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  1. WR3 & Flex (pick 2): OBJ, A. Peterson, AJ Brown, D. Washington QB: Cousins or Trubisky? TE: Doyle or Rudolph?
  2. tough choices. Moore, Thielen (depends on Thielen not having any set backs in weekend practice. MNF is risky. If not thielen then Gallup. Wentz
  3. I'm fairly desperate here. 12 team league. There are 4 teams participating in a 3-week long (weeks 14,15,16) finals in total points format. 4th place gets nothing. 1st - 3rd win money. (Entry fee was steep). After the first 2 weeks, I'm in 4th, dead last, behind the 3rd place team by 37 points. Never mind the 1st & 2nd place teams. Pipe dream to catch them. I need upside to climb into 3rd. (Full PPR) Here are my choices: QB: K. Cousins vs Packers or M. Trubisky vs Chiefs RB (start 2): R. Mostert vs Rams D. Henry vs Saints L. Bell vs Steelers D. Singletary @ New Cheatland WR(start 2): B. Perriman vs Texans D. Parker vs Bengals C. Sutton vs Lions A. Miller vs Chiefs DK Metcalf vs Cardinals G. Tate @ Washington Flex (1): any of above. I need upside way more than a safe floor, and would probably prefer one of the WRs over Bell or Singletary, both of whom I think will have so-so games. Safe floor pretty much guarantees a loss. That's why I am even questioning Cousins in my lineup. TE: T. Higbee @ SFO OJ Howard vs Texans
  4. Just how much risk is there with Jacobs? Does it matter at all that this will be the final Raider appearance in Oakland? Probably not.
  5. full PPR Choose two: Bell Jacobs (I also have D. Washington if Jacobs sits) Singletary Mostert
  6. DC

    Robby Anderson or Zach Pascal

    Pascal will get more volume. Robby is a boom or bust. I think Pascal has just as high a ceiling but a much higher floor.
  7. DC

    Pascal or Chark?

    Pascal @ Tampa Bay or Chark vs Chargers? 1/2 PPR
  8. If Jacobs sits (likely) here are my choices for y flex in a full PPR: DK Metcalf @ Rams, J Washington @ Arizona, G. Tate @ Philly
  9. Jimmy G tonight @ Arizona or Cousins @ Kansas City?
  10. 1. QB: Tannehill or Garoppolo? 2. Flex (need 1): McCoy, Hyde, Robby Anderson, K. Allen (if active) 3. Flex (need 2): Chark, M. Jones, Michel, Ty Johnson 4. Flex (need 2): J. Howard, DJ Moore, Jeffery, Hyde 5. DTS: Houston or Carolina? 6. WR (need 3): G. Tate, B. Cooks, Chark, Boyd, R. Anderson 7. WR (need 2): Chark, G. Tate, Boyd
  11. not with this choice, it's not
  12. 0.5 PPR flex: Robby Anderson, A Peterson, Hyde, or Allison?
  13. Full PPR RB2 (pick one): Malcolm Brown or Adrian Peterson? Flex (pick one): Emmanuel Sanders, Brandin Cooks, Robby Anderson or the leftover from above.
  14. DC

    QB & TE week 5

    G'morning! QB & TE questions today: QB: Garoppolo vs Browns or Cousins @ NYG? K. Murray @ Cinci or Brissett @ KC? K. Murray @ Cinci or Dalton vs Cards? TE: Eifert or Howard? Witten, Eifert or Howard?