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  1. dain11279

    ***Official*** Banned from Mexican Eatery

    The Fish Forum Jihad was the best but this one is quite good
  2. dain11279

    Quote a Geek, Let Us Guess Who Said It

    Hahaha, loved that story. I miss Recidivist
  3. dain11279

    Who do you subscribe to on YouTube

    Paige Spiranac
  4. dain11279


  5. dain11279

    It's snowing here.

    We got almost a foot in the span of about 4 hours Sunday night. Snow as a whole has been less and less every winter in the recent years so we're prolly do for a sh1tty winter this year.
  6. dain11279

    Favorite and least Sopranos character

    Maybe when the screen cut to black the killer missed Tony and popped AJ in the dome instead
  7. dain11279

    Bills at Saints: TNF Discussion

    Had him first TD at 11-1. LFG
  8. dain11279

    DonS VS Bunny

    Hope you and yours had a good holiday!
  9. dain11279

    DonS VS Bunny

    Sorry just saw this thread. I figured Buffalo would win this game pretty easily. But it came at a cost, Tre prolly out for the year. Next man up.
  10. dain11279

    Something that you love?

    Your mom
  11. It’s not exactly a secret that Ed does blow
  12. dain11279

    Christmas Music

    You're an angry elf
  13. dain11279

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    No from what I'm reading it looks like there's 2 series of it? I just watched the first episode, pretty awesome. Plow ahead I will
  14. dain11279

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    I flew through that in a few days, highly entertaining. Thinking of starting Narcos next, thoughts?
  15. dain11279

    Good Morning

    The Bills suck, work sucks, winter is coming. Fock off