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Found 5 results

  1. team_graffix

    Sounds for Mac

    Draft Buddy is all setup, but I cannot get the sounds to play. I am a mac user; I downloaded the file, saved to the same folder as the draft buddy, and then I receive a run time error. The first several years they worked (this was probably 8 years ago and on a PC), but last couple of years no go. And the sounds are friggin awesome - the league loves them... Run time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument I use: Microsoft Excel for Mac Version 16.26 License: Office 365 subscription
  2. nicklico

    No sound effects in Mac version

    I'm running Microsoft Excel for Mac ver 15 with macros enabled. I download the playSound.scptd.zip (yes, the file that downloads is a zip file) file and extract it in the same folder as the draft buddy file. But when I try to play the sound on the summary tab per the instructions, I get the following error in a dialog box: Microsoft Visual Basic Run-rime error'5': Invalid procedure call or argument Abort I've even tried not unzipping the file, but the result is the same. Any suggestions?
  3. bbrowd24

    Draft Buddy Notes

    When will the notes about the players (under the "overall-notes" tab) be updated? Thanks in advance!
  4. I have more questions & comments on Draft Buddy & FFtoday I noticed that the ADP for a 16-Team League is not available in FFtoday. Have you considered adding it? Extra scoring parameters - i.e, Points Allowed & Yards Against by Defense, Distance Scoring Categories for Offensive Position are available in DB but not in FFT. Creates differenet Fantasy Points Totals, therefore, if they are used by a League then importing from FFT would create different Fantasy Points numbers between the two (make sense?) Is there a way to either remove the Draft Order in DB when doing an Auction? Its irrelevant. How come the amount of the Maximim Bid that appears in a Player's Profile is different than the one that appears as the Forecast Max Bid on the Auction Report in DB. I hope I'm not being a nuisance.
  5. UCanCallMeMitch

    Loosing Draft Picks After Update

    Let me Preface this 1st by telling you that I'm running DB on Excel 2003. Problem: When I Update Projections and Compile Cheatsheets all the Draft History is erased. Is it me? And how do I fix?