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  1. Kopy

    I’m watching Fight Club

    To late. Thread title broke that rule.
  2. Kopy

    Unwinnable Arguments

    And f0ck Canadian bacon! If I wanted ham, I'd get ham. I want bacon!!!
  3. Kopy

    Anyone ever

    Go to take a piss, and sh1t at the same time.? Why is it the shart that gets all the glory? This happens too. I guess? . I mean, just asking for a friend .
  4. I only play dynasty, so those preferred. But I'm always interested in hearing what's going on everywhere / any type league. What's everyone doing out there?
  5. I looked real quickly and thought he said he caught his bookie banging a black midget?
  6. Kopy

    It's time

    I gotta think those blm's got pretty lucky. That dog looked pretty hungry. If they were doing that in some other areas. I'd like to think the dog is loose and takes out 4-5 of those f0ckers. Then Jethro gets out of the truck and takes out the other 3.
  7. Kopy

    Sign Vandalism Happening in my hood

    I did see a sign that said: The only thing worse than Covid - 19 Is: Biden -20
  8. Kopy

    Sign Vandalism Happening in my hood

    I got a blue lives manner bow on my front tree. And a Trump/Pence 2020 sign on the lawn next to it. No rocks through my Windows yet. I do live on a fairly conservative mountain though.
  9. Kopy

    My cable company cancelled my Redzone

    I , your . ummm Oh my
  10. Kopy

    In These Challenging Times....😢

    We've had people take days off from work calling it "a mental health day". Don't have to use a personal holiday. No sick or vacation time. No nothing. Just don't feel like working. It's a mental health day. Don't come in, it's o.k.
  11. Kopy

    What Are Your Super Bowl Picks?

    Seahawks over Colts
  12. Kopy

    Need a RB2 starter

    And when I open up my junk drawer. I'm looking at starting: Adrian Peterson - Det J.K. Robbins - Bal Peyton Barber - No name Brutal!!!
  13. Kopy

    Cool Bumble story

    I was expecting tuna fish
  14. Kopy

    Nancy Pelosi gets her hair done inside salon.

    Her response is gonna be great. I can't friggen wait to hear it.