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  1. polecatt

    Damien Harris Hurt?

    ESPN says he's healthy, no mention of an injury
  2. polecatt

    Cole Beasley

    That's an excellent pick up. He's the perfect slot WR for Brady. I wouldn't expect prime Wes Welker numbers or anything like that but he should provide excellent WR depth and a flex option
  3. polecatt

    Flex problem

    I would play Higgins. The Bengals need a win and are gonna feast on the Jets. He's due for a big game
  4. polecatt

    Fair trade?

    I see nothing wrong with it
  5. polecatt

    Anyone worth using the #1 wavier for this week

    There's nobody that I would go out of my way to add. Save it for a rainy day. When the time comes to use it you will know it
  6. polecatt

    Justin Herbert: Fractured Rib Cartilage

    I wouldn't make that decision until the last possible minute. They're reporting that he's recovering well and been practicing some. I'll probably have him in my starting line up unless he has a set back or something
  7. polecatt

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB James Cook, Bills

    It was mostly in garbage time, but he did run well. I don't think any of the Bills RBs are gonna have much value. There is too much of a split and Josh Allen is almost certainly gonna score the most TDs
  8. polecatt

    MNF Discussion: Tennessee at Buffalo

    Derrick Henry finds pay dirt!
  9. polecatt

    MNF Discussion: Tennessee at Buffalo

    We dodged a bullet, our fantasy football teams of course
  10. Two games tonight instead of one. Plenty of big name players Titans @ Bills 7:15 Vikes @ Eagles 8:30 What do you need? I'm up by 37 going into the games tonight. My opponent has J Hurts, AJ Brown, and D Cook going. I have Justin Jefferson going. Far from a certain thing, but I think if Jefferson has a decent game I'm okay
  11. polecatt

    FU Week 2

    Let's Go Brandon!
  12. polecatt

    Trey Lance Carted off field - Broken Ankle

    Broken ankle, needs surgery. Don't think he's gonna be back this season
  13. polecatt

    FU Week 2

    FU to Kyle Pitts, need I say more? FU to Jerry Jeudy, one catch and injured again?!?!?!
  14. polecatt

    Week 2 Stuff

    The Cowboys are better with Cooper Rush at QB
  15. polecatt

    Hines with pittman out

    I don't know that I would move him up too much. It may move him up to the top of the waiver wire RBs, but I don't think I would pull anyone from my starting line up for him