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  1. Kopy

    do you own a cowboy hat / stetson / etc.?

    Mostly wear it in the winter. Great for keeping rain and snow off my face.
  2. Kopy

    I thought Mahommes was supposed to be so good.

    Stud RB theory!!!!!!! All you need is a magazine, pencil, and a 12 pack.
  3. Kopy

    Davante Adams might have the flu....oh no!

    He should wear a mask.
  4. Kopy

    Brady's 600th TD ball

    I'll take an autograph football. An autograph Partiots helmet, home and road jersey. An autograph Buccs helmet, home and road jersey.
  5. Kopy

    Pick one

    I feel like this is one of those can't lose options. But Catherine Bach - Daisy Duke Or Linda Carter - Wonder Woman ???
  6. Kopy

    Brady 600 TD pass

    I was thinking a sleepover. You could be the Oreo filling in a Tom and Gazelle cookie.
  7. Kopy

    Hey Phiiybear…

    The walk of shame gave me wood
  8. Sounds about right for the step on my testicles in high heels type crowd.
  9. Kopy

    ESPN Hires Jon Gruden

    " The truth will come out "
  10. Kopy

    Bringing back the funny

  11. I did think the first guy was funny. Colbert though. Nope, never.
  12. Kopy

    Gabby Petito

    I'm thinking more like he's hiding with help from the parents. They kill a random bum with a similar build no one cares about if they go missing. Then drop their kids stuff near the body. Hey, look what we found. Parents are shady as f0ck!