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NFL playoff pool

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You just pick 5 guys each week, so you have action in each round of the playoffs. Really easy to play. This coming weekend, you are picking amongst backs and receivers for who has the most scrimmage yards + bonus for TD's. Scoring is based upon how you do relative to everyone else.


You can join the site group for $10, 100% payout, or start your own group and play amongst your friends/league members. It takes about 1 minute to set up a group for your friends, then you can just give them the group name and password and you can keep score for your own group.


To join the site group, go to "My Groups-Join Group" and input the following:


Group name: NFL

password: NFL


all uppercase. Send in your $10 and get your picks in before kickoff on Saturday. Picks are made in the daily contest section.


If you are looking for a fun and easy way to get some playoff fantasy football action, this is it. Put your knowledge gained at fftoday to work!




:pointstosky: :banana: :banana: :pointstosky:

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Bump for 1 day left.


This is an easy way to have 5 guys to root for every week...even in the Super Bowl.


Once you register, you can download the IPhone app for free if you like and make your picks there.


A little different, but a fun way to play fantasy football. Give it a shot.

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