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  1. Dan

    June Mock Winners

    That said, I'm with rob. If I can't win it this year, I want somebody who hasn't won It to Win It.
  2. Dan

    June Mock Winners

    Shovelhead hasn't won either. Personally, I'm interested in how often someone finishes in the top three or four, as well. Because their stats, and I'm a geek. I may see how many of the original emails I have that list that. I should at least be able to go back a ways.
  3. Dan

    Post your starting lineup.

    QB Jalen Hurts RB Rachaad White RB James Conner WR Garrett Wilson WR Puka Nucua WR Christian Kirk (I believe this could end up being different) TE Cole Kmet PK Harrison Butker DEF San Francisco Definitely have a couple matchup-dependent spots, but there we are.
  4. Thanks, once again, Kirk, for putting this together. Love your analysis. I definitely went high reward, especially with early picks. I probably like rachaad white slightly more than you, but I agree with the philosophy. The RBs need to not lose it for me. I think there are 4 starters there (at least 3), and given the less- than- stellar presentation of the position, that means something. But they aren't the stars here. Conner is probably my least favorite pick. Kirk . . . We'll see. I won't blame it on distraction, I think he has the early best chance to be the #1 in that hodge podge, and I still believe in Lawrence. I could be dead wrong, but I'm willing to swing for the fence.
  5. Dan

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    This starting lineup is as good as anything we're going to see. The QB duo is basically unfair. LOL.
  6. Dan

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    I'll echo remote. This team is fun, exciting. Yes, the youth could crumble, but it's positioned to really take off.
  7. Dan

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    4.01- QB Jalen Hurts, Phi. 13.12- QB Russell Wilson, Pit. 3.12- RB Rachaad White, TB 5.12- RB James Conner, Ari. 7.12- RB Austin Ekeler, Was. 8.01- RB Gus Edwards, LAC 1.12- WR Garrett Wilson, NYJ 2.01- WR Puka Nacua, LAR 6.01- WR Christian Kirk, Jax. 11.12- WR Adam Thielen, Car. 12.01- WR Romeo Doubs, GB  16.01- WR Chase Claypool, Buf. 9.12- TE Cole Kmet, Chi. 10.01- TE Pat Freiermuth, Pit. 15.12- K Harrison Butker, KC 14.01- D/ST, San Francisco 49ers QB - Solid. Hurts is Hurts, and Wilson is a solid #2. Could be dynamic, but the floor is pretty high with Hurts. If Wilson meshes, this is really nice. RB - Not gonna complain. Starting WR-WR made me a little nervous, given the attention on RBs early in this draft. But 4 starters makes this a deep group, if not spectacular. White is young and explosive, and likely determines how good this unit is. It shouldn't lose me ground. WR - I like this group, despite the remarkable amount of youth. Youth anchors it, Kirk should be a #1 or 1a in a rising offense, and Thielen has a capped ceiling, but provides consistency. No regrets on Claypool, who is a complete swing. Huge talent, and if he screws his head on right, this unit is ridiculous. TE - waited a long time, and so lacking that surer-fire #1. But both are solid, and Freiermuth has big upside with a better situation in Pittsburgh. K & DEF - if rankings are anything, this is as fine as any. Overall - I am content with this squad. I don't know that it has the zazz of some, but there is potential upside, and a pretty solid floor (barring injuries, of course).
  8. Dan

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Glad I could be a part! Caught me while I was starting dinner for the crowd
  9. Dan

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    That's cool. I'll take him.
  10. Dan

    **Round Sixteen Selections**

    16.01 - WR Chase Claypool, Buf
  11. Dan

    **Round Fifteen Selections**

    15.12 - K Harrison Butker, KC
  12. Dan

    **Round Fourteen Selections**

    14.01 - DEF San Francisco
  13. Dan

    **Round Thirteen Selections**

    13.12 - QB Russell Wilson, Pitt
  14. Dan

    **Round Ten Selections**

    10.01 TE Pat Freiermuth, Pitt
  15. Dan

    **Round Nine Selections**

    9.12 - TE Cole Kmet, CHI
  16. Dan

    **Round Seven-Ten Commentary**

    Yup. Fixed.
  17. Dan

    **Round Eight Selections**

    8.01 - RB Gus Edwards, LAC
  18. Dan

    **Round Seven Selections**

    7.12 - RB Austin Ekeler, Wash
  19. Dan

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    I feel like there are a couple of other WRs that could be argued in this tier that are still on the board.
  20. Dan

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    He's a solid pick, good upside. My disdain for Baltimore might have impacted my judgment . . . But there were a couple of others, too, making this a nice area to be picking this group of receivers.
  21. Dan

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    And Stevenson was the other one that I considered. Nice grab.
  22. Dan

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    5th - 7th round. Most put him a little below where you picked him, but he's ranked solidly #4. You weren't getting him at your next pick.
  23. Dan

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    Love the McBride pick. Nice value, and could be top TE this year.
  24. Dan

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    Jones was my pick if Fumble didn't take him. Instead, I take a lesser talent in a potentially better situation. 6.1 - I had several options, and part of my heart wanted to go a different direction. But I still believe in what Jacksonville is building, and it feels irresponsible to leave their #1 WR hanging for too long.
  25. Dan

    **Round Six Selections**

    6.01 - WR Christian Kirk, Jax