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  1. polecatt

    Seattle QB???

    Well, he is kind of TD dependent, big play dependent for his fantasy value. Having a bad QB is gonna hurt him more than a PPR, slot guy. I think before, he would have been a late 2nd round/early 3rd pick. Now, that drops at least one round, maybe 2
  2. polecatt

    Seattle QB???

    Who ever it ends up being, I'm not going out of my way to get any Seahawks on my team this season
  3. polecatt

    Jarvis Landry signs with the Saints

    He's not a bad WR by any means. He's like a poor man's Amari Cooper, who is a poor man's All Pro WR. I think he was one of those players who there was a lot of expectation for him to break out and be a stud. It never really happened. Instead he kind of stayed in the B grade category
  4. polecatt

    Jarvis Landry signs with the Saints

    Well, I just don't consider him to be that caliber of player. I see maybe one or two pro bowl seasons, not 5. it's funny how the tweet also mentions his TDs. Of the 5 years he made the Pro Bowl, in 3 of them he only scored 4 TDs. That's not exactly Pro Bowl caliber. They vote a million WRs to the Pro Bowl though, so I guess it's not too surprising.
  5. polecatt

    Jarvis Landry signs with the Saints

    He's been to 5 pro bowls?
  6. polecatt

    Jerry Jeudy Arrested

    Lick my balls
  7. polecatt

    Jerry Jeudy Arrested

    I obviously don't know the whole story here, but from what I've heard, it's ridiculous to state this as domestic violence. If it's a crime, then it's simply petty theft. All the woke BS today, you can never be sure what's going on a lot of the time. With King Roger in power, who knows? He may get Ray Rice flashbacks and suspend him for the entire season, but in reality, this shouldn't have much effect at all on the field.
  8. polecatt

    different scoring leagues

    The bigger the scoring the more the margin between each is gonna be. Besides, RBs aren't relevant in the way they used to be, and WRs are plentiful. So if there's a big time imbalance in QB scoring, then getting a top QB would be important
  9. polecatt

    different scoring leagues

    Well, it depends on how balanced the scoring system is. I've mostly played in 6 pt passing TD leagues, and I can't say it makes big difference to draft a QB a lot earlier. Perhaps you should look for a QB a round or two earlier, but nothing too drastic like moving up from round 10 to round 2 to draft a QB or something like that. As for bonus points? Well, that depends on what they are. If there are seemingly equal bonuses for rushing and receiving pts, then I wouldn't factor it in much. If they drastically seem to favor QBs though? Then yes, it could mean you should draft a QB earlier.
  10. polecatt

    Way To Early Draft Thoughts

    It would be very difficult for me to justify taking an RB at the 7th pick. There should be some top WRs available. I would take Cooper Kupp if available
  11. polecatt

    Keeper league…Renfrow or G. Davis?

    If I'm looking for a guy to be in my starting line up most weeks, I'm probably taking Renfrow. If I'm looking for a guy to come off the bench a few times and hopefully have a big game, it's Davis
  12. polecatt

    Steeler's schedule this year.

    Is it really a huge deal in the NFL since they just play one game a week? I know a lot of the players are pampered but they're just flying within the USA, it's not that far.
  13. polecatt

    Mike Davis Owners - time to worry

    No, he joins the Ravens RB group with 57 other, equally fantasy irrelevant RBs...
  14. polecatt

    Ideal Redraft Position This Year?

    Taylor, I get, I also understand Derrick Henry, if you think he's gonna stay healthy somehow, but can somebody explain why those others are being drafted ahead of Cooper Kupp?
  15. polecatt

    Ideal Redraft Position This Year?

    As concerning about Kamara as his legal issues are, perhaps even more so, his decline/team. He just doesn't get the same action in the passing game when Drew Brees isn't the QB. That's where most of his value comes from. That and the TDs he typically scores. Last season, he was down a bit in both areas. That and his 3.7 ypc isn't a good sign. I just don't see how all of that is gonna get better this season