move away from it. There’s just too much that has to happen for it to work -Starter needs to get hurt -Handcuff has to actually be the guy they give more carries to -Handcuff has to actually be good -You have to not have dropped the handcuff for a bye week filler or something, and are also keeping that roster spot that you might have been able to use for a WW pickup (and another downside is that you now have 2 RB’s with the same bye week) I took a couple years off FF, when was the last handcuff that truly worked out for the majority of the season? DeAngelo Williams in 2015? But that was different since Bell was suspended. Does Kareem Hunt in 2017 count where Ware got injured in preseason? Handcuffs are often decent for 1 or 2 game fill-ins (such as Ware himself in 2015), but that usually seems to be about it. Now if those games come at the end of the season and you have managed to hang on to the handcuff that long it may be worthwhile, but what are even some examples of that happening recently?
  15. TimHauck

    Antonio tweets he's done

    Schefter picked him up apparently, but looks like a pretty big league https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/10/adam-schefter-espn-antonio-brown-news-fantasy-team-seahawks?fbclid=IwAR03YHC81aKUYp8M_Pd3KlPJ5XGisqMCnIxmLWFsVph1rcQECc0kneN7fuE