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  1. polecatt

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Brian Thomas Jr.

    He's 6'3, 210 lbs too
  2. polecatt

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Brian Thomas Jr.

    Looks excellent on paper. Great size and speed. I must say his scouting report, the weaknesses seem kind of like nitpicking a bit. By that I mean they don't seem to be that serious. LSU has a good recent history of WRs in the NFL. This guy could be another good one from Baton Rouge
  3. polecatt

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

    Is he by any chance Phil McConkey's son or grandson? If so, pass
  4. polecatt

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Rome Odunze

    I'll believe that when I see it. He doesn't appear to have AJ Brown's build and strength. He may at the college level but in the NFL that's a different story
  5. polecatt

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Rome Odunze

    Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like a major red flag to me. That's the sort of thing that he probably won't be able to get away with in the NFL like he did in college.
  6. polecatt

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Rome Odunze

    He looks excellent on paper. I know he had a big season the last two years as well. One thing that I found confusing though on his scouting report. His scouting report said he didn't seem to get separation downfield or had the deep speed, but he was the best deep ball WR in the nation?
  7. polecatt

    J K Dobbins

    Yeah he did have a bad knee injury before the Achilles tear. It just depends on if he can bounce back or if he's not the same. It happens. After a few injuries it can certainly take it's toll I think Nick Chubb will be in that latter category
  8. polecatt

    J K Dobbins

    It seems unlikely but sometimes a change of scenery and a different scheme is all it takes
  9. polecatt

    J K Dobbins

    That's gonna be very interesting. The Chargers are a team in which a RB can have a monster fantasy season. If he can stay healthy, could be in for a big season
  10. polecatt

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Malik Nabers

    He could be an excellent slot WR. Those are potential fantasy gold, especially in PPR. If he can get in a decent situation, he could be valuable as a rookie.
  11. polecatt

    NFL bans hip drop tackle

    I actually think the kind of hit he's talking about is one they should restrict instead of the others
  12. polecatt

    Devonta Smith Extended

    One of LeBron's boys
  13. polecatt

    Ceedee Lamb Holdout?

    He deserves it. He's definitely a top 5 WR and it's his time to sign on the dotted line!
  14. polecatt

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

    He has all the makings of a star WR. It's tough to say how he will pan out as a rookie, but he should be a decent fantasy asset to say the least. In 2-3 season, he should be a top 10 WR if not top 5. In dynasty leagues, it would be difficult to pass him up with the 1st pick.
  15. polecatt

    Brandon Aiyuk requests trade?

    I think Aiyuk will certainly win out in that one. He's more of a WR1 and he's younger. Deebo is a great offensive player, but he's about 75% WR and 25% RB. Whic is nice of course, but they will need a top WR.