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  1. Tomidius

    Would You Have Done This Trade?

    In a 1 qb league, absolutely... qbs have little trade value. If its a 2 qb league, I dont like it.
  2. Tomidius

    I think I built a Beast

    Who fell to the 3rd? Hill or Chubb?
  3. Id take 1 of the 4 backs with your 1st pick, if a 2nd one is available with pick 5 id take him obviously or Bell/DJ. Assuming you pick 11th in the 2nd there will still be really good WR there but the RB would have started to thin. The question is would you prefer pairing Dj/Bell with Evans/Hilton/Keenan or Nuk/Adams with DWill/AJones/Chubb You're in a fine position either way. I think its safer taking two rb top 5 as it could force people to take lower end RBs to scarcity leaving you with a better Wideout in the 2nd and 3rd.
  4. Tomidius

    Rb Decision

    Hill. Im running Murray and Hill in my big money league myself... and Melvin Gordon out =(
  5. Ingram and his toe vs AZ Parker with Moore and cold vs Jets? Need to know asap!!! Ugh
  6. Tomidius

    Pick 2 - Leave a link

    Martin and boyd both did it. and Bennett... Howd you do?!
  7. Who do I choose? Team 3 snuck into the playoffs and I dont think he is an option its between 1 and 2. I think I am leaning team 1.. but team 2 with brady vs denver seems nice.. and Bell can't put up 50 again can he? Big Money Auction League 1 ppr 1 flex Team 1 Rodgers Zeke Gurley Miller Fitz Edelman Garcon Fiedorowicz Novak Broncos Possible bench players Wallace/inman/ebron/inman/montgomery Team 2 Brady or Eli Bell LatMurray Benjamin Landry Mitchel Mike Thomas Rudolph Hopkins Seahawks Possible bench players: Fatrob/ Jordan Mathews/Sanu/Barnidge Team 3 Ryan or Stafford McCoy Jstew Dixon Julio Antonio ESanders LGreen Vinateri Packers or Bengals or Waiver Possible Bench players Tyrel Williams / James White / Lockett/ Gillislee / Prosise My Team Cousins Luck Demarco Gordon? Hill Ingram Evans Nelson Crabs Britt Boyd Parker Olsen Henry Seabass Bryant Buffalo
  8. Tomidius

    Keeper Roster Help

  9. Tomidius


    I don't hate it.
  10. Tomidius

    Who would you keep?

    Watkins and Anderson, or Watkins and Cooper. Not Gronk, Not Latavius
  11. Tomidius

    1 player keeper, who to keep?

    Jordy, and its not even close.
  12. Tomidius

    Pick 4

    Right so... it would be one of the top wr.. which most likely would be gone. So do I pair nuk with Ap? Gurley? Johnson? AJG? Dez? tons of choices.. ugh.
  13. Tomidius

    Pick 4

    Who do you take Pick 4, in a PPR, I have Nuk Hopkins as my keeper already... no other guy in the top 10-15 is a keeper so any of the big guys are available. Assuming AB, Julio, and OBJ go... do I take AJ or one of the RBs? If one of the top 3 wr's fall by one of the other guys taking someone else.. I would definitely take one of those. PPR.