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  1. Kopy


    I'm gonna go with the Rams again in the NFC. And just like last year, Chiefs & Bills will be the best game in the playoffs. Think the Bills will get the win this time around. And the Bills over the Rams.
  2. First quarter or period I do. After that, I'll move up.
  3. Kopy

    I hate the Spankees…..But

    I'm pulling for that Canseco guy
  4. Kopy

    I'm sorry women

    I'm ashamed I have a pen1s
  5. Kopy

    Lunch and clothes

    My wife's at work so her panties. And a couple of wieners (no buns)
  6. And some will always vote "blue" no matter what. Biden/Harris for example.
  7. Kopy

    Kids are ##### stupid

    Oh great. Another future democrat.
  8. Kopy

    Favorite Soup

    Beef Barley, with sh1t tons of shredded cheese and oyster crackers.
  9. Kopy

    sexiest woman ever

  10. Kopy

    I’m gone

    Oh crap. If that's Mike's hamster. We're screwed
  11. Kopy

    I’m gone

    My first thought too. Bye?
  12. Kopy

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    Considering all the chaos, I thought Wednesday was a good show. Onto the chaos. I hear Punks stripping of the title was due primarily because of his injury. He needs surgery, and it's a 6 to 8 month rehab. He seems to have worked things out with Kahn, but when he comes back. It's a better be on your best behavior, last warning. ( Kinda makes you wonder if he even does come back.) His buddy Ace Steele, is on indefinite suspension. Most likely will be bought of of his back stage/trainer contract. As he seems to be the instigator of the dressing room melee. The Bucks were the actual one's suspended, and stripped of the trio's titles. Depending on who you listen too. They either started it and Steele reacted, or Steele started it, and it was on from there. Either way, they are on VERY thin ice at the moment. If they were just talent, this would've been the final straw. BUT, they are more than that behind the scenes. So everything is up in the air at the moment with them. Omega looks to be a victim of circumstance. He's part of the trio, so obviously he was stripped of the title, and suspended also. BUT, from everything I gather from all 3 sides. Buck's, Punk's, and third party observations. Although he was with the Bucks. He was in the background. And when holy f0cking h3ll broke loose. Punk had his dog in his dressing room. (I guess he NEVER goes anywhere without him). Omega basically said F'this, grabbed the dog and waited outside with the dog while sh1t was going down inside. Until it could finally get broken up. A WILD AND CRAZY RIDE. I actually side with Punk. But, boy did he do this in the wrong way. Apparently, after Wednesday. They had a full crew/talent (except for the suspended) meeting back stage. Kahn, talent, everyone spoke. Jericho, Moxley, and Danielson all took charge. Basically saying, we got something good going here. At this stage of the game, it either succeeds, or goes down quick from here on out, and we're done. Listen to the 3 of us. We'll see what happens from here on out. * Also, Black has been granted his release. He had 4 year's left on his deal. But personal issues have led to a clean break. Kahn also said if he needs any treatment to let him know, and they will get him what he needs.
  13. Kopy

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    You think Cody is laughing his @ss off right now thinking. Yup, this is what I saw was gonna happen at some point? Omega, both buck brother's, Scrull, (although not relivent here). Page and Cobana are all bad news.
  14. Kopy

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    Looks like Black is gone, with the normal 90 day, no compete clause. Lots O Lots O suspensions came out from this. Punk is the only exception so far. My thoughts are, he did it in the wrong way. But everything he said was true. Plus he also has full creative control of everything he does with his character. Soooooooooo?