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  1. dain11279

    2019 Weekly Fantasy Golf

    I’m in on Paul Casey this week, so make sure you fade him
  2. Shouldn’t you at least wait til he’s in his teens til you start doing coke with him?
  3. I thought the finale was good, outside of Bran being named king. This season obviously hasn't been as good as years past but some people are putting it on par with the new Batwoman series that's coming out Good grief, you'd swear that the writers kicked everyone's puppy if you read on-line. Maybe it's because I binged it a few months ago and I don't have years invested into it like some. Expectations were too high apparently. This was still a fantastic show, prolly my favorite ever. Do I wish it was longer? Of course. If it was 9 seasons people would be bitching that it wasn't 10
  4. dain11279

    Good Morning

    It was 85* here yesterday and I'm sunburned as fock. Absolutely love it.
  5. dain11279

    Edex Cup IV - PGA Championship - TEAMS

    And congrats LOD
  6. dain11279

    Edex Cup IV - PGA Championship - TEAMS

    Fleetwood and Finau shot a combined 17-over yesterday. Well done, asshats
  7. Bran being voted king was beyond dumb. Really enjoyed the episode other then that though
  8. dain11279

    Edex Cup IV - PGA Championship - TEAMS

    This Amazing how quiet the Tiger-haters were during the Masters
  9. dain11279

    Edex Cup IV - PGA Championship - TEAMS

    Tiger played 9 holes Monday, none yesterday or today. Saying he was “resting” today. After having a month off
  10. dain11279

    Fishing with Vicki Stark

    Jeebus that’s a tremendous ass
  11. dain11279

    Edex Cup IV - PGA Championship - TEAMS

    5.12 Chucky Hoffman 6.01 Julian Suri
  12. dain11279

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

  13. There's a better chance of you watching any of it