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  1. desertfire

    Losing 101 to 87 but....

    you deserve to lose if you started mack and sat lockett
  2. desertfire

    Which Back

    Fournette and Lindsey
  3. desertfire

    Thielen's return

    If he's starting, I think he needs to be in there especially with the other options you have. I do like Kirk this week though.
  4. desertfire

    Tannerhill over Rogers?

    I started Tannehill. You start pretty much any QB vs Oakland. That secondary is horrible.
  5. desertfire

    Week 13 Weather

    wondering if I should be worried about Winston? I have Tannehill and could replace him with?
  6. desertfire

    Sit Brady due to weather

    Never!!!!!! Experts told me to bench him one year because of all the snow and wind and he literally had 4 TD's. He's great in bad weather.
  7. desertfire

    Please select Two

    I was talking about the moron who told him to post it on the other message board
  8. desertfire

    Please select Two

    Always one moron who has to post that. Obviously Chubb and Samuels
  9. desertfire

    Trubisky no longer on the injury report?

    Nagy? That makes no sense. He's hardly clueless
  10. desertfire

    Trubisky no longer on the injury report?

    I bet Trubisky has a huge game this week. 250 and 3 tds. Giants suck and Nagy is feeling the pressure big time. Break out this week for him. You heard it here first.
  11. desertfire


    The rankings on the front page have last weeks matchups
  12. desertfire

    David Johnson this Sunday?

    DJ is finished and will not be in my lineup again this season. Absolute trash
  13. desertfire

    Start 3/4 RBs

    gurley ingram Samuels
  14. desertfire

    WR help please

  15. desertfire

    Chargers at Raiders: In-Game Discussion

    this is such a sloppy freaking game