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  1. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson

    I have kept Watson all year. Love looks to be improving to me and the Packers have some nice matchups left. Hopefully Watson can put up a few more nice games.
  2. gridiron whirlwinds

    Thanksgiving: Jets at Dolphins - Wk12

    Mostert has been my best player....career year for sure.
  3. gridiron whirlwinds

    Which TE to pick up for ROS?

    The Saints offense was really bad in the redzone until they started utilizing Hill more. It's hard to deny that the team is better in the redzone with Hill on the field somewhere.
  4. gridiron whirlwinds

    Taysom Hill

    I am rolling with Taysom Hill over Christian Watson this week in TD only league
  5. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson

    I may have to use him this week in a 14 team TD only league. It's between Watson / Pitts / Jaysom Hill
  6. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson

    I am keeping Watson for now, but man this offense is so vanilla and not very good at all.
  7. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson

    I am holding Watson also.
  8. gridiron whirlwinds

    The KC WR Situation Just Got Murkier

    I believe this is always going to be a committee situation until they get or develop a true number 1 receiver
  9. gridiron whirlwinds

    MNF Discussion: Cowboys at Chargers

    Same here...small bet on Chargers
  10. gridiron whirlwinds

    Breece Hall

    This was so nice to see, the kid is real and he won me my game this week.
  11. gridiron whirlwinds

    London Discussion: Falcons @ Jaguars

    My gut feeling tells me that Ridder won't make it all year as the starter and next year the Falcons will have a new QB.
  12. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson - Hamstring Injury

    I am super excited for him to play. My eye balls tell me that Jordan Love throws an easily and very catchable ball
  13. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson - Hamstring Injury

    I picked up Doubs this week on the theory that weeks that Watson does not play I could roll with Doubs and feel okay about it
  14. gridiron whirlwinds

    The Bears have the worst coaching I've ever seen.

    The Bears are a bad team, they have lost 12 in a row. Justin Fields is not the QB they they think he is.
  15. gridiron whirlwinds

    Breece Hall ranked higher than Connor and White?

    I think he is definitely on a pitch count. They must be careful with him. Thing is, he only needs 10 touches to score some points.