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  1. Does the Star Trek franchise count?
  2. Vikings4ever

    G20 Leaders Meet by Teleconference

    And more greenhouse gases than the average person will emit in their lifetime.
  3. Vikings4ever

    Panthers sign WR Robby Anderson

    Yeah, my mind went straight there. Anderson's best at stretching the field. Teddy's not exactly the strong arm type. Gotta view this as a hit to his fantasy value.
  4. Vikings4ever

    UPDATED: Gurley waived by Rams, signed by Falcons

    On one hand, you kind of have to feel for RBs. They take a tremendous pounding, and don't get paid like the the QBs and WRs do. But the reality of the NFL today is that it's just not worth paying them big money. Between injuries and production dropoff, most of them aren't going to reach the end of their second contract. But if you've got a superstar RB, you'll get a fan revolt if you don't pay them. Especially if you invested a first round pick on them.
  5. Vikings4ever

    Bills acquire Stefon Diggs from Vikings

    He's a great talent, but Jesus Christ I am so focking sick of diva WRs.
  6. Vikings4ever

    NBA to suspend season until further notice

    Rudy for defensive player of the year. Shut down the entire NBA.
  7. Vikings4ever

    Happy Semi-Annual Time Warp$#@!

    Ditto. 5 PM sunsets suck ass.
  8. Vikings4ever

    More youth baseball drama

    Sounds like the kid needs to get cleated in the face.
  9. Statistically, the chance at 100 million is easily the best bet. But if it ever were to happen, you only get 1 chance. It takes a lot of balls to turn down 100K for a 50/50 shot.
  10. Vikings4ever

    Doug's Dynasty Rankings

    FYI, Breshad Perriman is in the RB section, not the WR section.
  11. I'm thinking Beckham or one of the other highly paid dumbasses have been rabble rousing that the top players should be paid 35+ million a year like NBA or MLB players. Ignoring that there are way more NFL players and they play way fewer games.
  12. 50 bucks says Michael Thomas doesn't realize Romo is paid by CBS, not by the NFL.