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Updating ADP after Keepers are entered

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Hi all,


is there a way to update the ADP of the remaining players after the keepers and their rounds are entered into the keepers tab? Ex. If Elliott is a keeper and is currently at 1.03 would it be possible to move DJ up to 1.03?


I tried selecting Re-Rank All positions, everall etc and I tried Update ADP but none of this changes my ADP's





Thanks in advance




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Hi Pat. So I am clear, do you want to change a player's ranking on the cheatsheet, or his ADP? The ADP comes from the adp tab.


Oh I get what you are saying due to it being a keeper league. Sorry, there isn't really a way to adjust for that. Interesting idea though.


I think in a case like this you just need to not think too much about the number value of the ADP (i.e. DJ s/b 1.03 as opposed to 1.04, since Zeke is not available), but rather consider the order of the players based on ADP. Who is available and what is the order of those players from lowest to highest based on ADP. That will still give you a good sense of when a player should get drafted, 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 picks from now.

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