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    Cutler Injury - the truth

    Obviously the injury was severe enough it kept him out of the game. Just becuse he did not grab his leg and roll around the field in pain...I mean are you serious dude??? Honestly I remember watching Chuck Wepner, get his ass beat by Joe Frazier, and asked what punch broke his jaw...he responded......one of those couple hundred that landed on it Probly most plyers milk injuries.....roll around on the field....limp....grimace in pain.....then get up and throw a td....and limp off the field....maybe get helped off.......what courage I must have missed the part wher he ran like Michael Vick I did see him run like jay Cutler...if that is what you mean. And for the record....I am not making excuses for his poor play.........I am sticking up for him being injured.....and anybody here that said he WAS NOT.....does not have a clue period. Do you know he was not injured? Hell no you don't.....please.........You are surely smarter than that.......he does not look hurt to me.....WTF
  2. gridiron whirlwinds

    Cutler Injury - the truth

    You said he did not grab his leg in pain........so you are saying he was not injured.....correct......
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    Cutler Injury - the truth

  4. gridiron whirlwinds

    Cutler Injury - the truth

    Ditto. Cutlers leradership skills can be questioned...but his Tuffness....people dont have a clue. For MJD to say what he did....when the Jags needed him the most, in the last two weeks of the season....where was he.......what a jerk to say what he did. I am not saying mojo was not hurt, I am sure he was....but that is calling the kettle black to question Cutlers injury when you just sat out yourself....Mojo, open mouth insert foot. To MDC....a coach should not have to drag a QB off the field, dude...seriously dude....the last time I checked, the coach is a coach....not a doctor.
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    Cutler Injury - the truth

    MDC.....The MD must mean you are a doctor
  6. gridiron whirlwinds

    How would this be recieved if...

    Then you really have no clue.
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    Cutler Injury - the truth

    I am not a Jay Cutler fan...but to call this guy not tough and to say he has no heart is absurd. If there is ONE thing that Cutler has, it is his tuffness and his heart......put some other QB's behind the offensive line and lets see how they hold up to 57 sacks. The kid is probly one of the tuffest QB's in the league. He plays with type one diabetes for christ sake. If you want to fault cutler , it should be on another subject.....maybe leadership skills and how he carries his self......his mannerisms if you will. There is not a person on this forum that knows how bad cutlers injury was effecting him at the time. I remember Chris Johnson sitting in a playoff game a couple years back with a mysterious ankle injury. I can understand the fans getting on Cutler...but the players...MJD......dude where was your flipping team at....you crumbled like a stale cookie at the end of the year. Cutler...i am not a big fan of yours....but you took your team to where alot of other jealous bastards could not take their team...to the final four.
  8. gridiron whirlwinds

    With the football season ending, are you finding more free time?

    Yes....lots more free time. I am back to pc gaming!!!!
  9. gridiron whirlwinds

    Tashard Choice

    If all 3 are active, I will stay away from Choice and go with Marshawn Lynch in my flex......If only 2 are active, then i will roll with Choice
  10. gridiron whirlwinds

    Owen Daniels

    He looks healthy again...I dropped Boss for him...rolling with him this week....
  11. gridiron whirlwinds

    Is Champ a shutdown CB?

  12. gridiron whirlwinds

    Tashard Choice

    To me, felix Jones is fools gold.....
  13. gridiron whirlwinds

    LeGarrette Blount

    I would definitely make him a keeper......my only concern is he is not a natural catcher of the ball and he is hot headed and may loose his temper at any time........but he has talent, no question about that. Ron Dayne never made the plays that blount has made this year, in his whole career.
  14. gridiron whirlwinds

    Is there anyone you would start over Vick?

    Put the crack pipe down on the end table.....now slowly back up and get as far away from that $hit as possible. Are you even serious?
  15. gridiron whirlwinds

    Week 16 Defenses

    NE @ Buffalo Pats are gonna roll the Bills
  16. gridiron whirlwinds

    LeGarrette Blount

    The only thing about Blount , is that he is not a good receiver out of the backfield....I have no worries at all about him being able to score from inside the five yard line. The kid is a beast that will only get better. He is the best Tampa has by a larger margin.
  17. gridiron whirlwinds

    Chances Deangelo returns to Carolina

    I own DWill also, and i also hope he lands in Packer land.
  18. gridiron whirlwinds

    V Jax

    I have not yet decided...but I am leaning towards Manningham, as he should be the number 1 receiver for the Giants, plus they play the Jags.
  19. gridiron whirlwinds

    V Jax

    I have clinched a playoff spot, and I will be rolling with 1. Vincent Jackson....100% Healthy and Fresh as can be...what not to like. 2. Sidney Rice 3. Mario Manningham Or James Jones
  20. gridiron whirlwinds

    Sidney Rice to make season debut this week

    I think it will be awhile before Sidney sees a majority of the snap......he may not be as good this year as he was last year...in terms of speed and his cuts and being in football shape. With that being said.....he did NOT lose his soft hands and 6'4" frame.
  21. gridiron whirlwinds

    Vincent Jackson's Value

    I have had him and Sidney Rice on my Roster from day one....stashing them, hoping to keep my head above water and my team around .500 until week ten. Right now I am 5-4 and things are going to plan......hoping to have Jackson & Rice as my receivers from week 11 until the end.
  22. gridiron whirlwinds

    Wonder what Cleveland fans think of Colt McCoy?

    I am a die hard Browns fan, from Coshocton, Ohio I am going up to watch the Jets game, this weekend. It will be my first game since the team has come back! There is no way that I was going to go watch that crap they called football, since they had come back. I still watched every single game on the NFL sunday ticket. I am very excited right now, as last weeks win, was the best FOOTBALL that this team has played since they came back. The positives that Colt has going for him is that he is in no way overwhelmed by being the starter and playing in front of alot of people. He started for FOUR years at Texas. He has fun and you can see that in his gameplay...He is VERY football smart. The kid is unbelievably accurate.....he completed 14 passes last week, and trust me...I have seen Derick Anderson have to throw 35 passes to complete 14....that is not the case with this kid. Colt has the knack to throw his receivers open,,,,,his accuracy on the run is every bit as good as Cutler's...but with out the great arm speed....The release is quick and compact, just WATCH it. What I see the most from the kid, is that he has what no other QB has had since we came back....and that is the "IT" Factor...he has "IT" I am not sure of his arm strength, when throwing in December at Cleveland and Baltimore, and Pittsburgh....those can be some windy and bad weather games.....that is yet to be seen. The kid reminds me so , so much of Brian Sipe, that it isn't funny. This is the first time I have been excited for Browns football in years......great times for Browns fans the last few weeks.....we deservr it and I hope the momentum continues to build. Go Browns.
  23. gridiron whirlwinds

    Dallas Clark

    I started Clark last night, in a TD only league I know that the Jags have been good against TE this year.....but I threw everything esle out the window except 2 things. Clark just scored 3tds 5 days ago, and his QB is Peyton Manning......was an easy decision for me. Now I have the luxury os starting both Ravens backs come sunday.
  24. gridiron whirlwinds

    It's a TD for the Saints D/ST

    In our league, it is pretty simple. A defensive TD only counts when the teams Defensive team is on the field. This just counted as a TD for Meacham