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  1. dain11279

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    Can’t believe they got him at 9, PUMPED
  2. dain11279

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    Omg Oliver is there, TAKE HIMMMM
  3. dain11279

    Anybody watching Jeopardy?

    I just check this every day now, don't even bother watching anymore
  4. dain11279

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    Like I said trade down, I would be good with them taking Hockenson in the late teens but I hear what you're saying. I see some mocks with him going as high as #7 to the Jags. I've had the same argument with people on Twitter. If you're gonna take a TE in the top-10 he damn well better turn out like Gronk or Shannon Sharpe, Witten etc.
  5. dain11279

    Butt water

    Stop drinking so much, ya lush
  6. dain11279

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    Wish list for Bills at 9: Oliver J. Taylor J. Williams Or trade down and still get Hockenson
  7. dain11279

    Everyone has a fish story. Here is mine.

    Maybe you saw a hummingbird
  8. dain11279

    Tiger vs Phil

    And to the original question I’d say you have to go with Hellmuth. As much as I’d like it to happen I don’t see Tiger winning another major this year. Hellmuth will have a thousand chances between now and next year; I’d roll with that.
  9. dain11279

    Tiger vs Phil

    Koepka didn’t bogey 18 Everyone puking themselves on 12 was a different story. Tiger won it though. He played solid golf down the stretch, he deserved it.
  10. dain11279

    Texas to Execute John William King 2day.

    Should’ve done it a long time ago. And a wayyyyy more cruel method as well.
  11. dain11279

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    Couldn't agree with your top pick more. I will be wagering substantially on Rickie for this one. Will be a lot of fun at Bethpage this year.
  12. dain11279

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    If Oliver is there they better take him. In most years I want them to trade down, but not this one. They’ve got the 10 picks and have been active in free agency. Take the game changer at #9
  13. dain11279

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    Ed Oliver to the Bills please
  14. dain11279

    Freezer or Ice Box