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  1. dain11279

    I'm going to level with you guys...

    He's never left. Which is another problem.
  2. dain11279

    When is the last time you smoked weed?

    Stoners are generally shifty, lazy people that smell bad and are a burden on society.
  3. dain11279

    ***EdEx Unsanctioned- WGC St. Judes***

    I'll have to let you know on Monday, not sure if I'll be around enough next week to do a draft
  4. dain11279

    Women's Olympic Beach Volleyball is on TV right now

    That bad this year? I remember watching the Brazilian chicks from the 2016 team. Good lord, that should’ve been shown on the Spice Channel
  5. dain11279

    Why do you love the Geek Club?

    The EdEx Cup. That’s it. The rest of this place is a focking cesspool.
  6. That's my FF team name
  7. dain11279

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship @ Royal St George's***

    It’s also nice having the 3 guys at -4,-5 in case one of them falls apart I’ve got a backup plan. Either way I hope Speef pulls it out, that wins me the most monies
  8. dain11279

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship @ Royal St George's***

    Can't wait to see how Louie finishes 2nd in this thing..
  9. dain11279

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship @ Royal St George's***

    Will the Thrill WD
  10. dain11279

    Band Name Mash Up - Spermoff

    Led Dead