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  1. GutterBoy

    What would you do?

    I'm surprised the number of people that would want to get involved in a drug trade.
  2. GutterBoy

    What would you do?

    Use the money for good? You didn't find money, you found cocaine. To get money you would need to sell it. So you'll become a drug dealer and destroy lives.
  3. GutterBoy

    What would you do?

    Call the police
  4. GutterBoy

    What is your net worth?

    Dude probably has a tiny pecker.
  5. GutterBoy

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Same here. In Nov both my daughters tested positive, I tested negative, never got sick.
  6. GutterBoy

    the pledge of allegiance

    Most people today only care about themselves.
  7. Rusty is already telling everyone on Facebook to pray for him for witnessing such an atrocity.
  8. I'm not a b!tch, Trump is a b!tch.
  9. GutterBoy

    the pledge of allegiance

    How's that working out?
  10. It also gave us a democratic presidency, house and senate. But as long as conservatives have new energy, it's all worth it, right?
  11. Worked out real well for him.
  12. Sure. Should I call CNN HQ? Maybe write a letter? Cry like a b!tch on a FF message board?
  13. He also acted like an egotistical a hole retard for 4 years, even though I supported most of his policies.