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  3. Vikings4ever

    Ezekiel Elliott planning to holdout???

    Gotta make the big bucks before he does something stupid again and gets suspended.
  4. The smart thing for Democrats to do would be to ignore it entirely. Pharmaceutical companies will do the dirty work and challenge (and almost certainly win) in court. Democrats can't be seen praising Trump, nor can they side with big business.
  5. Vikings4ever


  6. Vikings4ever

    *2019 No-Hassle June Mock Analysis*

    As always, thanks for running the draft and doing analysis. I'm reasonably happy with my team. I'm not thrilled with my 2/3/4 turn, but taking Gurley or Fournette along with Golladay isn't really better, IMHO. RBs are also weaker than I like, but I couldn't pass up Hill in the 6th or Ebron in the 7th. Maybe I should have taken Jaylen Samuels instead of D-Jax, but with 3 starting WR spots, I felt I needed to plan/protect for Hill's suspension. Murray's close to the bottom of my Acceptable QB2 List, but he's on it, and sacrifices have to be made when drafting with a group of FFers like this draft contains. It wasn't my goal, but I did get a surprising amount of explosive players in this draft. Which should be beneficial in our No Hassle format, but I can honestly say I would have made the same picks in a regular league as well.
  7. Vikings4ever

    Your truth

    You can call a person's opinion bullsh*t. You're not allowed to challenge their "truth".
  8. Vikings4ever

    **Draft Commentary- Second Half of Draft**

    And speaking of gambles...
  9. Vikings4ever

    **Draft Commentary- Second Half of Draft**

    I really wanted to add a fifth back (I'd like to see the mock expand by another couple rounds next year), but I'm going for the home run. Fast guy, put up 500 yards in 7 games as a rookie, with big armed Josh Allen at QB? Let's take a gamble.
  10. Vikings4ever

    **Round Sixteen Selections**

    16.09 - WR Robert Foster, BUF
  11. Vikings4ever

    Useless Sports Trivia

    Baseball manager, first name off the top of my head is Sparky Anderson
  12. Vikings4ever

    **Draft Commentary- Second Half of Draft**

    RLLD just needs his kicker and D, so it shouldn't be a big deal to pick for him.
  13. Vikings4ever

    Controlled Destruction

    QBs: Russell Wilson, Sea (9), Kyler Murray, ARI (13) RBs: Alvin Kamara, NO (1), Kenyan Drake, Mia. (4), Darrell Henderson, LAR (8), Peyton Barber, TB (10) WRs: Antonio Brown, Oak. (2), T.Y. Hilton, Ind. (3), Mike Williams, LAC (5), Tyreek Hill, KC (6), DeSean Jackson, Phi. (11), Robert Foster (16) TEs: Eric Ebron, Ind. (7), Trey Burton, Chi. (12) K: Harrison Butker, KC (14) D/ST: Baltimore Ravens (15)
  14. Vikings4ever

    **Round Fifteen Selections**

    15.04 - D/ST Baltimore Ravens