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  1. No deal trade deadline has passed. That said prior to next years draft I would be able to trade away Gurley and his keeper rights for anyone I want. If I thought Gurley was going to have an issue in 2019. Which right now I don't but I'm looking longer term. Just a thought.
  2. For real? Why, when Gurley averages 24.2 PPG, while Woods is 11.2 PPG. I think you're pretty safe. Unless I missed some sarcasm.
  3. DaBeerz

    Riverboat Ron

    I think it was a dumb call. There are smart times to gamble. I know "win now" may seem good, but taking the almost guaranteed XP, then going to OT at least guarantees you a chance to win. Going for 2 and missing means no chance. Also if you look at 2 point conversion % it's historically less than 50%. So you're giving yourself less than a coinflip chance to win the game Ron?
  4. I am just wondering those in a keeper league, if you have Gurley what are your thoughts on his viability over the next few years? Statistically we know that RB wear down fast and rarely produce stud numbers for more than a few years. Also that 300+ touches rule applies where their injury potential increases a lot after a season with that many touches and hits. I think it's almost definite anyone with Gurley would keep him at least 1 more year (I could go as much as 2 more). Probably overthinking it, I know, I'm just gonna ride Gurley until he wears out.
  5. I have a 3 point lead with Gurley and Kelce left to play in a 1/2 PPR league. I think I'll probably end up winning by 30+ points.
  6. DaBeerz

    Anyone grabbing ADP?

    I still regret not picking up Connor instead of ADP...but he has been a decent RB2 or flex start.
  7. DaBeerz

    Panic selling on Kamara

    Dude, this is a common term for FF, you know this? It has been for years. When you have a bruiser back who gets all the goal line carries, and a faster more explosive back who gets all the yards between the 10-yard lines. Nobody is disagreeing with you. Sure maybe Ingram isn't strictly a goal-line vulture, he's getting some work on other downs as well. Still sucks for Kamara owners.
  8. DaBeerz

    Panic selling on Kamara

    So is the panic that Ingram is gonna vulture all the Goal Line carries?
  9. DaBeerz

    Le'Veon expected back week 8

    Exactly. Let's base it off the value of Antonio Brown's contract (which is what Bell wants to get paid). Most rational minded individuals would sacrifice $60 today to make upwards of $680 in the future with about $190 guaranteed. Just because you attach a few zeros to the number doesn't change the principle of future deferrals vs. the present value of money. Play the game yourself. If I offered you $6000 now, or $68,000 (paid over 4 years), with a guarantee of $19,000. Almost everyone would take the deferred offer. Same principle for Bell. People are measuring his behavior by their own finances, not his.
  10. DaBeerz

    Trade Thought....

    I would do this trade. Collins is a low end RB2 and you're getting an upgrade to a low-end WR1/High end WR2. I think this move helps you.
  11. DaBeerz

    Joe Flacco is waaaayyy better than eli manning

    If any of those guys win 2 super bowls and the MVP both times, they might be in the running. I think sometimes the voters put a premium on the big dance and overlook some less than stellar play otherwise. Your points are all valid though, good post thank you.
  12. DaBeerz

    Which WR should I start?

    Davis seems like the "obvious" pick against a bad Buffalo Defense for some safe points...but most of his points came from one monster game which I don't think he'll repeat. I like the other 2 better than Davis. Boyd might have some high risk/reward potential as does Ridley. Both have put up some very decent numbers the last 3 weeks. When it comes to WR I'm a big fan of looking at targets. With Eifert out, Boyd might get a lot more looks. Ridley gets lower targets but Ryan looks for him in the Redzone. My gut says go with Ridley. The "smart choice" says go with Boyd because it's PPR. Sometimes you just gotta say F it and chase the games you think will be high scoring and hope your guy gets some action.
  13. DaBeerz

    RB Starters this week

    Ingram will have some rust, Kamara is showing his value. I would avoid him for now, unless you see they're working him in with a lot of touches. Ingram is the type of guy who needs 10+ per game to get rolling. I would agree with your current selections, I'd take the safer points over risk-reward at RB. See mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=481012
  14. DaBeerz

    Start Big Ben, or Ryan?

    1/2 PPR League, need a win at 1-3. I can start Ben or Matt Ryan. Always interesting when both QB's you have are facing off against each other in the same game... I left a lot of points on my bench the last 2 weeks from Ryan, can't afford to do that again. FFT and a lot of other sites have Ben as the #1 projected QB start this week. I'm not sure. I'm leaning to Ryan as he's been pretty hot of late. Which would you go with and why? Post a link, I'll help you.
  15. DaBeerz

    Newer protect the qb rules

    QBs know in the pocket now they're going to be able to run around to extend the play and the rules for sacks are now really in their favor. I don't know if they're calling holding more on O-lines, but stuff that was a clean hit on a QB or a sack before is now a 15-yard penalty. Obviously, the NFL wants games to be higher scoring. 13-10 games and the like don't pull in TV audiences, even if it is a really exciting defensive struggle/field position battle. Anyway, that's a long-winded way of me saying I really think it's the NFL rules changes driving this more so than what they're doing at the college level.