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  1. ppr. Championship. Must start one of them in 12 minutes
  2. DC

    Help w/ RB2

    If Gaskin is inactive tonight, then the choice will obviously be Ahmed. So let's presume Gaskin suits up, creating a split backfield tonight with Ahmed. Select one RB2 for a PPR: S. Ahmed @ Vegas I. Smith @ KC G. Edwards vs Giants S. Michel vs Bills Select a TE also: L. Thomas v Panthers H. Hurst @KC
  3. Please pick two (ppr) R Gage vs Tampa M Jones @ Tennessee JD McKissic vs Seahawks
  4. DC


    moot point. I had Pollard on the bench. He's now starting.
  5. M Jones or Gage in a ppr?
  6. DC

    RB 2 this week?

    Gallman because there is next to little competetion for carries. Mostert/Wilson will split unless one of them gets hurt.
  7. DC


    pick one (ppr): JD McKissic vs Seahawks Jeff Wilson @ Dallas Gus Edwards vs Jaguars
  8. DC

    lineup help week 15

    QB,2RB,2WR,TE,FLX,K,D ppr QB: Jackson *RB: Cook, JD McKissic, G Edwards, T Pollard, J Wilson **WR: J Jones, M Jones, T Patrick, G Davis, M Pittman, R Gage, L Shenault, R Higgins TE: Waller K: Carlson Def: Steelers choose: RB2, WR1, WR2, Flex (Patrick and Gabriel Davis play Saturday afternoon.)
  9. PPR Hurst @ LAC Logan Thomas v Washington
  10. DC

    Mostert or Gio?

    PPR Mostert v Washington Gio v Cowboys
  11. DC

    Mark Andrews?

    hope fant plays well today.
  12. DC

    Mark Andrews?

    Am I correct in that since he tested pos on the 29th, he can't be eligible for Tuesday's game? Jackson tested positive a couple days earlier and was just activated. I would love to pair up Andrews w/Jackson for one more try this season. Otherwise it's Fant. I found one link (only one) that said he won't make it for Tuesday no matter what.
  13. DC

    Take a chance with Jackson?

    BUMP Now that Jackson will be active on Tuesday, what do we say? I have the same Cousins v Jackson decision.
  14. DC

    sit one

    I need to bench one of these today: Godwin v Rams Chark v Steelers Jefferson v Cowboys Claypool @ jacksonville