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  1. polecatt

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 2

    I think CeeDee Lamb will have a pretty good game
  2. polecatt

    FU week 2

    Mixon is just doing what he does. He always sucks in the first half of the season. He's only had one 100 yard game in the first half of the season his entire career and even that was the 6th game in 2018. Last season he was total garbage in the first 8 games. Then he finished strong. Don't worry, odds are he comes on strong in the 2nd half.
  3. polecatt

    Pickup D. Freeman cheap.

    I'll pass. Freeman is totally washed up. There's a reason nobody has picked him up.
  4. polecatt

    Chubb or Carson

    I don't know, I may see Chubb as a small upgrade, but maybe not enough to trade unless it's straight up. If you have to give up anything else of much value, I think I would keep Carson
  5. polecatt

    Who is your 3rd ranked QB?

    Mine is with a bit of a dynasty slant, but I say Kyler Murray Guys like Russel Wilson and Dak are up there but I think Murray has more upside
  6. Kansas City Chiefs seek improved goal-line running from Clyde Edwards-Helaire https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29907659/kansas-city-chiefs-see-goal-line-clyde-edwards-helaire-minus That's a major concern for fantasy football purposes
  7. polecatt

    Clyde Edwards-Helaire Achilles Heel

    Sounds like they're giving him another chance. If he struggles though, definitely a hit to his fantasy value I guess Darrel Williams would get the ball in that case. I could even see Mahomes taking it on a QB sneak if it's inside the 1, although after last season, maybe not so much
  8. polecatt

    Godwin. Going other options or wait and see?

    I would probably look to other options, the concussion protocol isn't a forgiving one
  9. polecatt

    Boy am I sorry I drafted Conner

    I'm glad when I tried to trade for him before the season the other owner turned it down
  10. polecatt

    AJ Brown injured

    It does if you're desperate for a WR, lol Glad I traded AJ Brown I guess
  11. polecatt

    Anybody Firing Up Old-Man Gore?

    I've said that about Gore a couple of times the past few years, he's finished, not fantasy relevant, only to find him in my line up not long afterwards. If he's getting carries and you need a RB to fill in, he'll look a lot more viable. You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention, including fantasy football line ups. I'm not gonna expect any huge games or plays out of him, but he can get 15+ carries and find the end zone. 50 yards and a TD, plenty of weeks I would be happy with that
  12. polecatt

    What have we learned from week 1?

    Well, I guess we're due for the annual, "does It seem crazier and more random this season than in the past?" thread... That one usually pops up about week 2
  13. polecatt

    Your Best Lineup

    Yes it is. Dedicated the draft to rebuilding at WR. So I picked the top 3 rookie WRs. Picked up Darius Slayton this week too
  14. polecatt


    How about Malcolm Brown? How much value do you think he has going forward?
  15. polecatt

    Your Best Lineup

    Travis Henry? I guess you mean Derrick?
  16. polecatt

    Your Best Lineup

    I won with this line up Matt Ryan Kenyan Drake Alvin Kamara CeeDee Lamb Jerry Jeudy Henry Ruggs Hunter Henry 49ers Zuerlein 91 pts ftw!
  17. polecatt

    Darius Slayton.

    I picked him up as soon as FA started this week, Malcolm Brown too
  18. polecatt

    Tis the Season!

    You know it's an especially good offer if you get a written explanation why
  19. polecatt

    Tis the Season!

    Gallup mostly goes deep. He's not a dink and dunker. Lamb and Cooper caught short passes.
  20. polecatt

    Week 2 DEF waiver, who u got?

    The Cardinals, they're playing the Football Team, that's about as good an opponent as you can get
  21. polecatt

    Future Stud Alert

    I picked him 3rd in my dynasty draft. Very WR needy team, got him along with Ruggs and Jeudy. People often shy away from drafting rookie WRs because they don't tend to provide immediate value. In dynasty though, you have to be patient. WRs pay off in the long run. Didn't have the best of games, but Lamb was serviceable. He will certainly have some big plays, big games, not too far down the road. Good call
  22. polecatt

    Titans at Broncos: MNF Discussion

    He's having a big game so far. I'll tell you, if the QB in Denver works out, and he's looked pretty promising, they're gonna have one of the best offenses in the league in a year or two
  23. polecatt

    Bill Belichick's last year

    Haha! That's Bill's trick, he still gets to play in the AFC East
  24. polecatt

    Dreaded High Ankle Sprain For Michael Thomas

    He got a few extra garbage points on that trick play
  25. polecatt

    What is CEH worth?

    I would try and trade Carson for someone like Amari Cooper or Keenan Allen