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  1. PatMcGroin88

    What WR to start tonight? PPR

    Who to start tonight in PPR? Julio Jones, Watkins or Hardman. I'm leaning towards Julio but the injury scares me
  2. PatMcGroin88

    Using Sync Tab with MFL

    that worked ! You da man Mike!
  3. PatMcGroin88

    Using Sync Tab with MFL

    Having issues linking my MFL league to draft buddy. Our league consists of 8 leagues with 12 teams in each league. Each league has it's own draft If I enter the League ID and click Link Franchise Names the team names from league 1 appear. If I enter my league number 6 into the DIVISION or CONFERENCE* field nothing appears in the output. Is entering 6 in that field correct?
  4. PatMcGroin88

    LIve Draft During Covid

    looking for ideas how to do a live draft with my league during covid. Right now I'm thinking of using Zoom or Google Meets and share the draft board on one screen for all to see. How is everybody else doing it? We're trying to avoid using Yahoo live draft
  5. PatMcGroin88

    Bench Brees vs. NE? 1st Rd of Playoffs?

    Saints are playing SF and Brady vs KC. I have both and not sure who to start either LOL
  6. PatMcGroin88

    Juju or OBJ?

    I have a chance of getting one of the two for a 2nd round pick. Which WR should I go for? I'm leaning towards OBJ. Yes the 2nd pick can be a little steep but I'm going for the title this year
  7. PatMcGroin88

    Ware or Cohen - PPR

    Who should I start in my PPR, Ware or Cohen? I also have the option of picking up Wilson (SF), would he start over Ware or Cohen? Right now I'm leaning towards Cohen
  8. I'm trying to get Lindsay (lost freeman to ir), other guy wants either fuller, Godwin or Allen Robinson. I'm leaning towards fuller. Thoughts? Ppr league
  9. PatMcGroin88

    Updating ADP after Keepers are entered

    Thanks Mike, yeah that is what I've been doing the past few years just wondering if I was missing the option. Thanks again for your help and hard work on draft buddy every year!
  10. Hi all, is there a way to update the ADP of the remaining players after the keepers and their rounds are entered into the keepers tab? Ex. If Elliott is a keeper and is currently at 1.03 would it be possible to move DJ up to 1.03? I tried selecting Re-Rank All positions, everall etc and I tried Update ADP but none of this changes my ADP's Thanks in advance
  11. PatMcGroin88

    Roethlisberger or Cousins?

    I'd go with Ben, he usually lights it up on turkey day thanks for mine
  12. PatMcGroin88

    What RB to start? PPR

    Sproles/Smallwood or Terrence West? Right now I'm leaning on West but wasn't sure if I should star Smallwood if Sproles doesn't go PPR league thanks, leave link will reply
  13. PatMcGroin88

    Pick 2 WR's PPR

    I went with Cooks and Cooper. I was going to pick Ingram and a WR but he went right before me. Thanks all for the help
  14. PatMcGroin88

    Pick 2 WR's PPR

    12 team .5 PPR. First overall pick I took Antonio Brown. It is now almost time for my 2nd and 3rd picks (email draft) and I have decided to go wr/wr/wr. What 2 WR's should I take out of these? Amari Cooper Brandin Cooks Jarvis Landry Demaryius Thomas Right now I'm leaning towards Cooks and Landry but may go with Cooper LOL Thanks
  15. PatMcGroin88

    Need 2 replacement owners for Espn league

    interested, email sent