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  1. Kopy

    Hi Guru

    O.K. Then I'm back. While talented. Anderson had 3 season ending injuries in 4 years in college. And 1 season ending injury in 1 year in the pros. Are you sure Anderson is the play over Williams? (Just making sure, that you're sure, so that I'm sure, that you're sure, and I can be sure
  2. Kopy

    Hi Guru

    Guru, 1 more for you, then I promise to go away. For Joe Mixon owners. Who's the Bengal handcuff to own in a dynasty league?
  3. Kopy

    soooo this is how my day went

    Sooooo, Did you catch anything?
  4. Kopy

    Hi Guru

    Hey weepaws. You looking for an all Colts fantasy roster? LOL
  5. You mean like, when you're in prison
  6. Kopy

    Sports card market is on fire.

    Hey vuduchile. You think this is the beginning of a card resurgence? Or are people just killing time with nothing else open/going on. Something else I was wondering since you're the guy in the know. When the hobby crashed back in the day. We had several different companies making cards, and over saturation ran a muck. For now a days, i read the 4 major sports have only had 1 company each licensed to make the cards. But it seems that 1 company makes a whole lot of different sets. Or even if it's just 1 set, it can have 4 different borders, regular cardboard, chrome, ect. So the same card can have a whole sh1t ton of version's. Is it still as over saturated as it was when the hobby crashed? (Just with 1 company, instead of multiple brands). Or is it actually under control because there's only 1 brand. Thanks, for your answer. I just always wondered if things have gotten better as time has passed.
  7. Kopy

    DBs DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar in trouble

    If you don't want people thinking you're stupid. Don't go around hanging out with stupid people, doing stupid things. Always comes to mind.
  8. Kopy

    Top 50 Rookies

    I come from the dynasty league perspective side of things. So a little different thinking on my part. For your type of league, (I'm guessing redraft?) I think you're about right. He'll be someone's #2. You're right though. Could be a potential headache this year with Mack & Hines both there. From the dynasty side of things. If he doesn't flat out take the job this year, he'll flash enough for the Colts to see that in 2021. He'll be the bellcow, and the man going foward.
  9. Kopy

    Qb rushmore...top 4

    Brady and Montana are locks. The rest are subject. Unitas was the first, and maybe should always get a honorable mention. But I'd agree with Marino. And really agree with Moon. That guy is so crimanily underrated, he never gets mentioned. I fully support MDC!
  10. Kopy

    DBs DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar in trouble

    I knew a 5th rounder was was waaaaaaay to cheap.
  11. Kopy

    Top 50 Rookies

    I myself have historically held a prejudice against big 10 RB's. But even I wouldn't make the mistake of passing up Taylor. He's the real deal fellas.
  12. Kopy

    Favorite Song - Bob Seger

    Still the same for me. But Sunspot baby is a close runner up.
  13. Kopy

    Hi Guru

    Guru - Two questions for you. 1.) Is there anyone that you were very high on predraft, that fell deep in the draft? And are you still behind them, draft round be damned? 2.) Which RB would you take a flier on for future fantasy production. Who knows what kind of year this is gonna be, so let's say 2021 and beyond. Anthony McFarland - Pittsburgh Steelers or Eno Benjamin - Arizona Cardinals And thanks again for everything you do here. Your dynasty content is the best part of this site for me. (Well, this and the mange board hilarity of course.)
  14. Oh, I get it now. STILL though. Spelling right or not!
  15. Kopy

    Hi Guru

    I agree with elf. If it's a PPR redraft league, grab Thompson. If it's a dynasty, keeper league. The future isn't currently on the roster. I would pay attention to the supplemental draft this year. It's VERY POSSIBLE the future could be had in july. I think the supplemental draft might be very juicy this year given the world's current situation.
  16. Kopy

    Hi Guru

    My #4 WR. He's in my love them, no questions asked category.
  17. Take it, don't take it. Get sick, don't get sick. I'd be much happier if we sent in a bunch of Navy Seal teams to take out all of China's higher archy, and everyone else responsible for unleashing/covering up this monstrosity they've bestowed up in us.
  18. Karma's a b!tch f0ckface. That's what you get for flipping off the Seattle sideline.
  19. Kopy

    Hi Guru

    I'm not the guru, as I bow down to his greatness. But I'd like to chime in, because this really is my favorite time of year. I think i like this better than the games itself LOL. I didn't really see anything in Kelley that made me take notice. I saw him on some sleeper lists, so I took a second look, and still felt the same. I would much rather take the chance on Jackson, because I've seen him be productive already.
  20. I haven't seen any of it yet. But I am DVR'ing the series. I've heard nothing but excellent things about it. I figure once I have all the episodes, I'll just binge watch it some weekend.
  21. Kopy

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

    For teams with deeper rosters that are intrigued with the Cardinal backfield. Eno Benjamin is a name to watch. I know he slid in the draft, but he's extremely talented.
  22. Kopy

    NFL Schedule - 2020

    Gotta think it would be a big middle finger to a team's owner to have only 7 home games of revenue instead of the 8 they're supposed to have? Especially if 29 other teams get all (or any number teams that year). Get all of their home games at home.