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  1. Kopy

    Where the Niner haters at?

    You guys look good. Good luck. See ya in week 10
  2. Kopy

    Gurley owners, should u be worried tonight?

    Second offer today. Rams backfield for Matt Brieda, Rashaad Penny and a first (definitely late, guaranteed playoff favorite)
  3. Kopy

    "True" game time decision

    Building on what Axe said. I believe the Inactives have to come out an hour and a half before kickoff. That would really be before the guys get out there and start stretching and warming up. Like Axe said. It's pretty vague on accuracy
  4. Kopy

    Handcuff vs RB2/3

    It depends on the size of the rosters and exactly which starter you're talking about. And as pointed out earlier also. Can the handcuff even produce? In this situation, I'd say it's the right call
  5. Kopy

    Gurley owners, should u be worried tonight?

    So far 1 offer. Chris Thompson, Adrian Pederson and a first (most likely towards the bottom)
  6. Kopy

    Gurley owners, should u be worried tonight?

    I have Gurley, Brown and Henderson on the block for a player and a 2020 First in a 12 team ppr dyno. So far no bites.
  7. Kopy

    Jay Ajayi...worth a grab and hold?

    I traded Gronk for him this past offseason in a 12 team dynasty. I suppose we're both swinging for the fences.
  8. I'm no Carrol basher. I'm glad we have him, and am thankful for everything he's done for us. But Sunday was definitely a horribly called game.
  9. Kopy

    Drake to Giants?

    I've been very surprised Jay Ajayi's interest has been so low this year. Last I heard he was medically cleared and looked in good shape.
  10. Kopy

    Dynasty League trade

    Who do you guys think won this deal (not involved, and it did go through). Just curious on opinions. 12 teams, 24 roster. Start 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1flex, 1d, 1k Team A gets Todd Gurley and Darrell Henderson Team B gets Mark Ingram, Justice Hill and a 2020 First. (Team A all but a lock to make the playoffs if not win the league. So I'd say the pick would be in the 9 through 12 range)
  11. Kopy

    Will Dissly

    He was taken because he was the best blocking TE in the draft. Once he came into camp. Wilson, Carroll, heck everyone for that matter couldn't believe how good his hands were/are. They thought they found a huge steal. It's to bad his rookie year got cut short. But very glad to see him pick up right where he left off. Love watching him play
  12. It's the Flea Flicker for me. You guys?
  13. Kopy

    ESPN is bringing back NFL Primetime

    +4 No red zone or Sunday ticket. Only rich people had a 2 foot long cell phone. The internet in it's infancy. This was the best part of Sunday football
  14. Kopy

    Thank You ALL FFToday folks

    There's alot of sites and forums out there. Just remember where your true home is.
  15. Kopy

    best handcuffs??

    I'm an Alex Barnes fan myself down in Tennessee.
  16. Kopy

    How much do you mock?

    20 years ago, this place was a little more hoppin. Plus there was some great trolling with football guys from the mange board. I also played in just redrafts back then. I think I did 1 or 2 mocks a day for the whole month of August. Fast forward 20 years. I'm older, and life's a b!tch. The site/boards are a little different than the good old days. And I can't remember the last time I played a redraft. I got 1 Dynasty and 1 auction/salary cap/contract league. So I have no need for mocks. Haven't done one in over a decade now at least. Basically, fantasy probably stayed the same. While I changed. It sure was fun as f0ck those days though. We used to mock over at antsports. I couldn't even tell you if it still exists.
  17. Kopy

    this site is dead

  18. I agree with this. Plus, although the vet's hate camp and preseason. It does seem like it suits them well. I'd be interested to see if an actual study has ever been made. But to me. Hold outs seem to not be the same player they were in the season's past. Less production, greater injury risk. And Gordon already misses games. Just seems was way to risky. All that is just the on field thoughts on both situations. Off the field. I also agree. Elliot, being a knucklehead with 2 years left, has no leverage whatsoever. Where as Gordon, at least maybe has a gripe. The other thing I thought of is. Doesn't the Charger franchise have a history of not really paying anyone? For some reason I seem to think so. So they'll remain steadfast on their position in my opinion. My .02 Z eke is there for week 1. And Gordon comes back (what is it for an accrued season?) week 6. Plays and gets hurt.
  19. Got mine next weekend. Wondering if anything is different now that preseason has started.
  20. Kopy

    RB2 by Committee

    I often went this route when I played in redrafts. Unfortunately, it seemed like I would always guess wrong on which guy to start.
  21. Kopy


    Chubb gives me a chubby. Love him, and have no fear of taking him as a RB1
  22. Agreed. We do 1,1,1 and 2 flex. Way more fun/in-depth if you're more than just a casual fan/player.
  23. Kopy

    More Upside RB..........

    I'm team Monty
  24. Kopy

    MAN o MAN o MAN

    Earl Thomas - Good luck to you. Best wishes to your family. I hope you have a happy back 9 of your career with the Ravens. But, don't ever step foot in Seattle again! Sherman, come back and visit. Kam, you'll always be one of us. You don't even have to ask to swing on by. Earl; My last word ever spoken about you is. SCREW YOU!