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  1. CurleyQ

    New Packer

    Knile Davis
  2. CurleyQ

    New Packer

    Have not confirmed yet, but I caught a blurb on the radio that said the Packers traded for K Davis.
  3. CurleyQ

    Dammit... I need a good fiction book to read

    Although I guess it is based on a true story, a friend read The Revenant and said it was very good.
  4. CurleyQ

    Does anyone draft AFTER the first game?

    It is one game. it probably does not make a difference. Sure, if their is a big injury, it helps someone who would have drafted the affected player, but everyone has the same info. if it is unavoidable, what can you do?
  5. CurleyQ

    Chase Bank

    So my brother emails me today and said their debit card got used in California (he lives in the Midwest) for a withdrawal. Somehow he noticed this and called Chase and they told him the card and PIN were compromised. They identified it as his wife's card, but she still has it and has not used it for any on-line purchases. I told him it starting to sound like Chase's security may have been compromised, but they did not tell him that. Of course, there are lots of ways thieves get the info like that these days. Any of you guys have an issue like that with Chase as of late? Just trying to see if it is a bigger issue than just him and his wife.
  6. CurleyQ

    Cutler has torn MCL

    All the reports out of Chicago are that Cutler wanted to stay in, but the coaches pulled him. Cutler is getting a raw deal, because he just is not well-liked. He has terrible mechanics and he may not be a popular guy, but saying he quit is ridiculous.
  7. CurleyQ

    MJD is gutless!

    It is ridiculous that anyone is getting so upset that they are making death threats against something someone says, especially in sports. As a Bear's fan, I do not love Cutler. He has poor mechanics and it is reported he has a poor attitude. However, he helped the Bears win 11 games this year with a terrible offensive line, marginal WRs and a very average coach. MJD is a coward for calling out Cutler. The coaching staff took Cutler out....he did not ask to come out.....at least that is what the insiders are saying. Jacksonville was going for the playoffs and MJD did not play the last 2 games because he was hurt. Did anybody call him out and question his toughness? Why couldn't he suck it up? Probably because he was legitimately injured! Madness!
  8. CurleyQ

    Jack Tatum dead at 61...

    I remember Tatum as a miserable human being who never said he was sorry for the hit on Stingley, never went to see him, regardless of what he claims (per written reports back then)and in fact tried to capitalize on his nick name "assassin", afer the incident. He may have been a good player, but he was a head hunter and showed no remorse to a man that at least deserved THAT much.
  9. CurleyQ

    iphone 4, buy or not to buy?

    I have heard the ATT complaints, but I have had them for over 10 years and I think they have been fine. I never seem to have an issue. My wife once had Sprint and she complained constantly about them.
  10. CurleyQ

    Izzo to stay at Michigan State

    In Chicago, the talk was that if he took the Cleveland job, it meant Lebron was going back to the Cavs. Since we are hoping against hope that he comes to the Bulls, here in Chi-town, at least it means he may not have decided yet.
  11. CurleyQ

    Going To Nashville On Wednesday

    Before having kids (15 years ago), my wife and I went to Nashville from Chicago on one of those cheap Southwest Airline deals. We were looking for a place in early April to play golf, but we did not want to go real far and we only had 3-4 days. The weather in Chicago was terrible, but we had great weather in Nashville, good golf and a real good time. The downtown was being revitalized and there were some decent restaurants, bars and historical places to visit. The people could not have been nicer. You may have a better time than you think you will.
  12. CurleyQ

    Devin Aromashodu

    In a lot of Rookie/Free Agent drafts I looked at (some done only one round at a time though August), Aromashadu has been going anywhere between 1.5 (I think a little early) amd 1.12. Most of those leagues have him going between 1.10 and 1.12 (sometimes 1.13, because of a bonus first round pick awarded). A lot of those I am seeing will not have a 2nd round until June. I have to think he'll be gone by 2.05 in the remaining drafts. DA had a really nice 3 games at the end of 2009 and Cutler really likes him. It was his lobbying that got management to activate him from the practice squad last year. As far as the complaints that he has been with a couple other teams and cut, one of the teams was INDY and they just had no room with Wayne, Harrison and a host of others. Can't remember his other team, but maybe he needed a team that would give him a chance. He probably is not the 2nd coming of Raymond Berry, but he could be a real nice #3 (fantasy-wise) on a team that should throw a lot with Martz as coordinator, at least for one year.
  13. You seem to have a lot of youth at WR. I'd go with Spiller.
  14. Lynn Dickey.....at least I think so.
  15. CurleyQ

    Julius Peppers & Chester Taylor

    I watched every game last year and the defense was the worst part of the team last year. Yea the O-line needs help, but that Defense stops nobody.