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    SNF Discussion: Lions at Packers

    They Lions are definitely a team headed in the right direction
  2. gridiron whirlwinds

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    Our league is going to use the Bengals & Bills if they announce a reschedule by Saturday. If not we are using week 18 for our final results....only the Bills game matters for our league
  3. gridiron whirlwinds

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

  4. gridiron whirlwinds

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    TD ONLY League Dillon or Aiyuk
  5. gridiron whirlwinds

    Anyone rolling the dice on Jameson Williams this week?

    The coach said that he just wanted him to get a little time in game action, get his legs under him. Each week I would expect his role to increase, as long as he feels good. I am in a TD only league that I may soon take a chance on using him...just because it only takes one play in that league.
  6. gridiron whirlwinds

    Jimmy Garoppolo Out for the Season

    I feel bad for Jimmy. i like this dude, but he just can't stay healthy, you always need a back up plan.
  7. gridiron whirlwinds

    1st place in your league ???

    Great dynasty team roster
  8. gridiron whirlwinds

    Breece Hall vs Javonte Williams (Better Dynasty RB)

    Breece The Beast
  9. gridiron whirlwinds

    TNF Discussion: Falcons at Panthers - Wk8

    Mariota can't pass gas.
  10. gridiron whirlwinds

    Breece Hall vs Javonte Williams (Better Dynasty RB)

    Breece Hall for me.
  11. gridiron whirlwinds

    Calvin Ridley to the Jaguars

    I picked him up....I am in a dynasty league that allows you to keep 6 skill guys
  12. gridiron whirlwinds

    D'Ernest Johnson

    Probably. Stepanski can't even get Chubb enough carries...Hunt's talent is being wasted in Cleveland, they can't figure out how to use them both and there are two of the best players. The Browns are a running team that likes to pass....I watch the crap every week.
  13. gridiron whirlwinds

    D'Ernest Johnson

    He would be next man up
  14. gridiron whirlwinds

    ACL injury likely for Breece Hall

    I visit these forums often, but have not posted in years. I just had to sign in and say that I will miss this guy also....he was fun to watch. Glad to have him and Etienne on my being rebuilt Dynasty team.
  15. gridiron whirlwinds


    I am rolling with him over David Wilson in a TD only league
  16. gridiron whirlwinds

    Kenny Britt

    In a td only league....I may use Britt over Nicks
  17. gridiron whirlwinds

    If Bradshaw sits, who you starting Wilson over?

    If Bradshaw sits...it is Ray Rice & David Wilson for me If Bradshaw plays...then Ray Rice & Darren Mcfadden....feeling good about McFadden this week too!
  18. gridiron whirlwinds

    Darren McFadden

    I gave up my first round draft pick this year for him, in a keeper league. I am rolling with him.
  19. gridiron whirlwinds

    Benching Ray Rice for Moreno

    Put the crack pipe down
  20. gridiron whirlwinds

    Why can't T-Rich get Charles-like numbers ?

    I absolutely agree, I have watch every Browns game...the guy has talent and he is tuff dude, but he is not an explosive runner. He is more of a I will wear you down runner.....not many big gains at all. I am also generally worried about him and expected more.
  21. gridiron whirlwinds

    Yahoo Football Line-Ups Deadline ?

  22. gridiron whirlwinds

    Yahoo Football Line-Ups Deadline ?

    On Yahoo football leagues, do you have to have your whole line up set by 1:00 PM kick off. I have Nicks questionable at 4:00 pm....if he does not go, can I put in Finley for Packers at 8:00 pm.....or do I not have this option?
  23. gridiron whirlwinds

    Yahoo Football Line-Ups Deadline ?

    It is just that i have always avoided a questionable player......this week I would like to use him, as it is the playoffs now...... Any way.......can I or can't i......Geez
  24. gridiron whirlwinds

    Jimmy Graham

    Grahams problem was that Patrick Willis was stuck up his ass all night! Willis was outstanding in coverage.
  25. gridiron whirlwinds

    Next Year's Demaryius Thomas...

    QB Locker Kapernick RB Kendall Hunter David Wilson WR Kendall Wright TE Dwayne Allen