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  1. Scenario. You're pretty solid at QB, RB, & TE. You really need a WR or 2, as that's your weak position. You pick later in the draft (10 out of 12). Do you grab the best WR available. (There is a couple left you like). However, Trevor Lawrence has fallen and is still there. Do you say " f'it " and take Lawrence (starter is Aaron Rodgers, no backup). Or do you stick with your need and draft WR?
  2. Kopy

    The Best Burger in Every State

    I was in Niagra NY one time. Can't remember where I ate. But I had a cheese burger that also had bacon, pulled pork, and onion rings on it. It was excellent. Fries were decent, and the pickles were really good too.
  3. Kopy

    Olympic Camel Toes

  4. Kopy

    Olympic Camel Toes

    I see what you did there
  5. Kopy

    Olympic Camel Toes

    One hump or Two
  6. Kopy

    What brand tires do you run?

    General ATX. I just put them on so I'm not sure how much I'll like them yet. But I've run both the Grabber 1 and Grabber 2 in the past and loved both of them.
  7. Kopy

    Olympic Camel Toes

    I wanna see that Barbie girl I keep hearing about. The one with the shrimp.
  8. Kopy

    Grossest habit?

    I like to eat pu**y. I can't be that good for you?
  9. Now that they're paying people to take the vaccine. I've changed my mind completely on it. I'm writing down a number. (A cash, non taxable number)
  10. I really like Boomer Esiason during football season. But no, i don't listen to anything regularly. So maybe that's why I like him?
  11. Kopy

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    He should be good. All the cases against him have been female. I'm ashamed I thought that was funny.
  12. I dated a chick back in the day that used a crapload of hairspray. I'm sorry that I aided in the global warming process. She was hot and a great f0ck. So it was worth earths destruction.
  13. How many of them left can there be? I thought they all left the country 4 years ago. At least they said they were. Liars?
  14. Kopy

    Obesity is a much larger issue than Covid

    I went to Wal-Mart this morning