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  1. No, the weekend is come-as-may.
  2. Dan

    **Round Ten Selections**

    10.03 - QB Kirk Cousins, MIN
  3. Dan

    Friday the 14th

    In fairness, he never defined "a bit."
  4. Dan

    Friday the 14th

    Been really quiet. No worries.
  5. Dan

    Friday the 14th

    Sorry, man. I forgot you were at Purdue today, and I was driving all day. I meant to text you, that was my plan when I saw this earlier in the week, since I pick right in front of you
  6. Dan

    **Round Nine Selections**

    9.10 - QB Ben Roethlisberger, PIT
  7. Dan

    ** Round Four-Eight Commentary **

    Don't want to hear about your bye week problems. You took my running back, and admittedly took him early.
  8. Dan

    ** Round Four-Eight Commentary **

    Glad she's okay. You're fine.
  9. Dan

    **Round Eight Selections**

    8.03 - WR Sterling Shepard, NYG
  10. Dan

    **Round Seven Selections**

    7.10 - TE Jared Cook, NO
  11. Dan

    ** Round Four-Eight Commentary **

    Fumbleweed, I'd appreciate it if you stop reading my draft notes. Thanks bunches. Dan
  12. Dan

    **Round Six Selections**

    6.03 - RB Rashaad Penny, SEA
  13. Dan

    ** Round Four-Eight Commentary **

    Okay, so Fumble's comment makes this easier to condense. Simply put, no. You wouldn't have gotten Kupp next round. When I left the 4th round, I figured Kupp would be gone, but watching the him come do close to me broke my heart. He absolutely would have been my pick at 5.10. Godwin was a consolation. Gosh, Mike, that was a heckuva turn. DeShaun Watson was my covet for 6.3. So, another adjustment, but well done.
  14. Dan

    **Round Five Selections**

    5.10 - WR Chris Godwin, TBB
  15. Dan

    **Round Four Selections**

    4.03 - WR Stefon Diggs, MIN