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  1. polecatt

    Name the redskins

    They can pay all the players the league minimum and make the stadium a shrine to Danny boy
  2. polecatt

    Name the redskins

    The Washington Marxists I think it's fitting given current events and the fact that it's in DC
  3. polecatt

    Zeke is low-key faded....

    He says all the time that he would take Zeke first
  4. Drake has caught at least 50 passes in each of the past two seasons. I would expect that many or more this season. He gets a lot of work in the passing game. So in non PPR, drop him back a couple of spots. In PPR, I say he's a decent RB2. Standard scoring, I say he's more of a flex option
  5. Well, he's somewhere in the group with the guys I listed, but there are also several WRs I would put in there ahead of him too, maybe Kelce too.
  6. polecatt

    Mahomes signs 10 yr extension

    Watson, yeah he's due for a big payday too
  7. polecatt

    Zeke is low-key faded....

    Perhaps, I think McCaffrey is almost certainly going to fall a bit this year though, just because he almost has to. McCaffrey is still the top RB, but then I say it's Zeke. I don't think it's a shock if either ends up being the top RB
  8. Chubb and Mixon for sure. Then maybe Carson, Miles Sanders, Leonard Fournette, Leveon Bell, Conner, Gordon, perhaps. I say he's somewhere in the mix with those guys
  9. Exactly, he's the kind of guy that can overplay his value in the draft and put your team over the top. I could see him being a poor man's Alvin Kamara
  10. I have him on a dynasty team. I picked him up as a free agent at some point last season. He's my RB2 behind Zeke and ahead of Devin Singletary, the RBs I'm keeping. I wouldn't feel good drafting him in the 1st or 2nd round, but I would take him after that. He's clearly got potential and is in a good spot to shine in Zona. I think he has a solid year and will be a guy you're glad you have on your team. I don't expect him to be a RB1 but I think he can fill about any role after that, RB2, flex, depth
  11. polecatt

    Zeke is low-key faded....

    It could easily happen. Is it unreasonable to think Zeke gets something like, 300 rushes for 1400 yds and 13 TDs, to go along with 60 rec for 450 yds and another 3 TDs? I don't think it is. Is it unreasonable to think that would make him the best fantasy RB? I don't think so
  12. polecatt

    Mahomes signs 10 yr extension

    How many more rings does he win by the time this deal is up? I say 2 more, 3 if he's lucky
  13. polecatt

    Mahomes signs 10 yr extension

    For real! Dak Prescott is happy about this
  14. polecatt

    Mahomes signs 10 yr extension

    They have him for the next 12 seasons That's a lot for the NFL, even a QB, but if there were one player that I had to sign like that, it would be him
  15. polecatt

    NFL looking to scrap Weeks 1 & 4 of pre-season

    I say, if they cancel regular season games, play the 6 division games as usual, and then play 3 conference games, and 3 with the opposing conference. 12 games in all, with some sort of balance. Keep the schedule 17 weeks, but with a few more bye weeks for each team. There needs to be at least one preseason game, preferably two