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  1. polecatt

    Return of the Mack

    By Mark Morrison, I liked that song Marlon started off good, I think he has a good season, strong RB2
  2. polecatt

    Godwin or Kupp ROS

    I would probably want Kupp
  3. polecatt

    Zeke's trade value?

    I wouldn't trade Zeke unless the deal was overwhelming
  4. polecatt

    Cam Newton or Matt Ryan?

    Cam, I have trouble trusting the Falcons right now
  5. That's a good question, lol I would probably lean towards Jones, he got more carries, but it's a very close call
  6. polecatt

    Trade JuJu for Julio???? I would get Julio....

    I would try to get a little more, if not, stay put. Julio is a bit inconsistent and doesn't always score TDs, and that's what bailed him out week 1, the Falcons look good on paper but are a mess in real life. Juju will be fine, they laid an egg against the Patriots but they won't play them again.
  7. polecatt

    TE1 ROS: Engram, O.J. or Henry

    Engram, easily. He's the most talented of the group I do believe. He's got the least competition for targets. All 3 are a bit injury prone but I think Engram is the most sturdy as well.
  8. Had that very dilemma this past week. So very glad I chose Engram and I don't plan on looking back, at least for now. That said, I chose Engram because he has a more stable QB position and Engram is the best target he has.
  9. I would imagine this is because of the recent allegations, not health or not knowing the offense
  10. polecatt

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    I don't know. It wouldn't shock me if it were the case. This guy seems like he has some issues with self control, judgement, and even morality. That said, the circumstances around the case, according to the article, seem very suspect. Doesn't mean it's not true but still very questionable. We'll just have to wait and see what else comes of this.
  11. polecatt

    Post your odds AB is a Pat week 16

    90% The Patriots make stuff like this work, I think he'll behave for the most part
  12. polecatt

    Is Sammy Watkins FOR REAL?!

    Perhaps but his inconsistency has been due in large part to always being injured or knicked up. If he can avoid that, I think he flourishes but it's a big if
  13. polecatt

    Week 1 best performances on your bench

    It must have been a rough week, lol
  14. polecatt

    drop Hunter Henry for Hockenson?

    Go for it, I wouldn't exactly consider Hunter Henry a guy you have to hold onto
  15. polecatt

    Week 1 best performances on your bench

    I must say, I made the right calls this week. I was torn between Baker and Wentz, chose Wentz Evan Engram and OJ Howard, chose Engram I know I'm in for it next week