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  1. Kopy

    Candy corn

    Slightly less disgusting than peeps
  2. I like when people put up Biden/Harris signs. It lets me know who the crazy people are, and which houses I should stay away from. Trump / Pence 2020
  3. So who is the CEH backup to own?
  4. Kopy

    Carson injured - dirty play?

    I don't think very much of him. If I'm gonna lay some money on the line. I'm gonna gamble on Dallas.
  5. I haven't watched a skins game in years. Is Haskins really that bad? Any redeemable qualities that he still has a chance. Or are we at a point where it's stick a fork in him he's done?
  6. Kopy

    Tennessee-Buffalo Game May Not Happen Sunday

    Can't they put whatever they want on the NFL Network. It's their own channel?
  7. Kopy

    Pence 2024

    It's a Pence/Haley ticket I'm all in on.
  8. Kopy

    Eddie Van Halen dead?

    Why is everyone calling Van Hagar, Van Halen ?
  9. Kopy


    I'm gonna F the sh!t out of Pelosi and see those big ol, old titties floppin around. Marry Hillary, and K Harris.
  10. Kopy

    He Gone!

    He deserves a shot that's for sure. I hope whoever it is, gets time. It's gonna take 2 year's to even get out of this mess. See you in 2026.
  11. Kopy

    He Gone!

    Other than at QB. No stars. No draft picks. And projected to be 6 million over next year's salary cap. What the heck is a new GM gonna do with this? What a complete disaster BOB has left this organization in.
  12. I only play dynasty, so those preferred. But I'm always interested in hearing what's going on everywhere / any type league. What's everyone doing out there?
  13. Kopy

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    That 47 months to 47 year's line was great. It got the only real pop from me last night. Everything else I expected. 2 on 1 versus Trump. Biden not answering questions. And Trump aggressively butting in. I think Pence vs Harris next week is gonna be the only vote sway among the undecided.
  14. Kopy

    Favorite Jar Sauce - Spermoff

    Ahhhh. An Alfredo man
  15. Kopy

    I got 4 ballots in the mail today.

    Only if they're voting democrat
  16. We're still waiting for all those big mouths to leave from last time.
  17. Kopy

    I got 4 ballots in the mail today.

    Same here. I'll wait all day in line if I had to.
  18. Kopy

    Any in season trades going on?

    Where did Dobbins go in your draft? Did you have a shot at him. Just curious.
  19. Kopy

    I’m watching Fight Club

    To late. Thread title broke that rule.
  20. Kopy

    Unwinnable Arguments

    And f0ck Canadian bacon! If I wanted ham, I'd get ham. I want bacon!!!
  21. Kopy

    Anyone ever

    Go to take a piss, and sh1t at the same time.? Why is it the shart that gets all the glory? This happens too. I guess? . I mean, just asking for a friend .
  22. I looked real quickly and thought he said he caught his bookie banging a black midget?
  23. Kopy

    It's time

    I gotta think those blm's got pretty lucky. That dog looked pretty hungry. If they were doing that in some other areas. I'd like to think the dog is loose and takes out 4-5 of those f0ckers. Then Jethro gets out of the truck and takes out the other 3.