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  1. Captain Lou

    The Browns will beat the Ravens tonight.....

    Looks to me Like a 30 - 13 Raven win here..................
  2. Captain Lou


    Is it me , or is this game always in Indy. I would much rather see them alternate this rivalry game so that one team does not always get a home field advantage. How about seeing this game in New England at some point in the next few years, say around December 15th or so in real football elements. That would be fun to watch........
  3. Captain Lou


    A very entertaining game. Pats 31 Colts 24
  4. Captain Lou

    Announcing the 2009 IBL Team

    Great looking group IMO. Best of luck to the Vets and newbies.
  5. Captain Lou

    IBL Application and Check-In

    Great to see the Vets maintaing this league. I wish you all the very best this season. Get that title back.
  6. Captain Lou

    I Apologize To FFToday & My Teammates For The IBL Performance

    I forgive you Clash Hope all is well,,,,,,,,,
  7. Captain Lou

    Serious question for Patriot fans

    Clueless, over that last handful of seasons the Pats went on a 23-0 regular season winning streak, and todays loss snapped their most recent 21-0 regualr season winning streak against all comers in this league. Including the mighty Packers might I add. To imply that New England has had a lucky, or mediocre team over this span in NFL history is insane. To argue the point with many of you on this board is simply a waste of time. I simply read all of this crap and shake my head. The Pats will be fine for another 4-5 seasons which is more than what can be expected from two thirds of the entire league.
  8. Captain Lou

    *** Congratulations to the 5 New Members of the 2008

    Have a great season guys, and best of luck in the IBL....
  9. Captain Lou

    IBL 2008?

    I have decided to retire and open my slot for new blood.Best of luck to the 2008 team,I really enjoyed representing this board for many years.
  10. Captain Lou

    Unconfirmed: Pats resign Moss

    It is now being confirmed that the deal is done and agreed to by Moss and the Pats. It appears that he is taking the the hometown discount and will sign his 3 year 27 million dollar offer. What is unknown is the guaranteed dollar amount. Great deal for the Pats. Bad deal for the 31 other teams.
  11. Captain Lou

    Let's get it started....

    Thanks for the info Shovel. I thought he was the same guy. And if I am not mistaken, the organization fired him in December prior to the pats-Rams Super Bowl. If this is also the case, he would have no reason to video a walk through which is basically a useless practice session IMO. With regard to video taping in general, most NFL teams have done it from the private suites, stands etc. , and Bill should have cooled this practice from the sideline after the letter had gone out to quit or be fined. Although the Pats were not the only team in the NFL to use sideline video taping, they were the ones who took it one game to far. Also, with regard to the post above from the Steeler fan who feels that the Pats knew all of their plays in the AFC Championship game, I would just point out that the Patriots had run off 22 regular season wins in a row prior to that Halloween evening, and about 8 starters did not play that day. I think all running backs were injured except a full back. That particular team had a ton of injuries but came back strong at the end of the season. The Steelers were a pound the ball team so it really was not toO difficult to defense them in the re-match. Just my observation. The Pats were a bEtter team that season IMO.
  12. Captain Lou

    Let's get it started....

    If I am not mistaken, wasn't Matt Walsh a team scout who was fired by the Pats in December of 2001 prior to the Pats - Rams Super Bowl? If this is in fact the same guy, he never had anything to do with video while with the organization. Anyone know if this is the case? Just curious................
  13. Captain Lou

    Week 15 DEF

    Have New England and Indy, the Pats at home against the Jets is just way to inviting. New England with a pick 6 or two looks about right.............
  14. Captain Lou

    Whitlock: Moss MVP

    I would agree with this hands down. The quarterback position is far more difficult to play as well as the decision making when reading the defense on every play. Brady has always said that his favorite receiver is the one that is open. I think he and Moss are just toying with their opponents at times and realize that they can have the big play just about anytime they want it. You still have to lay the ball in there with the defense in your face. Nobody is doing that better than Brady. Just a quick note, a couple of years back he led the league in pasiing and TD's with far less receiver talent, and has already won 3 Super Bowls without Moss or any receiver even close to his talent. Brady was a made man before this season, he just has a new toy similar to what Manning has enjoyed since he came into the league. You also have to give a lot of credit to Belechick foir building the offensive line around him. No quarterback could ever post stats like this while looking at the sky every Sunday. In just a few weeks, most passing records for a season will fall so why not just sit back and watch history unfold.
  15. Captain Lou

    Tom Brady on running up the score

    Now that was worth reading. As history is being made , many turn away shouting insults while bringing up their teams glory days in leather helmets. Then calling for an intentional injury to a premier player just goes way over the top. Guys, we will never see a team do this again in our lifetime. I of course will hope for the perfect 19-0 season while leaving every opponent beaten silly during the process. I have watched this team since the sixties, but this decade will be one for the ages for Patriot fans everywhere. This team is built for a few more Super Bowls, and I would even go out on a limb and say that Brady retires with at least seven Super Bowl rings when the dust settles. So if you hate em now, better find another past time for the next 5 or so years. Happy Thanksging to all of you, and enjoy the games.