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  1. Hope you followed this. Evans with a career day.
  2. DC

    Flex help, pick 2

    Happy New Year to you as well!
  3. DC

    Sit 1

    I think 2 of them are already declared out. Problem solved.
  4. Goff and Hill. I too am starting Hill this week (as of now) over otton. Need the higher ceiling that Hill brings.
  5. McCoy is out. Zona starting Blough. Hopkins is listed as questionable anyway. Sadly, I'd sit him. I'd start Evans, myself, over Lazard.
  6. DC

    Pick one point PPR fantasy championship

    shootout in Green Bay perhaps? Minnesota has the far more giving defense. James has gotten a ton of targets, but Colts pass D is one of the best... I see a low scoring Barkleyesque grind. If Watson out, I takes my chances with Doubs.
  7. DC

    Flex help, pick 2

    0.5 ppr. Pick 2 to start: Dobbins vs Steelers Lat Murray @ KC Lockett vs Jets
  8. DC

    Flex questions

    DJ Moore
  9. DC

    QB help

  10. Pickens home against Ravens or Mostert at LAC tonight?
  11. DC

    IDP Help

    Hard to sit White, but this hasn't been his banner year. I'll go Bolton for this week. It's a near coin-flip though.
  12. ppr. Which one for flex spot? I have: Gus, Foreman, Herbert, Hubbard
  13. DC

    R. Penny or D. Henderson

    Penny. Henderson will split the load or worse with Michel. Penny has safer floor and a decent ceiling.
  14. KJ Osborn or Mooney? Is Cousins #2 WR a better play than Fields #1?
  15. DC

    Ruggs or Booker?

    PPR, flex Booker vs Carolina solid run defense or Ruggs (waller gimpy or out --> more ruggs targets?)