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  1. Kopy

    Still the greatest fight ever.

    You read my mind
  2. I remember watching Bosom Buddies as a kid.
  3. Kopy

    FSU got hosed

    I was always thinking 7 teams. It's more NFL style thinking. But give the #1 ranked a bye as their reward for being #1. Then the next 6 get in. But yeah. 8 works too.
  4. Kopy

    WOW. What a show

    I've been wanting to see TSO for 2 decades now. Something always comes up for the couple shows they're in my area. No money, other plans, work, ect. Finally saw them last night with the Mrs. What a show. Played for about 3 hours. It was amazing. All the hype in my head. It definitely lived up to it. The wifey wants to go again next year (She didn't even know what/who it was). Ahhhh hell ya. We're going back. If you've never seen them. Go! Have a nice dinner, see the show. You'll have a blast. Definitely worth a nice night out.
  5. I'm kinda like Syd Barrett. The day before he died
  6. Kopy

    Dolly Parton's rock album

    F0ck yeah. Who the he'll would say no to that?
  7. Kopy

    Dolly Parton's rock album

    Pics from yesterday?
  8. Me neither. He just seems like a slimey used car salesman to me. A very punchable face also.
  9. Kopy

    Who uses flex fuel in their vehicle?

    I use the spray when it rains. Havnt needed a raincoat in years.
  10. Kopy

    Things I have leaned at FFToday

    What if we were doing it wrong the whole time? Maybe we should've tried rating ugly chicks. That way we could show Mike we're all inclusive?
  11. Kopy

    Raiders fire HC Josh McDaniels and GM

    AOC played well in preseason. And the players seem to like him. Might as well see what they have in the kid.
  12. Kopy

    Raiders fire HC Josh McDaniels and GM

    They're not still paying Gruden are they? Imagine paying 3 head coaches at once.
  13. Kopy

    Your Inner Dialog?

    When I'm at home. My Inner voice sings. " I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. " Work is another story. It's like a 12 round boxing match with Mike Tyson rattling around inside my knoggen.
  14. Washington says thanks for the o-line compliment