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  1. desertfire

    The hate on AJ Green has gone too far

    Got him in the 9th in my league. Worth a flyer for sure
  2. desertfire

    Derrick Henry train 2019

    The Titans offense looked 10 times better when they began to feature Henry towards the end. If the coaching staff is smart, they will ride him this year. He's the type of back who gets better the more carries he receives. He's so big and strong, he wears the other team out. I loved Henry last year (drafted him in the 3rd round) and I love him even more this year. and yes, I won the championship last season despite losing Gurley in the playoffs. Largely in part to Henry putting up big numbers.
  3. desertfire

    No Gurley....No problem

    Thank you
  4. desertfire

    No Gurley....No problem

    Gonna win another championship. Lost Gurley for the title game and thanks to the likes of Matt Ryan, Kyle Rudolph, And Henry I'm on my way to winning the title.... 11-4 on the season........FEELS SO FREAKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!
  5. desertfire

    Todd Gurly or Dalvin Cook

    I just put in Coleman for Gurley. Championship game and it freaking kills me. This is a dream matchup and I have to bench him.
  6. desertfire

    Julio and Gurley are GTD

    In the championship game and 2 of my best players are game time decisions. I have to keep Julio in there thanks to Josh Gordon and Gurley I could replace with Coleman or Ingram. The problem is, Coleman plays the early game and Gurley the late, so Ingram would be my only option at that point. My team is way better than the team I'm playing and I should win hands down but if I lose both these guys........it's a toss up.....
  7. I have Gurley and I'm in the championship game. So frustrating. I can plug in Tevin Coleman if needed... Honestly, If I was the Rams, I would not play him at all. They don't need him to beat the Cards. This is a dream matchup vs. the Cardinals too......... We will see what happens....
  8. desertfire

    Ware or Williams

    No question Damien Williams. Even if Ware plays, Williams will be significantly involved. Ware won't be 100%
  9. desertfire

    Soooo. Derrick Henry

    Started him yesterday!!!!!
  10. desertfire

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    8-4-1 (yes we have ties) 2 QB league Ryan, Goff, Winston, Jackson Gurley, Henry, Coleman, Mack, Edwards, Ingram, Kerryon Julio, Gordon, D. Moore Rudolf Badgley
  11. desertfire

    Lamar Jackson named starter

    I'm in the same situation.......Ryan or Jackson.....as of now I have Jackson.....I also have Julio so it's hard to pass up on Ryan....uuuuugggghhhh
  12. desertfire


    I had a bye week this week since I won my division. I more than likely would not have started him. Drafted him the 3rd round this year and I think I've started him 2 times all year. Crap now I'm going to be tempted to start this piece of crap next week........uuuuuuggghhhhh
  13. Thought this guy would at least have decent game. He's better coming in on spot plays instead of being the FT back. I'm convinced that it's Gordon that makes the Chargers look so good. They don't look the same without him. Unless Eckler can turn this crap game around, I'm looking at the #2 seed.......... I"m only down by 8.
  14. desertfire

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

    Wow!!!! unreal. His career is over.