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  1. Vikings4ever

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    I gave up on the show at the end of season 2 when they went full TDS and made an alien invasion force into a Trump allegory with a complete lack of subtlety ("They're saying they will make Earth great again" ... "But we will continue to resist"). And apparently not seeing the irony in that at all.
  2. Vikings4ever

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    As I recall, she's an older character (60s? 70s?) that nobody gave a shiite about. DC hopped on the diversity train early and rebooted her as a lesbian maybe 15 years ago. But, still, nobody gives a shiite about her.
  3. I despise lootboxes, and make it a policy never to buy microtransactions. But it's really no different than packs of trading cards. Maybe you get something good, maybe you get crap.
  4. Vikings4ever

    Dynasty Rankings Updated

    Kinda surprised Antonio Callaway fell out of the top 80. Obviously Beckham and Landry limit his upside, but he's young, talented, and on a rising team. He's an injury (or another Beckham Jr meltdown) away from being in a position to put up good numbers.
  5. Vikings4ever

    Instagram says US Wounded veterans not welcome on Instagram

    While there's always the possibility of a liberal nutjob moderator (looking at you FBG), the company would have to be completely insane to officially take that position.
  6. Vikings4ever

    2019 NFL Draft - Round 1

    Supposedly the Dolphins are close to trading for Allen with their second pick.
  7. Vikings4ever

    2019 NFL Draft - Round 1

    Vikings take badly needed O-line help.
  8. Vikings4ever

    2019 NFL Draft - Round 1

    I would guess teams are going to wait to see how the rest of the first round goes, then maybe someone toward the top of the second offers that pick for him.
  9. I believe we should give every teacher a cattle prod.
  10. I would guess the official prices were the same, but they wanted to appeal to the Woke crowd, who are easily guilted into paying extra.
  11. Vikings4ever

    Grade Your Teams Draft - 2016

    Ugh 1.23 Laquon Treadwell: F. Bust bust bust bust bust. 2.23 Mackensie Alexander: B+. Solid nickleback, done fairly well when forced into a starting role. 4.23 Willie Beavers: F. Bust. 5.23 Kentrell Brothers: B-. Solid special teamer. 6.05 Moritz Boehringer: F. Feel good, pick, never did anything. 6.13 David Morgan: B+. Gets a fair amount of snaps as a blocking TE. 7.06 Stephen Weatherly: A-. Rotational pass rusher, got the starts when Everson Griffen went off the deep end. 7.23 Jayron Kearse: B. Another solid special teamer, gets some snaps on defenses Total: D+ You want more than a nickleback and backups/special teamers out of a draft. Some solid contributors late save the draft from being an F, but a pretty bad draft.
  12. Vikings4ever

    Did Your Direct Ancestors Help Kill Off the Indians?

    Maybe. On my mom's side, mid-late 1800s Minnesota farmers.
  13. Do they not have citizen's arrest in New Mexico?
  14. Vikings4ever

    Interesting baseball stat.

    That... seems wrong. Maybe MLB players, but PRO players? Minor leaguers who never made it to the big leagues, players in foreign leagues... I just can't see it.