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  1. Highway Robbery

    Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: In-game Discussion

    The sacks still aren't there. This is 2 points. Come on man!
  2. Highway Robbery

    Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: In-game Discussion

    This is bullshit. Where's the sack? I am going to go to New York and shove my foot up Elias Stat mutherfockers ass. I need these points. You can't just not call it a sack when it was a sack. He was passing so sack the .
  3. Highway Robbery

    Ryan Torain?

    He is actually very similar in size and stature to Adrian Peterson. The only difference is less speed. But they both have long, somewhat bowed, legs and an upright running style. Torain is for real. The big improvement in this game for Torain was that he pounded it inside consistently whereas last game he bounced many inside runs to the outside.
  4. Highway Robbery

    Battle for the Ages

    Wow, this should be pay per view.
  5. Highway Robbery

    An ode to Ryan Torain!

    Here to you future TD and HOFer! All Torain Vehicle The Torain Train...Choo! Choo! Rapped or texted to your opponent after he scores: "I'll make it Torain, I'll make it Torain on them Hoes!"
  6. Highway Robbery

    Which Bears WR Do You Like Best?

    I like the one Cutler likes and that is D.A.
  7. Highway Robbery

    Dark haired chick in the NFL Redzone commercial

    She is hot in a porn star kind of way. The fact that she keeps changing Jerseys and teams is kind of like she is willing to just please any guy and do a bunch of them...on a sofa too. Yeah, I'd have her over.
  8. Highway Robbery

    J. Best

    I am seriously considering it. I too think the Bears D won't be that good. The Lions D should be improved and Bears O will be turnover prone leading to more opportunities.
  9. Highway Robbery

    Players not to pass on this season

    Knowshown Moreno- The Broncos switched to a power running scheme which suits his running style better. He should break 1400 this year. He was the 12th overall pick in the draft.
  10. word is mccluster = welker
  11. Highway Robbery

    **2010 NFL Draft General Discussion- Day One**

    The talent effect. Bay Bay has game. Dez Bryant sucks.
  12. Highway Robbery

    Thoughts on LeSean McCoy for 2010 and beyond

    not good... look for Philly to add a big back like Gerhart. They used one to an extent last year with Heath Evans. LeSean just isn't that good...too small.
  13. Highway Robbery

    Troy P

    It would be better if the reporter was female. With the reporter being male it is a little awkward.
  14. Highway Robbery

    Any good early Rankings for next season?

    2) Ray Rice, Bal, RB