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Tough Guy

***2005 4th and Inches Rookie draft***

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27.11 Beginners Luck selects Clarett, Maurice DEN RB


27.12 merv selects Clayton, Mark BAL WR


28.01 merv selects Jacobs, Brandon NYG RB


28.02 Beginners Luck selects Fason, Ciatrick MIN RB


28.03 Chew Man Foo selects Brown, Reggie PHI WR

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28.11 justjigglingthroughlife selects Vernand Morency, RB, HOU

28.12 Oak point selects Alvin Pearman, RB, JAX

29.01 Oak point selects Charlie Frye, QB, CLE

29.02 justjigglingthroughlife selects Jason Campbell, QB, WAS

29.03 ShaneFalco selects Adrian McPherson, QB, NOS

29.04 Browns Ferry Braniacs selects Roscoe Parrish, WR, BUF

29.05 Browns Ferry Braniacs selects Chris Henry, WR, CIN

29.06 Browns Ferry Braniacs selects Cedric Houston, RB, NYJ

29.07 RiverAce Gamblers selects Mike Nugent, PK, NYJ

29.08 The Pain Train selects Andrew Walter, QB, OAK

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29.09 slash selects Brandon Jones, TEN, WR

29.10 Chew Man Foo selects Roydell Williams, WR, TEN

29.11 beginners luck selects Alex Smith, TE, TBB

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29.12 348 merv Mathis, Jerome HOU WR

30.01 349 merv Feely, Jay NYG PK

30.02 350 Beginners Luck Murphy, Terrence GBP WR

30.03 351 Chew Man Foo Nash, Damien TEN RB

30.04 352 justjigglingthroughlife Bradley, Mark CHI WR

30.05 353 The Pain Train Roby, Courtney TEN WR

30.06 354 RiverAce Gamblers Gibson, Fred PIT WR

30.07 355 Browns Ferry Brainiacs Thorpe, Craphonso KCC WR

30.08 356 Browns Ferry Brainiacs Davis, Anthony IND RB

30.09 357 Browns Ferry Brainiacs Cobb, Deandra ATL RB

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