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No sound effects in Mac version

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I'm running Microsoft Excel for Mac ver 15 with macros enabled. I download the playSound.scptd.zip (yes, the file that downloads is a zip file) file and extract it in the same folder as the draft buddy file. But when I try to play the sound on the summary tab per the instructions, I get the following error in a dialog box:


Microsoft Visual Basic

Run-rime error'5':

Invalid procedure call or argument




I've even tried not unzipping the file, but the result is the same. Any suggestions?

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Hi Nick. I hadn't tested the sounds in a while but someone else brought this up to me recently with the newest version of Mac Office and we found they aren't working. But, what I suggested - while I am trying to figure out the problem - is to open the sound files that you want to use in QuickPlayer, and then use them from there. You can keep multiple files open at once each in a different window. This will actually give you more control to play, pause, rewind than we could accomplish in Draft Buddy.

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