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  1. polecatt

    Official Super Bowl Thread: Eagles v Chiefs

    It should be a good game, let's hope so at least. I think the Chiefs will win as long as they don't have any major injury setbacks. Mahomes will win his 2nd ring and solidify his place as the best QB in the NFL today. That's my pick at least. Chiefs win 31-26
  2. polecatt

    Dynasty Rankings

    According to these rankings I'm in very good shape going forward I have two tier 2 QBs, T Lawrence and J Herbert A top tier RB, Kenneth Walker WR- two top tier, J Jefferson and C Lamb, also Kupp, Olave, Godwin, Treylon Burks TE- the top ranked guy, K Pitts, we'll see
  3. polecatt

    Dynasty 1.2 - Where to go

    The top rookie RB will most certainly go first. If I were drafting 2nd, I would take the top WR prospect, whomever that maybe
  4. polecatt

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2023: First Four Rounds

    Mahomes the first QB in the middle of the 2nd round... I can't say that's too far off, but most drafts it seems like there's always a QB in the first round. I can't tell you who it would be. QB is really gonna be interesting this coming season.
  5. polecatt

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2023: First Four Rounds

    The Cowboys RB situation is gonna be very interesting, because this up coming season is the first one where they can really cut Zeke, and he's not close to justifying his contract at this point. They may sign Pollard at a discount, but he probably wants to get paid
  6. polecatt

    SNF Discussion: Lions at Packers

    That was one of the dumbest things I've seen a player do in a while
  7. No, we have all the normal spots, QB, RB, WR, TE, D/ST, one flex spot and even the hated Kicker position... I don't really get the point of eliminating positions or turning everything into a flex spot. That's kind of the purpose, it's difficult to pick a good team at every position. Just having it be all about RBs and WRs is boring and not so challenging
  8. polecatt

    The Official Week 16 FU Thread

    Laces Out!
  9. polecatt

    The Official Week 16 FU Thread

    FU to Juwan Johnson! 1 catch for 9 yards! On Christmas Eve!
  10. polecatt

    Weather help

    I guess you mean Chris Godwin by Goodwin? Yeah, he's playing, not had an injury designation for a while now. He's on a bit of a hot streak, I would start him
  11. polecatt

    Fighting the weather and injuries in a tough spot

    I would start the 3 WRs also. Then the RBs, Henry of course is the no brainer. Then I would start whichever of the KC RBs you think is best, I think it's a toss up. 3rd, I would start Walker, he's got the most upside and he's due for a big day. Jamaal WIlliams is completely TD dependent and he's been ice cold in that department as of late. I wouldn't start him
  12. polecatt

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    Thank you for suggesting to sit Trevor Lawrence! He only got 12 pts. Herbert should get more than that, and if he doesn't, it just means I was F'ed either way
  13. polecatt

    Chris Olave out week 16

    Chris Olave has been ruled out this weekend against the Browns with a hamstring injury https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/4361370/chris-olave
  14. polecatt


    I picked him up on my dynasty team not long ago. He's starting to look like the first pick. I guess it took a while to get Urban Meyer out of his system
  15. polecatt

    Trust Fields this week?

    It's supposed to be very cold, windy, and good chance of snow in Chicago