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  1. DaBeerz

    Do Not Draft List?

    I still think hes a bust either way waste of a R1 pick.
  2. DaBeerz

    Do Not Draft List?

    Well like CMC to me at #1 overall on most draft lists just screams bust and there is no way he's dropping outside the top 3. I mean sure if he dropped to round 2 or 3 I'd be on it but that's not going to happen. People are still gonna draft Saquon early thinking this is his rebound year.
  3. DaBeerz

    Do Not Draft List?

    Unfortunately, I'm not gonna have time to prep my DND list. has anyone compiled a good one of players you'll be avoiding altogether in the draft this year? Cheers,
  4. DaBeerz

    Saints at Raiders: MNF Discussion

    I really thought the Saints would win this game handily, how wrong I was. As i said in my post, I think Chucky outcoached Peyton. Old school football still works, go figure.
  5. DaBeerz

    Week 3 Waiver Wire

    I'm gonna try and get Russell Gage or John Brown and drop Henry Ruggs III I'm also going to try for James Robinson but almost 100% certain I won't get him.
  6. DaBeerz

    Boy am I sorry I drafted Conner

    He lasted until the mid 2nd round in a 12 team keeper league, and was the 15th RB taken. I think over a whole season he'll be serviceable. Depends where you drafted him.
  7. I'm back again to enrich your lives with my not so thought provoking posts and observations! You're welcome, try to contain your gratitude. Well week 2 is in the books...not bad, not bad. I went 14-2 on my picks so I don’t really feel like this was a crazy week where people needed a lot of insights. Granted a lot of favorites didn’t cover the spread so probably some value to be had there if you play ATS. Saints what are you doing? Once again they're off to a slow start with a pretty talented offense. That game bit me in the a$$ but I gotta say, Chucky really out coached Payton with an inferior team (sorry raiders fans just my opinion). That shovel pass run on 3rd and 10 to seal the deal was ballsy. You can’t stop Mahomes, you can only slow him down. I said LAST week he was staying in the pocket and letting the rest of the team do the work. This wasn’t working this week so he says F. it and starts running for first downs and taking hits when he had to. I think if the Chargers didn’t have a rookie QB who made a few costly mistakes, they would have won that game TBH. Certainly put a little scare into the Chiefs. Atlanta are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. First they choke with a huge lead in the Superbowl a few years back, then they choke a huge lead away to Dallas? Forget about it they are the kings of choking now, if they had fans in the building they would be correct to boo the out of that team. Buffalo is giving me hope. My boy Josh Allen threw for 4 TDS! We actually have a QB? Granted it was Miami who are probably also going to be a top 10 draft pick team, but still. My Bills are 2-0, how about it? I feel like the rug will be pulled out from under me as soon as Buffalo plays NE and get destroyed but we'll see. If they beat the Pats I'll really start to believe. NE isn’t the same without Tom…I just don’t feel like Cam has that never die never quit belief that Brady has, he just doesn’t seem as clutch. Looking at the box scores yes he’s running wild but, NE doesn’t seem to be working their RB at all. Between 3 RB they only had 14 rush attempts, the rest was up to Cam. Maybe he needs time to jive with this offense. All I know is you’re 1-1 and My QB looks better! Aaron Jones is a stud. Finally Rodgers has a playmaker who can run the ball to take some pressure off him making plays all the time. Jones set a franchise record for TD’s last year and looks on pace to continue that this year. Love it, the Pack might be back, especially since the Lions, and Vikings both look awful. NFC east remains the worst division in football. I know it’s only 2 games in but nobody has a winning record in that division yet and all look very suspect. That division will probably be up for grabs right to the end of the year unless Dallas steps their game up. Good luck in your FF leagues and picks!
  8. Lamar Jackson blasted the Jets worse than I thought possible. 60+ point FF night for him. Well I hate to say I toldaso, but...I a fuckin' toldaso! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnOcycgXpms Follow that performance with the best possible post game interview I ever saw with Mark Ingram stealing the mic and declaring his love (not in so many words but you could tell) for his QB. Jackson might not be able to speak very well, but he's a pretty likeable guy. Look at that love-fest they got going on there! On with some picks! Patriots @ Bengals - Look man why Bill? WHY MUST YOU CHEAT? I just don't think Bill and Tom can help themselves. Like the Pats wouldn't have beat the Bengals, they gotta film their plays under the guise of making a documentary? What's the documentary about? Spygate 2.0 will be interesting to see where the NFL comes down on this...but in case you forgot... Headsetgate - Opponents regularly have headset malfunctions in Gillette (Tomlin commented on this "That's always the case [at Gillette Stadium]", Tomlin said. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flwUudG7xGE) Signalgate - Stealing Rams/Jets signals PlaySheetgate - Stealing opponents playsheets from the visitor locker rooms apparently happens a lot at Gillette "The practice became so widely known that opponents started putting fake play sheets out." LockerRoomBugGate - Some opponents were worried that the Patriots bugged their locker rooms. "Peyton Manning famously would only speak to coaches outside the locker room. I could go on but you get the point. Just like the late Eddie Guerrero, Belichick and Brady subscribe to the same philosophy: Cheat To Win baby! On with the picks! Bucs @ Lions - Who cares, both are out of the playoffs. Interestingly, other than Lamar, Jameis Winston somehow had the most touchdowns in the league, and the most interceptions. I can never decide if he's good or awful. Bears @ Packers - It's really been a down year for my man Rodgers, it's like he's been told to play ball control or something. He already got McCarthy fired so he can run the offense how he wants, but still pretty mediocre. Where are the fireworks Aaron? Texans @ Titans - Game of 2 teams I don't give a about, but it has wild card implications. Tannehill has found new life in Tennessee, if I'd have followed my gut and picked him up on waivers I'd probably still be alive in my FF league. Stupid Kyler Murray kiss my ass. Broncos @ Chiefs - I'm hoping this really could be the year Andy Reid finally figures out how to manage a clock in the playoffs and not over-coach his way into another playoff loss. Just let Mahomes run the damn show and stay out of your own way Andy. Beating the Patriots on the road probably helps his confidence a lot. Dolphins @ Giants - This game is your of the week, but I like what the Fins have at least been trying to stay in games and running some good plays. They keep barely losing at the end, I'll take the upset. Eagles @ Redskins - This is usually where the Eagles wake up and realize they should probably try to get into the playoffs. Deadskins have been out of it since like week 4 so, probably get on them early and they'll roll over and die. Seahawks @ Panthers - Apparently the Panthers are looking to break up with Newton, who isn't playing since he's been hurt damn near all year. Basically if the guy ins't mobile he's not going to be a good QB. Remember what Happened to McNabb, McNair, Culpepper, Vick once they couldn't run around to make plays anymore? Yeah me either. Jaguars @ Raiders - Raiders, believe it or not are still alive (on life support) in the playoff hunt. Probably won't matter but they still have something to play for unlike the Jags. Not that anyone will be watching this game. What can I say about the Raiders? Trading away Mack, Cooper, signing then dumping AB... made more sense when crazy Al Davis was still running the show and that says a lot. Browns @ Cardinals - So OBJ already want's out of Cleveland, and is actively shopping. Funny how the Browns went from offseason darlings, to the usual middle of the road mediocrity once the season started for reals. I don't think Odell will become an AB level distraction but aren't we tired of these NFL Diva receivers yet? There's always 2 or 3 of these perpetually crying WR in the league every year. Vikings @ Chargers - As you know I got nothing but love for Philip Rivers and wish him the best. But really watching him implode and being on the verge of being benched for good is pretty amusing. Rams @ Cowboys - Let's just crush Dem Boyz for good and end their season this sunday would be great. Jason Garrett is only good for motivational clapping and should be fired either way. I just want to know why the nobody told me about this twitter account a long time ago, because that's just amazing: https://twitter.com/clappingjason?lang=en Falcons @ Niners - I don't know or care what happened to Atlanta, the only question here is how deep will SF go in the playoffs. That defense is good and people are saying SF is the superbowl favorite in the NFC. Bills @ Steelers - Ok I know what you're thinking that's a Homer pick. This is a very dangerous time of year for Bills fans. The team is playing well enough to actually give us hope, I may just blow the dust off the Fitzmagic Bills jersey, I dunno. But... as all Bills fans know, there is no such thing as hope, only crushed dreams and sadness that you root for a pathetic failure of a team that will always rip your guts out at the worst moment. Still...Bills are alive and kicking for now before their inevitable first round playoff exit. This could be a really good game, both teams are still in the wild card hunt. Colts @ Saints - 'aints baby! I'm all about seeing Brees win another Superbowl and riding off into retirement would be nice. Saints are that team that everyone kinda likes on the side.
  9. No deal trade deadline has passed. That said prior to next years draft I would be able to trade away Gurley and his keeper rights for anyone I want. If I thought Gurley was going to have an issue in 2019. Which right now I don't but I'm looking longer term. Just a thought.
  10. For real? Why, when Gurley averages 24.2 PPG, while Woods is 11.2 PPG. I think you're pretty safe. Unless I missed some sarcasm.
  11. DaBeerz

