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    Kamara - Bust

    It's a disappointment, but I wouldn't go as far as to call them a bust. They were expected to be top notch RB1s and they're pretty much RB2s. A bust is when they flat out fall on their face. Juju, he's a perfect example of a bust this year.
  2. polecatt

    PPR Tight end

    I would go with Doyle, he will fill the void with Ebron out
  3. polecatt

    Kenyan Drake or Carlos Hyde ?

    In non ppr, Hyde
  4. polecatt

    Lamar or Mahomes this week?

    I would probably play Mahomes but it's a close call
  5. polecatt

    James Connor

    It's looking like he's sitting this weekend. It will depend on how things go as to how much they use him from here on out, that is if he's healthy. Once they give up on the playoffs, I wouldn't put much stock in him.
  6. polecatt

    Kamara - Bust

    He's not scored the TDs, that's the main problem. His YPR are down some too but his rushing yards and catches are on par. Add in the two games he's missed and it's not like he's that far off. He's still close to 100 total yards per game. It's just the insane TD totals he's missing, a lot. Nobody on the Saints has scored that many though. Only 7 rushing TDs as a team. Having Bridgewater in for half the season changed the game plan a bit. I know that if you drafted Kamara with a top 3 pick, you don't really care why, but he's not so far off the mark outside of the TDs. TDs can be quite inconsistent, especially for a jack of all trades like Kamara.
  7. polecatt

    Which Def to start Detroit it Atlanta

    The Lions, neither option is great but the Bears offense is a wreck
  8. polecatt

    No Golladay?

    With a 3rd string QB and a tough match up, it's quite risky, but I would still probably roll him out
  9. polecatt

    QB help

    Dak, Wentz has played like garbage lately and his throwing hand is banged up
  10. I completely agree. I used to go after the top QB, like Mahomes, in the early rounds. I started waiting and drafting two QBs like Dak, and Stafford, or Matt Ryan in the mid to later rounds. Play the match ups and get similar results as a top 2 or 3 QB. Plus those they're all guys capable of putting up top 5 numbers on their own. I've had much better results doing that. The only time I won a championship because of having a super year with a QB was with Peyton that huge season he had with the Broncos.
  11. polecatt

    Do you know who David Blough is?

    I am on the team I have both, with the 49ers playing the Ravens? Hell yeah!
  12. I own them on 3 of my 4 teams. I'm starting them on one team over the Jags, although I may change that due to Jameis being a turnover machine On one team, I benching the 9ers for the Bears against the Lions with a 3rd string QB, kind of a no brainer. The last one, I have the Patriots, who have a tough match up with Houston but still a much better play
  13. I don't know that I would start the Dolphins D but the other 3 look like a go
  14. Barring injury, I don't see much debate about the 1st overall pick next season, it's going to be Christian McCaffrey in most leagues. I don't see any fantasy media outlets suggesting anyone else. As for myself, I'm only in dynasty leagues but I may play in my old redraft. I won't say never, but I don't see myself taking a QB in the first round again. I do much better loading up on RBs and WRs in the early rounds and taking two lower end QB1s in the mid rounds. It's more about having good depth than having the one stud.
  15. I think Penny will certainly get some more touches, but I don't think Carson will be shut out completely, it will be the dreaded RBBC, anyon'es guess as to how it plays out
  16. polecatt

    Streaming Defense Help

    I'm not sure about them without Myles Garrett
  17. polecatt

    Winston or Carr?

    I would start Carr if you're just looking for a steady game. If you need a big game out of your QB though, then play Winston. It could backfire since he's a turnover machine but I wouldn't read too terribly much into the Falcons D having a couple of good games. They're going to drop off again soon.
  18. Wentz, he has a softer match up and is better overall than Allen. I would have a hard time trusting Driskel
  19. polecatt

    Is Sony Michel even worth a roster spot anymore?

    He's like any number of RBs outside of the top 20 or so, he's capable of having a big game here and there but week to week h'es very inconsistent. I would expect he has at least one more good game in him this season but good guess as to when that will be. Depending on your starters at the spot and your depth, he's worth a spot on the bench in case of an emergency
  20. polecatt

    2020 stash

    I think the RBs have kind of bounced back a little over the past couple of seasons. I'm not a huge fan of keeping RBs that have sat the bench for a couple of seasons and are waiting for an opportunity. It's a bad sign, of course sometimes it works out. Rookie RBs are the lifeblood of dynasty league. Rookie QBs and WRs often struggle as a rookie but not so much the RBs. It's really about the only way to get a top notch RB without breaking the bank on a trade. Nobody ever drops good RBs into the draft pool either. I pretty much always drop as many players as I can so I can get the rookies. My leagues the more players you drop the higher your draft picks. If it's a big year for rookie RBs, there's not going to be many people hanging onto players.
  21. polecatt

    Thoughts on Weather in New England Tomorrow?

    If there's bad weather, then it could limit the WRs and QBs, especially the Cowboys On the flipside, it can also trip up the defenses, which could mean a shoot out Overall, it puts an extra caution flag on all the players involved
  22. polecatt


    Both have a fairly tough match up, when that happens, I say play the better player. Cooper
  23. I need help choosing one of these two at WR, I start 2 WRs and a flex, I'm weak at RB and deep at WR, so I always start 3 WRs. I normally start Golladay but he's tanked with Stafford being out but he's also played two of the best defenses against WRs. So Golladay @ Washington, middle of the road defense Lockett vs Philly, poor defense Basic scoring, small bonus at 100 yds, no PPR Thanks
  24. polecatt

    Please select Two

    Chubb and Samuels, Wouldn't want to start two RBs on the same team, except in extremely rare cases, this isn't one of them