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  1. polecatt

    Public Service

    Ouch! Wilson, Henry, Chubb, and Lockett, all huge days. At least you didn't face Kamara
  2. polecatt

    Carson injured - dirty play?

    It was definitely a dirty play. Poor judgement? For sure. Was he just outright trying to injure him? I can't say that for sure either way.
  3. polecatt

    AJ Green done?

    He's been done for 2 years or so. He's just like Dez Bryant, he was a great fantasy WR for a while, then the injuries piled up. As a result, he's not nearly the same WR. Yet people can't let go of the player he once was out of a strong desire/need to find a stud WR at a bargain. Boyd is the WR to own on the Bengals, and he's not much more than a flex option. I would take Tee Higgins over AJ Green at this point, especially in dynasty formats.
  4. polecatt

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    FU to Kenyan Drake Borderline 1st round pick my Arse! Spot starter at best
  5. polecatt

    running into buzsaws

    Kamara has single handedly put me in position to win this week. He's completely carrying my team. After him the highest scorers in my line up are my D/ST and Kicker, the only other two to score double digits. Kamara got me 48. I'm up 13 and my opponent has Kelce going tonight. So, certainly not a given, but I have a fighting chance to win now and before the Sunday night game, I was expecting to lose by 30 pts or so. I traded for Kamara 2 days before the draft, dynasty league. Traded TY Hilton and Josh Jacobs for him and a pick. It's turned out exceptionally well
  6. polecatt

    James Robinson

    The guy who's the RB1 on Tampa Bay, you know, he beat Ronald Jones for the job, didn't take long
  7. polecatt

    Out for Week 3

    Josh Jacobs is questionable too
  8. polecatt

    Kittle Out

    No, I'm not playing the Giants D... I'm playing the 49ers D though
  9. polecatt

    Le'Veon Bell

    The funny thing about that is, he probably ended up screwing himself out about $15 million or so
  10. polecatt

    Julio Owners - What are your plans?

    I think he'll play barring a setback. A full practice on Friday is always a good sign. I have him and CeeDee Lamb as my two top WRs on my dynasty team. Lamb kind of broke out last week with a 100 yard game, and I really think he keeps going this week, and for the rest of the season. I think Jeudy is ready to step it up too and be a regular guy you can count on in your lineup each week at least as a flex.
  11. polecatt

    Le'Veon Bell

    Yes it is, then again it's hard to say he's been alive since his last season in Pittsburgh. I guess last season he was an okay guy to have on the bench, if you don't need to start him often. He sat out the year before and this season, looks like it's gonna be between IR and ineffective
  12. polecatt

    Le'Veon Bell

    Remember when he was considered the top overall guy in fantasy football? RBs die a painful death
  13. polecatt

    Drew Brees is it over?

    I wouldn't hold onto Brees with Josh Allen. It's not really like you're gonna be streaming QBs. If Allen gets injured, I'm guessing you're at least gonna look at the WW for a replacement even if you were to keep Brees.
  14. polecatt

    Julio Owners - What are your plans?

    Jeudy had a full practice today, it's looking very likely he plays I know he's not Julio Jones, but I don't think he's a bad guy to roll the dice with, he'll be their top WR with Courtland Sutton out. Jeudy has put up respectable numbers so far, especially for a rookie WR in his first two games. I think he's ready for a break out game, could be this week