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  1. GutterBoy

    Why Can't 5.6 Dudes Get Laid?

    Yeah I can get laid
  2. GutterBoy


    Cdub is definitely more practical, my problem with him is that he never sells. You need to trade this to lock in gains.
  3. GutterBoy


    These crypto zombies will throw every argument at it, but in reality, it is absolutely nothing. To it's credit, it's gone up a zillion percent for basically being nothing, but it is in fact a giant bubble that will eventually have to pop. That could take 10 weeks, 10 months, 10 years, could be at $70k, $100k, $500k, nobody knows.
  4. GutterBoy


    Absolutely Nothing
  5. Is this a catholic school?
  6. GutterBoy


    I'm here, I never sold in June, I never bought. Congrats to all of you that have made money off this crap. although I know Cdub hasn't because he will never sell.
  7. GutterBoy

    Wtf is Detroit pizza?

    You can't get good pizza outside of the NYC area. I've tried, it's impossible. You can get combinations of the ingredients that are edible, sometimes even taste good, but it's not really pizza.
  8. GutterBoy

    4.3 million people quit their job in august

    Now they're saying f Tom Brady Must be bucs fans
  9. GutterBoy

    4.3 million people quit their job in august

    Watching the NFL pregame show and the Philly crowd was chanting f Joe Biden Biden voters
  10. I remember as a kid, I didn't know what rape was. I thought it meant getting mugged. So I'm in school and we're having this discussion about criminal justice, I'm 10, and I raise my hand to speak and I go "Well let's just for example a woman is walking down the street and she gets raped", and my friend is all "Dude shup up what are you doing!" and I'm trying to make a serious point. I think the teacher knew I didn't know what rape was. So then he held me after class and showed me. I didn't walk straight for 3 days.
  11. GutterBoy

    Libs on Tik Tok

    That b!tch needs a fist in her throat
  12. Better yet, tell your god to eat sh!t and join in the parade and have fun.
  13. It's not the blacks, it's the browns, the muslims, they are scared of Halloween
  14. What does Jon Gruden have to do with teen tranny rape?
  15. GutterBoy

    4.3 million people quit their job in august

    https://docs.cdn.yougov.com/h2rgoa7a3x/econTabReport.pdf 82% of democrats still support him. It is nonsensical to suggest that young college kids in the south came out in droves to vote for Biden, and then now hate him and chant F Biden. They are clearly Trump supporters. And they are doing it because they are pissed at how the left treated their guy. It's common sense. But spin whatever BS you want with no facts, I really don't care.