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  1. How would I get my pron? Pop in a video like some sort of caveman? I think not!!!
  2. Kopy

    March Mock Draft Teams: Rate, Discuss

    I'm a fan of team 6.
  3. Kopy

    NFL Schedule - 2020

    How many people would feel comfortable going to a game this year. I'm talking the works. Tailgating in the morning. Going into a stadium with 50,000 other people. Then starting the grill and some more tailgating afterwords? I still want to do it, but the Mrs. doesn't seem to keen on it this year.
  4. Kopy

    Favorite Country Music?

    Newer country I really like: For a band - Midland Solo artist - Travis Denning
  5. Kopy

    Just paid 1.79 for gas :o

    $1.59 here in western MA.
  6. Kopy

    Favorite Album - Seattle Grunge era

    Huge Queensryche fan myself. When things sort of changed and grunge became popular. I liked that stuff too. I really liked candle box. I think it was their self titled album. I went through several of those.
  7. Don't know what the heck they are. But for the past 4/5 years I've listened to more Volbeat than anything else.
  8. Kopy

    Anyone been playing Video Games lately?

    Dusted off the old Atari 2600. Played a little Q*Bert. Good times!
  9. I can honestly say, as a lifelong wrasslin fan. It is actually unwatchable. That's just my own personal .02 though. I'm sure some people still like it. I think AEW has produced the best product during this very weird/difficult time. Most Indies and smaller fed's have been put on hiatus. Unfortunately for myself, the NWA has been put on hold (that's the only one I consistently watch). But those that do continue like WWE, and ROH. It's really bad. So in my time of wrestling detox. Thank you AEW.
  10. And she's preggo. Them puppies are gonna fill up and get bigger.
  11. Kopy

    Left or Right - Day 4

    1 night right. Date left.
  12. Kopy

    Left, Right, Center

    Wow, very dissapointing. I thought I had 6 boobies to look at and choose from. I'm going back to shots posts.