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  1. polecatt

    Silly QB question

    I hope you played Dak
  2. polecatt

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    There's a reason he's not touched the ball much this season until it's absolutely necessary, lol
  3. polecatt

    Brady's career..............................

    It is what it is. He can still play quite well in their system, which is by far the best in the NFL. It's clear though, he's not got much left. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's his last season, or he falls off a cliff next season. His long ball has been lacking for a couple of years and they've covered it up with a brilliant short passing game. Now it's even hard to cover it there. It just goes to show how great a player he is and how great a coach Bill is, but it can't last forever.
  4. polecatt

    Who to start? Damien Williams or Joe Mixon?

    I've just seen it's up in the air. I'll probably be starting Mixon
  5. polecatt

    Which of these two to flex

  6. polecatt

    PPR Flex

    If you're in a hole and need a big game, I would probably play Murray, hope he gets a couple of TDs
  7. polecatt

    Gurley for Jacobs??

    I would do it, Gurley is TD dependent and Jacobs seems to be getting better each week
  8. polecatt

    Bench Diggs?

    I would start Diggs. He's streaky but his upside is a lot better than any of those other guys. I wouldn't want to rely on Montgomery this week with the injury and late game.
  9. polecatt

    Still Confused about QB's: Need Advice Please

    I would play the best overall fantasy QB in such a situation, which is Ryan
  10. polecatt

    flex ppr Duke or Fitz

    I would play Duke, he seems to get a healthy mix of touches and catches, plus he sometimes get goal line carries. Fitz is not somebody I would trust late in the season right now
  11. I have a hole at my Flex spot, Damien Williams vs Chargers Joe Mixon @ Raiders PPR, big bonus at 100 yds, bonus on TDs over 40 and 50 yds Who should I start? Thank You
  12. polecatt

    Jordan Howard vs Ronald Jones

    I would probably play Jones, the eagles backfield is a mess and therefore unpredictable
  13. polecatt

    Struggling with Skank RBs

    I would play Cohen and hope he makes a big play
  14. polecatt

    Jordan Howard vs Ronald Jones

    I don't think that will come into play this weekend