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  1. I really pay attention to it for weeks 14-16 It is nice to have a player going against someone like the Lions in those weeks.
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    My Fantasy Team

    Hey guys....I have been coming to this site for a number of years now and reading peoples opinions...I have decided to join finally, and glad to be onboard. I am in the same fantasy league "The Dirty Dozen" now for this the 19th year! We are called the "Dirty Dozen", however we have 14 teams. We play head to head for 13 weeks, once against each team, then the playoffs. It is a TD only league, it is also a keeper league. Your roster consist of 14 players...2 QB...4 RB.......4WR.....2Kickers....2 Defenses A starting line up consist of 1 QB 2RB 2WR 1 Kicker 1 Defense....if you wish you can use 1 RB and 3 WR On defense you get any tds that are by int. return....fumble return.....or blocked punt or blocked FG returned for td. You also get 1 point each for each sack....fumble recovered and int. The QB gets 3 points for every TD pass. At the end of every season we keep any 6 skill position players that you want and 1 Kicker and 1 Defense....making our draft for the most part 6 rounds with a big emphasis on rookies. You can keep less skill players than 6 if you wish. Here Is My Team heading into this years draft, where I will be drafting 8th out of 14. I am looking at drafting WR's with my first 2 picks for sure. Tell me what you think of my team....remember....this is a TD only league...yards, and catches get you nothing. QB...Kurt Warner QB...Jay Cutler RB...Deangelo Williams RB...Lendale White RB...Pierre Thomas RB...Ray Rice Kicker...Garrett Hartley Defense....Dallas Cowboys At this point I am keeping RB Ray Rice as my last keeper over these WR's....Chad Johnson.....Tony Gonzalez....Bernard Berrian....Eddie Royal I am mainly keeping him as I really like his upside, and quite frankly after 18 years of doing this, I realize that the RB position is where your TD's come for the most part. Please feel free to let me know what you think.
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    My Fantasy Team

    Well, when you have a 14 team league.....there wont be many guys left unprotected than will score you double digit td's......I mean you can count on one hand the wr's that do that to start with....so our draft is alot about the future of your team...trying to hit on that gem. Picking in the 8 hole , I am going to guess that I will get the 2nd WR off the board......I am thinking the best free agents will be.....Gonzo...Chad...Roddy White, possibly......then some veterans that score between 5- 7 td's Keeping 2 QB and 4RB leave me a great luxury of taking 2 wr in the first 22 picks in the draft....while most will be scrambling for a starting QB or a nice 2nd QB and RB's......my focus can be WR and another Defense
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    My Fantasy Team

    I have played in your standard scoring leagues on the internet, yahoo and the likes....but I much prefer the TD only scoring much better. For one thing you can sit down sunday after noon with the nfl sunday ticket and you know right where your team stands...you know the score of your game at all times right as it happens....we also like the fact that the scores of our games are more like the scores of a real nfl game...like 34-21.....rather than 125-89.....so you just target the TD makers on your team and dont worry about the possesion receivers to much...get the Playmakers. We have 14 guys in our league and it makes the scoring fast and easy and our league has brought it up for vote a few times to change the scoring....but it has never come close to passing...so i believe we will use it forever.
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    My Fantasy Team

    Thanks for all of the responses guys. I may have to consider keeping Gonzo or Chad over Ray Rice....I think I will let it play out in the pre season and see if McGahee is still there. The running backs go fast in our Draft, as Rice went within the top 6 picks last year....the reason being that rookie wr hardly do anything and the really good wr's are already on a roster....leaving a large amount of wr's that score between 5-8 td's per year available. I still believe very strongly that Ray Rice can be a 4 down back in this league and score his share of td's.....I mean he will play 4 games against the Browns and Bungles...I really Like his chances in those match ups. At the number 8 pick, I will get a decent WR, and maybe even a shot at Crabtree....that would be a pick for the future, but I would be willing to do that. Keep your comments coming.
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    Old Timers Post

    When our league started in 1990.....I did all of the scoring and weekly newsletters with a pen and paper! My starters on my first fantasy team was QB Randall Cunningham RB Thurman Thoms RB Neal Anderson WR Jerry Rice WR Sterling Sharpe K Mike Cofer D Browns
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    How dumb is Josh McDaniels?

    Well, so far from what I have seen from Josh Daniels....I would say he is very dumb....I mean when ever you have to trade a franchise QB! It is too hard to find a franchise QB...just ask the Detroit Lions, they are still trying to relace Bobby Lane
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    My Fantasy Team

    Yes, it is a tough decision for me between Rice and Chad....I think I probly like Ray Rice more than most, and especially for the future....I think he is too good of a runner not to mention his great receiving skills to keep on the bench. I am very weary abot Mcclain getting the Td's however...and this is a TD league. I just love Rice's skillset and I thought that he was the 2nd best RB in last years draft.....most won't agree. Thanks for your input, it is much appreciated.
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    Chad johnson

    Very well said....I could not agree more.
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    Chad johnson

    I have had Chad on my Fantasy team for about 6 years now , as we have a keeper league. Our league is a TD only league.....so throw out all the catches and yards.....he has only gotten double digit td's in one of those years I believe. I will not be keeping him this year, I will be keeping RB Ray Rice instead. I just don't see Chad scoring any more than 10 td's, and that would be a great year for him....I am going to guess 7-8, as that seems to be the norm.