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  1. GutterBoy

    Cancel Legos!

    If a bigot needs to throw away their kids legs because a queer plays with legos... that is living in a fragile state of mind.
  2. This is 6 months old and already proven false. BH wasting his time https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2023/01/28/no-project-veritas-video-doesnt-prove-pfizer-is-mutating-covid-19-who-is-jordon-trishton-walker/
  3. GutterBoy

    Cancel Legos!

    Here we go. It's a playbook now. Make up a lie, they have trans sets, whatever the fock that means. Scare you, Lego is grooming your kids to be gay Hurt the Corp, throw away your Lego and boycott. Rinse, repeat. Gonna be a fun month.
  4. GutterBoy

    Cancel Legos!

    What's the % of anti gay bigots that buy Lego vs non? I would think Lego is ok risking pissing them off but who knows. But that's the question. When do corps support gays vs not. The anti gay movement has lots of momentum right now. Hopefully this stops and we don't take further steps to shun these people again.
  5. GutterBoy

    Cancel Legos!

    What's the point of Lego? Or do you think they are selling gay Lego sets?
  6. GutterBoy

    Al Pacino, 83 to welcome 4th child.

    You cost me a Cadillac!
  7. GutterBoy

    Al Pacino, 83 to welcome 4th child.

    It's a fugazi.
  8. GutterBoy

    Cancel Target

    I agree with you on censorship and cancelling. If the left organizes boycotts of my pillow, writes songs about how his pillows are making kids straight, or people shoot up pillows, then I will mock them, just as I mock the other side doing it. Keep trying with your little narrative, it's going great
  9. GutterBoy

    Cancel Target

    Sorry for the typo. I don't blindly approve or disapprove of sh1t based on the political ideology of the source. That dumb. I think for myself and use common sense.
  10. GutterBoy

    Cancel Target

    I wasn't here during the rioting but I didn't support the riots, nor did I support the cancel culture. You can choose to believe me or not, I really don't care.
  11. GutterBoy

    Cancel Target

    I don't know anything about a my pillowguy boycott. I don't care if people boycott. It's focked up to threaten to murder people. I would hope you agree.
  12. GutterBoy

    Cancel Target

    I don't remember telling anyone that posts tiktoks from the left to take the higher ground, link? Are you referring to when league champion used to post videos of black people fighting and calling them animals and other racist terms?
  13. GutterBoy

    Cancel Target

  14. GutterBoy

    Cancel Target

    I know you're stupid but I am the one saying both sides need to stop with the BS already. You're the one saying the right should do all the same bad sh1t the left did.
  15. GutterBoy

    Cancel Target

    It's the exact same thing that happened with liberals when Trump was president. While Trump was acting like an ass hole, liberals were doing the same thing and I kept hearing "If the president of the US can act like an ass hole then so can I" Now conservatives are using "they started it" to exhibit sh1tty behavior. Being a better person is not something people inspire to anymore. Had this exact conversation with RLLD this morning.