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    NFL In Brazil

    What a stupid idea IMHO
  2. gridiron whirlwinds


    I have played dynasty since 1990!
  3. gridiron whirlwinds

    New Falcons QB: Kirk Cousins

    It is going to be nice to see the Falcons skill players finally make a difference in Fantasy Football
  4. gridiron whirlwinds

    New Steelers QB: Russell Wilson

    He will be...I am a browns fan....so Steelers will probably win the SB
  5. gridiron whirlwinds

    Trade: Broncos Send Jerry Jeudy to Cleveland

    Jeudy has not been good...Denver is weeding out the bad apples. I am a Cleveland fan and nothing about this excites me.
  6. gridiron whirlwinds

    2024 Free Agency Tracker

    Good move by the Bucs. Great receiver.
  7. gridiron whirlwinds

    Top 5 Fantasy Football TEs for 2024

    Laporte Kelce Kincaid Hockenson { If Cousins stays] Andrews Kittle (If Cousins leaves)
  8. gridiron whirlwinds

    Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs for 2024

    I am all over Harrison in a keeper league, even more so if he ends up with a decent QB
  9. gridiron whirlwinds

    2024 Free Agency Tracker

    Absolutely agree
  10. gridiron whirlwinds

    Wildcard Weekend: Dolphins at Chiefs

    I will take the under in this game for sure.
  11. gridiron whirlwinds

    We are the Champions!

    QB - Goff RB - Etienne RB - Z. White WR - A.J. Brown WR - Ridley K - Butker D - 49'ers Mostert carried me for most of the year, but was not available for Championship game
  12. gridiron whirlwinds

    Do ya feel lucky?? Rollin' with Ridley.

    I used him in my TD only league and his two garbage TD's have me in pretty good shape. I doubled down with Ridley & Etienne
  13. gridiron whirlwinds

    Best pick of your draft? Mine, MOSTERT 14TH ROUND!

    Mostert has been my best pick.
  14. gridiron whirlwinds

    Taysom too risky from here on out?

    Boom or bust
  15. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson

    Very frustrating, he had put together a nice couple of weeks and I was hoping to have him in the playoff weeks, but not seeing it happen now.
  16. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson

    I have kept Watson all year. Love looks to be improving to me and the Packers have some nice matchups left. Hopefully Watson can put up a few more nice games.
  17. gridiron whirlwinds

    Thanksgiving: Jets at Dolphins - Wk12

    Mostert has been my best player....career year for sure.
  18. gridiron whirlwinds

    Which TE to pick up for ROS?

    The Saints offense was really bad in the redzone until they started utilizing Hill more. It's hard to deny that the team is better in the redzone with Hill on the field somewhere.
  19. gridiron whirlwinds

    Taysom Hill

    I am rolling with Taysom Hill over Christian Watson this week in TD only league
  20. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson

    I may have to use him this week in a 14 team TD only league. It's between Watson / Pitts / Jaysom Hill
  21. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson

    I am keeping Watson for now, but man this offense is so vanilla and not very good at all.
  22. gridiron whirlwinds

    Christian Watson

    I am holding Watson also.
  23. gridiron whirlwinds

    The KC WR Situation Just Got Murkier

    I believe this is always going to be a committee situation until they get or develop a true number 1 receiver
  24. gridiron whirlwinds

    MNF Discussion: Cowboys at Chargers

    Same here...small bet on Chargers
  25. gridiron whirlwinds

    Breece Hall

    This was so nice to see, the kid is real and he won me my game this week.