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  1. Rusty Syringes

    Waiver Wire receiver

    Would anyone drop Josh Gordan to pick up Golladay?
  2. Rusty Syringes

    Meghan Markle on Craig Ferguson

    It's amazing how these women go on these shows and have the uncanny ability to deny even the slightest corn shot.
  3. Rusty Syringes

    Perhaps We Should Name This Board The Emotional Tampon Club

    Wiffle, my love How the hell are you?
  4. Rusty Syringes

    Perhaps We Should Name This Board The Emotional Tampon Club

    Kind of a bummer to see some of these Silverbacks in such hardships.
  5. Rusty Syringes


    Wow, I seem to have missed a lot.
  6. Rusty Syringes

    Hi, I'm new here

    I haven't been in Buttmont since 2008. I got the fawk out of there when the poo started hitting the fan in the newspaper world, thinking getting out of a big company and into a family owned daily would be where it was at. So I took a big pay cut and demotion to come to Tyler as business editor and then got promoted to managing editor a year later. Got laid off in August 2014 and replaced with someone with 20 years less experience. Now I'm a licensed financial planner with New York Life. Wish I'd done it sooner. The newspaper industry SUCKS.
  7. Rusty Syringes

    Hi, I'm new here

    Is this a good place to hang out, meeting some Geeks and maybe learn something?
  8. Rusty Syringes

    Hello, I'm old here!

    Look at all the old FFtoogayers! I rarely go to the Sanctuary. Rusty II is turning fawking 14 this month. He's still autistic, but the little focker makes straight A's in school and is like the Eddie Van Halen of the euphonium. Had dinner and drinks recently with TRF. He's still very much a hom0sexual. I'm Facebook friends with a lot of the dudes here. You can friend me at Brian Thure Pearson I've put out another CD since the last one I posted. I think it's pretty good. I've got rough recordings of like a dozen more songs and a whole bunch more I've done nothing with yet. I had to quit because I got focking tennis elbow from PLAYING THE UKULELE.
  9. Rusty Syringes

    Hello, I'm old here!

  10. Rusty Syringes

    Hello, I'm old here!

    Yes, I am a Silverback!
  11. Rusty Syringes

    Hello, I'm old here!

    Well, Toofy has lured me out. It wasn't intentional to not be around. Just so much has happened. 2011 - Divorce. 2012 - Met a new girl, a yoga instructor, after a period of dating funness. 2013 - Moved. Got married. Moved again. (Still in Tyler.) 2014 - Got laid off at the paypah, effectively ending my 30-year newspaper career. Did some work for a non-profit before going all in with New York Life as an insurance agent. 2015 - Became one of the top new agents in the entire Dallas general office. (Tyler is part of that office.) Got my Series 6 and 63. Ended my first year with like 70 paid cases. 2016 - Toofy sends me a Facebook IM. I'm still writing crapass music, drinking beer and playing fantasy football.
  12. I'm stuck with Brown vs. Gordon, so Brown it is at a time when you have to swing for the fence. Shot Caller is all moist over him, so might as well.
  13. Rusty Syringes

    Replacements found...

    I'm in.