    Riverboat Ron

    I think it was a dumb call. There are smart times to gamble. I know "win now" may seem good, but taking the almost guaranteed XP, then going to OT at least guarantees you a chance to win. Going for 2 and missing means no chance. Also if you look at 2 point conversion % it's historically less than 50%. So you're giving yourself less than a coinflip chance to win the game Ron?
  12. I am just wondering those in a keeper league, if you have Gurley what are your thoughts on his viability over the next few years? Statistically we know that RB wear down fast and rarely produce stud numbers for more than a few years. Also that 300+ touches rule applies where their injury potential increases a lot after a season with that many touches and hits. I think it's almost definite anyone with Gurley would keep him at least 1 more year (I could go as much as 2 more). Probably overthinking it, I know, I'm just gonna ride Gurley until he wears out.
  13. I have a 3 point lead with Gurley and Kelce left to play in a 1/2 PPR league. I think I'll probably end up winning by 30+ points.
  14. DaBeerz

    Anyone grabbing ADP?

    I still regret not picking up Connor instead of ADP...but he has been a decent RB2 or flex start.
  15. DaBeerz

    Panic selling on Kamara

    Dude, this is a common term for FF, you know this? It has been for years. When you have a bruiser back who gets all the goal line carries, and a faster more explosive back who gets all the yards between the 10-yard lines. Nobody is disagreeing with you. Sure maybe Ingram isn't strictly a goal-line vulture, he's getting some work on other downs as well. Still sucks for Kamara owners.