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  1. Kopy


    Dominos or Little Ceasars? Where do I get my cheap pizza fix?
  2. Easy. Just yell at every broad to take her top off.
  3. Kopy

    Focking Cats!

    High maintenance pus sy sux.
  4. But Michelle is waaaay hotter than Mekhi. Or some dude name Michael.
  5. Kopy

    Songs That Depress You!

    Lyrics are amazing in this one. The music is good too.
  6. Kopy

    Songs That Depress You!

    "If you get there before I do." I don't think I've EVER heard that song without tearing up.
  7. Jethro. 3 year old, 50 pound, lab mix, rescue from Arkansas. We've had him for 2 years.
  8. Kopy

    Oklahoma player gets his ass beat

    Awkward for the couple of guy's trying to take a leak.
  9. Kopy

    Tiger Woods in rollover crash

    The only reason I looked was because I was promised titties. It was worth my time.
  10. Kopy

    List of Shark Tooth Winners

    This list is longer than Mike's t-shirt list.
  11. That was kinda my thinking. I was thinking more along the lines of coins. But same scenario. If you got a couple dozen gold coins (at different weights, or carrots?) Because 10 years ago you listened to the hype. Buy as much as you can. Prepare yourself. What the heck do you do with it now?
  12. With bitcoin being the latest couple year craze now. The traditional save everything you can and bury it in your backyard. Stock market, bonds, 401k, ira's ect. Anyone do or know someone who does the gold thing? Just buys as much as they can? Is there even still a viable theory behind doing it?