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  1. Vikings4ever

    That feeling

    Gets worse when you realize you were up by 80 going into Sunday night. BTW: I'm getting a message that the league's free trial is expiring and it needs to be paid for?
  2. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/05/31/man-dragged-by-fedex-truck-dies-during-night-of-george-floyd-protests-in-st-louis/
  3. Vikings4ever

    Secret Of BLM Success

    Not Focking Around Committee There was also a (Louisville?) protest where one of them dropped their gun and shot a couple of their own.
  4. Quite possibly. She's not ugly, but how she got to be a supermodel is beyond me.
  5. Vikings4ever

    Secret Of BLM Success

    Certainly doesn't hurt that they have the (national especially) media doing everything possible to cover for them. Hiding violence, racism, and hate. Insisting that the "protests" are MOSTLY peaceful. Telling everyone that the group's actions and attitudes are righteous. One of the big things I noticed was what they report as fact, and what they report as "X claims...", especially with the shooting down in Atlanta. They would report as fact that he was shot in the back, but even a week after the video of the shooting was released, continue to report as "police SAY he turned and shot a taser at the police".
  6. Vikings4ever

    Dolphins at Jaguars: TNF Discussion

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  8. How not to get shot by a cop...
  9. Vikings4ever

    Breona taylor decision

    Poll the NBA players, and I would bet at least half believe she was shot while asleep in bed.
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  11. Vikings4ever

    What is your favorite Bill Murray movie

  12. Vikings4ever

    Sign Vandalism Happening in my hood

    Another great one: https://archive.totalfratmove.com/genius-trump-supporter-booby-traps-trump-sign/