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  1. Vikings4ever

    TNF Discussion: Dolphins at Bengals - Wk4

    Now THAT'S a concussion
  2. Vikings4ever

    What happened to the Nord Stream Pipelines?

    They could just turn stop the flow. Then they put pressure on Europe, and have the option to make a deal with the politicians to turn it back on in exchange for lifting sanctions. I've got no love for Putin and Russia, and wouldn't put a false flag attack past them, but this seems like something that puts way more hurt on Russia than any possible benefit.
  3. Vikings4ever

    TNF Discussion: Steelers at Browns - Wk3

    Oh, man, some people are going to end up losing on that defensive TD.
  4. Vikings4ever

    FU Week 2

    Mike Evans just got himself ejected.
  5. Vikings4ever

    Oh wow. D'addario!!

  6. Vikings4ever

    MNF Discussion: Denver at Seattle

    How do you not call time out there?
  7. Vikings4ever

    Attractive minor persons

  8. Vikings4ever

    If you didnt get enough...

    Usually good for a laugh. The questions are one step up from the Kids Tournament, and the contestants still get a crapload wrong.
  9. Vikings4ever

    2022 - July Mock Draft Website

    Just FYI, but it looks like the defensive scoring wasn't set up.
  10. Vikings4ever

    sexiest woman ever

    Barely legal Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Carrie Underwood, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Rihanna... Personally, Gwen Stefani and Jewel... As for sexiest ever, give me prime Alyssa Milano.
  11. Unbanned. https://www.yahoo.com/news/byu-reverses-ban-fan-investigation-161107475.html
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  14. Vikings4ever

    Ww2 - Japan

    The US cut off oil to Japan the year before Pearl Harbor. Japan wanted to take out the Pacific Fleet so they could grab more resource (especially oil) rich areas in the Pacific.
  15. Vikings4ever

    $3 movie day

    Nothing out that's worth paying 3 bucks to see anyway.