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  1. Vikings4ever

    This is our future

    "Defund the police! ... Help! Police! He has a different opinion than I do!"
  2. Is "Free Hong Kong" cool, or does the NBA still give China a pass?
  3. One of the (half joking) arguments about taking down Confederate monuments is that losers shouldn't get statues. So it seems anything honoring the natives is fair game.
  4. Vikings4ever

    Black National Anthem?

    So are players going to kneel during this one too, or will they stand and prove their protest was about the national anthem? How are they going to react if people kneel during this one?
  5. Vikings4ever

    Chase Daniel's Paycheck

    Also, Winston and Newton signed one year contracts, gambling that they'll get a chance to show enough this year to cash in next year.
  6. Vikings4ever

    Dalvin Cook threatening a holdout

    As I understand it, if he doesn't show up to camp due to a holdout, he doesn't get paid for any games he misses, and doesn't get an accrued season, so he would be a restricted free agent next year. The first round tender is in the neighborhood of 4.5 million, and the team has the right to match an offer. There's nothing set up for a player not playing due to Covid. That would have to be negotiated between the league and the union. Whether he gets paid or not (I have to imagine not) and how it affects contract status is all up in the air.
  7. Vikings4ever

    🎶 SONGS ( you hate )

    It's basically Family Guy's "What Douchebags did to the guitar"
  8. Vikings4ever

    Dalvin Cook threatening a holdout

    No, you can't. But you also can't blame teams for being hesitant to pay big bucks for a RB given the realities of the modern NFL. I heard the perfect analogy. NFL RBs are like leasing a pickup truck. You work the hell out of it for the duration of the contract, then you move on to a new one.
  9. Vikings4ever

    What's Your Favorite Dessert?

    Cherry cheesecake or fudge
  10. Maybe LT2 over Edge.
  11. Vikings4ever

    Predict the "canceled" game...

  12. Imagine hating yourself so much you feel guilty about calling the cops on 2 armed muggers.
  13. Vikings4ever

    Is money the next thing cancelled?

    Trading black folks for goods and services is RACIST!
  14. 50 bucks says he doesn't know that America's first overseas war was against African pirate states that were enslaving our merchants.
  15. Vikings4ever

    Is it at all possible.... Bubba Smollet