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  1. polecatt

    Leonard Fournette re-signs with Bucaneers

    I don't know, he may just be for insurance purposes. Hard to see him taking too many touches away from either RB
  2. polecatt


    Says he's likely retiring
  3. polecatt

    Eagles/Football/Fantasy players, fans?

    He's not somebody I would go out of my way to get for fantasy. If I had him on my team, I would probably look for some depth to say the least. I think about the best way to put it would be, he's gonna be about the same as Lamar Jackson, with half the rushing stats and a few less TDs passing as well. I think Hurts will have some big games, but I think he'll have just as many where he's a big dud. His typical week will be just at the serviceable level, not quite what you want it to be, but just good enough to not give up on. As for a QB, I think he'll be okay the first half of the season. Then the 2nd half, teams will start to figure him out and he'll struggle. The eagles are such a mess of a franchise any way, it's hard to see him making them winners.
  4. polecatt

    Atlanta moving down?

    No problem, and if I remember correctly, It was literally like just an hour or so later they made the trade, lol
  5. polecatt

    Atlanta moving down?

    It made more sense before the trade, which was when I posted that
  6. polecatt

    Random Observations - 2021

    Yep, he was the starter in Tampa for two seasons before moving to SF to back up Montana. He didn't become the regular starer until he was 30.
  7. polecatt

    Darnold traded to Panthers

    I have a good feeling the Panthers will take Micah Parsons... They love linebackers and they still need a replacement for Luke Keuchley
  8. polecatt

    Darnold traded to Panthers

    I think teams are much more interested in Trey Lance and Justin Fields than they are Mac Jones. The Panthers seem to me to be going into Bears territory with the QBs. They have two guys that would make excellent back ups, but I don't really want either to start for me long term. Who knows? Maybe a change of scenery gets Darnold over a speed bump and he further develops into a solid starting QB
  9. polecatt

    Darnold traded to Panthers

    So... Zach Wilson to the Jets? Maybe this means the Panthers won't be looking for a QB at 8? Will Darnold beat Bridgewater for the starting job? Is Bridgewater gonna be released? We'll see... The Panthers have some decent help on offense for Darnold. DJ Moore and Ritchie Anderson are both good WRs. Of course Christian McCaffrey, the best pass catching RB in the game when healthy.
  10. polecatt

    Atlanta moving down?

    I could see them trading back with the Panthers at 8
  11. polecatt

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

  12. polecatt

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    Not yet, but it may be on the horizon
  13. My league has a rule where you can't do that, you must start an active player in each slot. People have tried that, but we had a playoff spot supposedly decided one season because somebody left a spot empty and their opponent won the game by something like 2 pts.
  14. polecatt

    UPDATE: NFL Mock Draft Version 2.0

    The Broncos have two picks at 9 on here. Gregory Rousseau and Patrick Surtain. I take it the correct pick is Rousseau since the Cowboys take Surtain with the next pick. Other than that, looks good. It's kind of a mystery as to who the 49ers wants, and I think you got it, Trey Lance.
  15. polecatt

    49ers trade up for 3rd pick in draft

    They may commit to him for next season but there's not way they trade up to draft a QB 3rd and not play him after that. Maybe if Jimmy were to play lights out, like a top 5 QB, and the rookie was looking like a bit of a disappointment. They wouldn't know that for some time though