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  1. STBootleg

    Paid for Draft Buddy but now locked out

    Thanks, That one email is a very old work email that no longer exists.
  2. I just paid for the draft Buddy but apparently I forgot my password and was locked out of my account after 5 attempts and was unable to download it. Can I please get help with how to resolve this?
  3. STBootleg

    Draft Report

    Ah yes, that did it. I put in my roster limit but neglected to put in the # of draft rounds. Thanks!
  4. STBootleg

    Draft Report

    The draft report only goes the 16 rounds. Is there a way to set it to more?
  5. STBootleg

    U2 in Baltimore

    My wife went to the concert with her friend while I watched the kid. She said it was a great show. I went to see Rush at the arena a couple months back whlie she watched the kid, so it all worked out.
  6. STBootleg

    Your favorite comic books growing up?

    Thank you for not beating me up when we met for the Ravens game! (Fock Pittsburgh)
  7. STBootleg

    Your favorite comic books growing up?

    I picked up a Spider-Man comic at a flea market when I was 5 for 25 cents. I haven't stopped collecting since. 33 years later the upper stairs of my house is nothing but comics. I collect basically Marvel but for a few rare DC runs that I liked. My daughter is 3 and I take her to the comic store weekly to buy her Scooby Doo comics.(along with mine) I also collect Wolverine and Punisher.
  8. STBootleg

    Walking Dead Season 2 Coming in October

    The zombie make up and effects are enough for me to over look the bad acting. I love zombies and am glad they made it to a TV series. If I've said it once I'll say it again " You can't go wrong with monkeys, midgets or zombies".
  9. STBootleg

    2010 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Baltimore Ravens

    Cody and Ngata together! Wow!
  10. STBootleg

    Any geeks with digital cameras?

    Yes, zoom is good. Depending on your needs, I would sacrifice pixels for zoom.
  11. STBootleg

    Drunk Girl Launches Bottle Rocket From Her Ass

    My ass rocket would have went the other way.
  12. STBootleg

    DO you trim your nads hairs?