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  1. GutterBoy

    GOP Senator Tough Guy

    It just keeps getting worse, look at these two "men". https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/4309080-gop-senator-teamsters-president-nearly-brawl-in-senate-hearing/
  2. It's that time of year again. For anyone whose seen the movie hundreds of times like I have and can recite all the lines, here's almost an hour of deleted scenes. I'm about halfway through, pretty cool.
  3. Do you not understand that hyper inflation is inflation? It just means a lot of inflation. Do you not get that? I explained to you why we didn't see high inflation, and I provided a source that backed up what I said. But instead of admitting that you were wrong and you learned something, you're just crying about hyperinflation because it was mentioned in the article. Here is another article, no mention of "hyperinflation", and still the reasons why we didn't see high inflation is the same, explained again. Please read it and stop acting like a douche. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/inflation-why-now-and-not-post-2008
  4. So did I, but you're too stupid to understand it.
  5. So do I, and you asked about massive inflation, and I told you why we didn't see massive inflation, and they are the same reasons we didn't see hyperinflation, dummy. It's not about who spent money on what.
  6. Pipe down scared white guy, go throw away some more money that you get from my taxes.
  7. Where did I say it's "just" a right wing talking point, or that it doesn't exist? Are you still confused about inflation?
  8. He didn't attack Pelosi over any hatred of jews or guns, nice try. also they are not left wing talking points you jack ass.
  9. "taking action to stop government corruption, the erosion of freedom in the United States, and the abuse of children by politicians and actors" Yes, these are right wing talking points
  10. Crazy person repeating right wing conspiracy theories. I'm shocked.
  11. Something similar happened on I-95 in Philly recently, huge fire, not arson, but damaged I-95 badly, huge road here in the NE. There was talk about it being closed for a year, but they got their sh1t together and reopened the road in a matter of weeks. It was a small miracle, but I have less confidence that LA could pull something like that off.
  12. Wait until the defense attorney breaks out the fact that Pelosi had a cocktail in his hand. Trumpers will come in their pants.
  13. GutterBoy


    What about bigfoot?
  14. You asked why we didn't get massive inflation, I explained it you, and then provided an article backing up what I said. You think it's a strawman. You're not smart.