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  1. dain11279

    ***2022 PGA Tour***

    Prediction time: Willy beats Collin in a playoff tomorrow and Daino finds the nearest bridge
  2. dain11279

    ***EdEx - FedEx Playoff Challenge***

    I'm paid up, I finished 2nd a couple tourneys ago and you kept it for the remaining 2 events.
  3. dain11279

    ***2022 PGA Tour***

    Like this. Dude is crazy talented, he’ll win sooner then later.
  4. Breaking Bad, it’s the GOAT. I could start it tomorrow and watch it again. So GD entertaining.
  5. dain11279

    ***2022 PGA Tour***

    He will be an auto bet in majors next year but I need to take a break from him. Maybe I’m the curse and he’ll win this week. So be it, only 20-1 on my book, meh, I’ll pass. He’s been in a little mini-slump recently.
  6. I went to that tourney for Saturdays round, worst viewing experience I’ve ever seen watching pro golf. Firestone is miles better.
  7. dain11279

    ***2022 PGA Tour***

    Fedex St. Jude Bets: Colon Morikawa 29-1 FRL: Burns 40-1, Trey Miralax 95-1 GL Gents
  8. dain11279

    2022 EdEx - shop talk

    It would be silly to do the BMW. We'd basically be drafting the whole field and if I recall there is no cut in that event either.
  9. dain11279

    What animal, creature creeps you out?

    Your mom Jesus Christ you guys
  10. dain11279

    ***EdEx - FedEx Playoff Challenge***

    I’m out for this, sorry
  11. dain11279

    Happy 45th Birthday TB12

    Hasn’t his whole o-line gotten hurt in camp this year? He’ll be on his ass an awful lot this season.
  12. dain11279

    ***2022 PGA Tour***

    Wyndham Championship Bets: Davis Riley 40-1 FRL: HV3 50-1, JT Postman 50-1 GL dorks
  13. dain11279

    horse racing bettors

    If you're gonna be gambling with a bunch of people, do a show pool. Cheap investment, can turn it into something big and fun as hell to do with a group