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  1. Kopy

    Is it racist to hate Canadians?

    Of course not. They're not even real people.
  2. Kopy

    George Brett or Wade Boggs

    It's Boggs. So F you guys with your peer pressure and bullying tactics.
  3. Kopy

    Rocky fans

    Watch Rocky 3, 4, and then Creed 1 and 2. You can skip part 5 and Balboa (6). Part 4, and Creed 2 go together very nicely. But you should still watch the first Creed in between. Pretty good movie, and you'll get to know the new players.
  4. Kopy

    Rocky fans

    This was from a discussion my wife and i had. What do you guys think is the better song in the movie franchise? Eye of the Tiger. From all of them maybe. (Can't remember if it was in the Creeds or not) Or Burning heart. From Rocky 4. I'm sure I'll be in the minority here. But I always thought Burning heart was the better song.
  5. Kopy


    At least you got head?
  6. Kopy


    I hate those f0cking things. Head count this year is 5 on the dog and 2 on me. He did lead 5 nothing though. So I'm gaining on him.
  7. Coming back for a season 7. Didn't see this coming. BUT GLAD IT IS!!!! Overall, a good season. The ending was very surprising. Left us with a cliff hanger, and a new question. Luckily most of all the old questions have been answered. Good, or bad. Just glad to get another round !
  8. Kopy

    Dynasty league value question

    We don't draft until late August. So I was hoping there might be a QB or two go down and then get a 2nd rounder for him. Or possibly a starting TE.
  9. How much value does Tom Brady have left? In a normal 12 teamer, ppr, start 1 Qb. What kind of player, or pick would you be able to get in a trade.
  10. Kopy

    I have caught 12 Pike this year

    Congratulations man. Between work and rain, I havn't even tried going out yet. You could be in for the fishing year of your life. Enjoy the ride whatever you catch. Even though you're a Bass guy, it's nice to hear you're not a fish snob. All my buddies are Trout guys, so I get made fun of alot. I enjoy whatever I do, but my favorite fish is a Pickerel. They consider it a junk fish. While they might be right if you wanted to eat it. They are easy to catch. Put up a good fight. And if you get one that's never been hooked before, or been in a fight so that they're not all marked up. To me they're just a beautiful fish. Damn, now I can't wait to get out there. Have fun for me to.
  11. I think I found "the one". That being said. If something we're to happen, I doubt I'd ever get married again. Even if I felt it was "the one" part 2.
  12. Didn't really think Doug was gonna go. It was the last year of his contract, so I thought he'd try to stick it out. Even if he started the year on the pup list. I hear he was waiting for this before making his formal announcement. Best wishes to both, and thanks for the memories. This will free up about an additional 16 million for Seattle starting next year. 10 for Kam, and 6 for Doug. As both were set to have their signing bonuses done after this season. I'd guess that's probably right around what resigning Bobby Wagner would look like. Really puts them in great position. They are a very young team. Only 2 big time FA's next year, Bobby Wagner and Jarran Reed. Should have around 80 million in cap room. And will have a lot of draft picks. I think we have a 1st, 2-2nds, 2-3rds, 2-4ths, and a 5th. So the future looks very bright.
  13. Kopy

    Frank Clark

    1. They need to extend Bobby Wagner. 2. They need to extend Jarran Reed. (The 17 mil, they save this year. Plus the 20 plus mil for future years, pays for both of those things to happen.) 3. Added to the fact that they wanted more picks this year. Plus it's a fantastic Dline draft. It was a complete no brainer. I wish him the best of luck. But geese this was about a month to late. Glad they finally pulled the trigger. Now the job is to extend Wagner and Reed. And draft a DE, DT, and WR. (Fingers crossed they hit on those picks). If they do though. Then it was a flawless offseason.
  14. Kopy

    The Hunger Games movies

    Team Jacob myself
  15. Kopy

    The Hunger Games movies

    Never seen them before. Dvr'd all 4 the other day. Are they actually worth the watch? I did see the divergent and maze movies and liked them, figured it had to be similar?