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  1. Vikings4ever

    BLM Co-Founder Buys 1.4 Million Dollar Home...

    And y'all running toward the evil, oppressive white people.
  2. Vikings4ever

    When demand > supply

  3. Remember when New York wouldn't offer a tax break for the health care workers they begged to come up to help them because the state couldn't afford it?
  4. Vikings4ever

    ***Official Chauvin Trial Thread***

    It gets even better. If Chauvin gets off, there's going to be rioting. Afterward, they will almost have to drop the charges against the other 3 cops. Which means even more rioting.
  5. Vikings4ever

    Last Man Standing

    I liked the first season, but I lost interest when the retooled for season 2, replaced the hot oldest daughter with the fatty, and started injecting politics.
  6. Vikings4ever

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    So apparently the lawyer was adamant he was going to present evidence to the cops... then changed his mind.
  7. Vikings4ever

    ***Official Chauvin Trial Thread***

    I'm no lawyer, but it seems pretty damn telling that the prosecution is so focused on presenting how the witnesses felt, rather than the tangible evidence.
  8. Vikings4ever

    Teen girls carjack Uber driver, murder him with his car

    No fan of her, but I think that's a whole lot of nothing. Tips for other people on how to prevent themselves from becoming a victim in the future is NOT the same as victim blaming.
  9. Vikings4ever

    Teen girls carjack Uber driver, murder him with his car

    Those poor girls just wanted to sell the car so they could buy some bread, right AOC?
  10. Funny how quickly "gay marriage won't effect you" transformed into lawsuits for not wanting to have a part in gay marriages.
  11. Vikings4ever

    49ers trade up for 3rd pick in draft

    Surprised to see that before draft day. There's always a (admittedly, very small) chance something happens to one of the QBs between now and then that knocks them out of consideration.
  12. Vikings4ever

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

  13. Vikings4ever

    JuJu stays in Pittsburgh

    For being so adamant that he wasn't coming back to the Steelers, he sure did sign quickly. Guess he overestimated his worth.
  14. Vikings4ever

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

  15. Vikings4ever

    Spin off: Fave 80s arcade games