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  1. Kopy

    Fall TV season question..

    I looked at an episode list. It has season 8 at 7. Really strange. Hopefully it's just Covid related. Seasons 1 through 6 had 22. And season 7 had 19. Whatever happens. James Spader. Red Reddington. N13. You the F'Ing man!!!!!!!
  2. Maybe Gase taught him everything he knows?
  3. Kopy

    The Matt Patricia Experiment

    Good point, and definitely agree that you don't want to head into a can't win situation. But if it's your first gig, you get a 5 year, good money deal. Already have at least a QB you think you'd be happy with. Or have a high pick, so you can draft your QB. I'd think you'd have to jump at the offer. If your ultimate goal is to be head coach.
  4. Kopy

    Another Buy Low

    Wow. Nice job.
  5. Kopy

    Another Buy Low

    I'm a dynasty guy, and had him as my #1 pick in the draft. So throw that type league out the window for this question. Just wondering how most people in a redraft, or keeper league acquired him? (I don't know). I would have assumed people thought of him as a #3RB, bye week, first off the bench type guy? If you invested more capital than that. I can't Imagine bailing on him low. And if he is your #3. I'd think you'd have to really make people over pay, unless you're desperate. I don't think he fits the buy low criteria.
  6. Atlanta, and Houston (2 or 3 years to late). Plus Jets ( They have to, right?) Should also include Detroit and Jacksonville. I'd say 5 openings this year? Next year's hot seats would be: Denver, Chargers, Vikings? Maybe Cincinnati? They look to me to be heading in the right direction as a team. But that coaching staff looks in over their heads. What say you guy's.
  7. Kopy

    Spermoff: "Hot chicks" you don't find hot

    Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman are 2 that I always thought they were weird to get a handle on for me. They look either hot as hell. Or a quick pass. Doesn't ever seem to be an in the middle for me.
  8. Kopy

    Spermoff: "Hot chicks" you don't find hot

    Never got the Angelina Jolie appeal. She's pretty, but not hottest chick on the planet they always made her out to be.
  9. Kopy

    Fall TV season question..

    Yellowstone and the Blacklist are the only 2 I really care about. As long as they don't screw those 2 up. I can live with everything else. The Blacklist just started last week. So far so good.
  10. That's a dude with what appears to be a great set of t1ts.
  11. I feel like there is some sort of paternity test, rest of the story coming.
  12. Kopy

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    Some states only tally undocumented votes between 4 and 5 a.m. Who the heck knows how all this stuff really works
  13. Kopy

    The election is over...BLM what?

    Better hope Biden makes it 4 years. Harris hates blacks
  14. So you honestly don't see the timing in the report. The election. And the stopping of the rioting? Even if it's just all a 1 in a million coincidence. It's still there.
  15. I think we should be good for about 3 and a half years.