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  1. Here comes another con hiding behind a collar His only God is the almighty dollar He ain't no prophet, he ain't no healer He's just a two bit God damm money stealer
  2. I thought she was a gay man... With huge juggs
  3. kutulu

    Ever Known a Stutterer?

    Worked with a guy that stuttered plus he has a huge birthmark on his face. Was really smart though.
  4. kutulu


    They opened for Metallica one time but I was out in the parking lot for their set. This is the only song I know by them, which I think is better without the video, but either way kind of a mellow, grungy song,
  5. kutulu

    Your general impression of Steve Martin

    He hates these cans
  6. kutulu

    Liquor prices

    Some other upstate NY cheap disgusting beers were Utica Club and Black Label
  7. kutulu

    Geek Super Bowl Squares

    Square 2D Box 3D
  8. kutulu

    To those who buy their coffee on the go each day

    I don't need you to tell me how focking good my coffee is, okay? I'm the one who buys it. I know how good it is.
  9. kutulu

    Rock is about to make a huge comeback

    Took me a minute to remember that
  10. kutulu

    Rock is about to make a huge comeback

    Took my daughter to see ghost a year ago in November... Very entertaining but it helped that it was in an old amphitheatre with all kinds of Gothic looking shitte hanging on the walls, probably my favorite song of theirs...
  11. kutulu

    Rock is about to make a huge comeback

    Reminds me of the recent Beck and cage the elephant song....