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  1. Kopy

    Woke Coke goin Broke

    Pepsi it is.
  2. Kopy

    Never thought I’d agree with Bruce

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck. I'm not really sure what it is anymore
  3. Kopy

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Justin Fields, Bears

    I'd say either way. Dalton, Fields, both. It buys Nagy and his staff another year. This is a Milligan season, with a win in 2022 or else.
  4. Kopy

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Mac Jones, Patriots

    And, If Mac can throw opposite Cam. At least we know he'll hit a WR 10 yards out. DESTINY!
  5. Kopy

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Mac Jones, Patriots

    Mac is Cam spelled backwards. This whole scenario was DESTINY!
  6. Kopy

    NFL Draft 2021 - Round 1

    2 guys you omitted that I truly love are WR's Treylon Burks out in Arkansas and David Bell from Purdue. But that gives me only a top 5 with two RB's, two WR's and a TE. Not knowing Ross's play yet or Perkins status. That's why in my initial post I said 2022 was gonna be good of course. We'll get excited about some guy's. But it's the depth we've seen for several years now, that is gonna be the lacking part.
  7. Kopy

    NFL Draft 2021 - Round 1

    Now's here where I come from. And this is what makes it fun. 1,2, and 12. I agree. 3. Ross is a guy I really liked last year. But he's coming off a missed season, with not a season ending injury. But a career ender. So I gotta see how he looks this year to even reconsider him. 5 and 7. I'm not that impressed with those two. I'm of the opinion Fields made them, more than the other way around. Gonna watch them closely this season now that Fields is gone, but I'm not expecting to Change my mind on them. 10 and 11. I don't have an opinion on either yet. That doesn't put them in a good place with me yet. 4,6, and 9. Someone's gonna be the guy. And I agree, those are the top 3 (I'm leaning Howell). But Mac Jones was my fifth ranked QB this year. And I'd put him #1 over those three. 8 Pickens. Love the kid. But he tore his ACL last month and is out for the year. So not what do you do with him? My guess is he goes back for another year to rehab his draft stock.
  8. Kopy

    NFL Draft 2021 - Round 1

    This will be a fun topic to revisit later this year. As of now I'm just having a hard time coming up with a top 12 for a first round rookie draft next year. Last year, was a piece of cake. Even though I wasn't as high on this year's class as alot of other people. I still had no problem doing it. And it looks like I can already (potentially) do it for 2023. We'll see what happens when the games start. Maybe I can change my mind.
  9. Do Star Trek people get mad today?