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  1. polecatt

    Derrick Henry train 2019

    I would take him as a RB2/flex, but I would want solid depth behind him. He finally broke out a bit last season, but still wasn't the most reliable. He had two monster games and was pretty mediocre other than that. If he can be a bit more consistent then he's a beast.
  2. polecatt

    Zeke, might hold out........

    He'll be fine, I think they come to a contract extension some time before the season, without a hold out
  3. polecatt

    Breakout Candidates For 2019

    Perhaps WR Michael Gallup of the Cowboys. He showed a decent rapport with Dak Prescott on deep passes and has knack for going up and getting the ball, kind of like Dez once did. I'm not saying he's going to put up number like Dez in his prime but he could do okay in his 2nd season. I think he's capable of putting up good flex numbers this coming season.
  4. It's a long offseason but I probably knock him down a notch or two if not more. Last season I said the exact same thing about David Johnson in a similar situation and got regularly attacked for it. Turns out he wasn't the best overall or close to it. Gurley is as good as they come when things are going his way but not to the point where it's a good idea to risk his potential downside if he is in fact dealing with a recurring knee injury. Draft Zeke or Barkley or Kamara or somebody like that first without as much risk.
  5. polecatt

    Least important position other than K/P?

    How often have you ever heard of a team that wins because of a Tight End though?
  6. polecatt

    Least important position other than K/P?

    Tight End, it's a hybrid position. Not quite a WR, not quite an OL
  7. polecatt

    OT Coin Flip Change

    I propose an NFL.com poll. After the end of regulation there is a poll posted on NFL.com. It will remain open for 10 minutes and the team that wins gets the ball. It's overtime people, if a team thinks it's unfair, win in regulation.
  8. polecatt

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    You should disband the entire league
  9. polecatt

    Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

    Chiefs win 34-21
  10. polecatt

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    Rams win 27-24
  11. polecatt

    The Official Week 16 FU Thread: Championship Edition

    He can take the Cowboys coaching staff with him... 6 carries in the first half?
  12. polecatt

    **Official 2018 championship week thread**

    My opponent, lol
  13. polecatt

    **Official 2018 championship week thread**

    Got Amari Cooper and Zeke, and Dak rushes for a TD, great...
  14. polecatt

    TE Trash Pile

    That's the Te position for you, it's pretty much TD roulette beyond the first few guys. That said I would take the guy from Philly. I think he has more upside but most likely, you're getting peanuts with any of them