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  1. DaBeerz

    Drafting #1 - who ya got?

    It's either Ekeler or CMC for me. If you don't hit your RB at #1 then you're 20 picks deep before looking at a feature back.
  2. DaBeerz

    Bill Belichick is a Facade. Not a good coach!

    I think he was fired as a result of some holdover resentments over a few things. McNabb trade to a division rival for a 2nd round and a later-round pick was puzzling. People felt McNabb should have netted a lot more value and Reid talked about "doing right by Donavan" and was accused of putting a player's needs over the team. i guess now the trade looked like it's pretty good value but at the time holy F people were pissed. Also some holdover resentment over how the whole T.O situation was handled, they felt he should have been more on top of that, and the superbowl loss. I don't think he deserved to be fired, but it's worked out to his benefit in KC so all good.
  3. DaBeerz

    Bill Belichick is a Facade. Not a good coach!

    Reid definitely got McNabb to perform at his best. Alex Smith too. He has a way with QBs for sure. I think my main issues with Reid were clock management and late-game adjustments but he seems to have improved in those areas as well. He comes across to me as a coach players like to play for not so much of a hardass coach as others are. I love Reid myself, always have liked him.
  4. DaBeerz

    Drafting #1 - who ya got?

    I think i fare better with mid-round picks than early/late almost every time I've drafted. 4-7 spot is typically just fine by me. You can adjust to runs on position players and typically your starter spots don't get snatched as often.
  5. I prefer RBs with some semblance of QB play so they're not running into a stacked box over and over. I look at more than just the RB stats myself.
  6. Must be. When he sees Ekeler piling up points while JT struggles in a tepid offense, he's probably gonna regret that pick.
  7. DaBeerz

    Javonte Williams 2023

    Exactly based on name recognition alone someone will overpay for him.
  8. Well, keeper league so all teams have 1 starter player before round 1 has to be factored in. I mean he's still probably a late first-rounder, but Ekeler, Chubb, Pollard, Barkley were still on the board, depending on how you rate your RBs for 1/2 PPR. the room was pretty silent during the pick let me put it that way.
  9. DaBeerz

    Ezekiel Elliott Expected to Sign with New England

    I don't know that I fully agree with that statement, you look at the 2000 season Drew was pretty mid. He might have had the name recognition of a top QB still but stats-wise he wasn't performing at a top 10 level. I'm looking at the 2000 season as in 2001 Bledsoe only played 2 games. I agree i think benching him for Brady was a bold move at the time either way. But I think BB recognized Bledsoe was never going to be "clutch" when it mattered the most. NE was paying him like a top 10 and had given him that 10 year extension the same year he was benched for Brady so...you're right on that aspect. https://www.nfl.com/stats/player-stats/category/passing/2000/reg/all/passingyards/desc
  10. JT went 3rd overall in my league which is bananas when Ekeler was still on the board (keeper rights ran out on Ekeler is the reason he wasn't kept)...but in a 1/2 PPR league, it's pretty clear to me. That seemed like a bit of a reach.
  11. DaBeerz

    Ezekiel Elliott Expected to Sign with New England

    Rhamondre went at the end of the 3rd in a 12-teamer. 2nd in smaller leagues seems like a bit of a reach for a NE RB. I could see it in a bigger league going sooner. I'm not saying he'd be on my DND list or anything but...I wouldn't be super enthused to grab a NE RB right now.
  12. DaBeerz

    UPDATE: Dalvin Cook Expected to Sign with the Jets

    Never done a 14-team league before but I agree the RB will get very thin a lot faster with that many teams. He fell mid-5th in a 12-team league I'm in so your projections look about right.
  13. DaBeerz

    UPDATE: Dalvin Cook Expected to Sign with the Jets

    What's the earliest round you'd take him?
  14. I mean, given the Colts are projected to finish bottom 5 this year, plus Irsay's RB comments I can't say as I blame him for wanting out...if he goes anywhere with some average to good QB play his value shoots up.