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  1. First, isn't Sunday supposed to be the Sabbath (not the first day). Secondly, shouldn't Saturday and Sunday be side by side. I'm sure someone here will provide an answer ... or make one up.
  2. We're in a 10 team League playing each team in our division twice (8 games) and the other 5 teams in the other division once each (5 games) totaling 13 games and using weeks 14, 15 and 16 as our playoffs. No games in week 17 where a lot of NFL teams sit some of their stars. This year we're playing a 14 game regular season with the first game being the top 5 teams with the most points getting a W and the other 5 getting a L. Then weeks 15, 16 and 17 are our playoffs. No games in week 18 as per usual.
  3. do you want it to happen immediately whether it's by accident or medical. Would you want some time to put you're affairs in order and prepare for the demise .. or would that freak you out and not have to think about it. Of course it would depend on what age you were.
  4. I'm not talking about your favorite home brand or whether you prefer Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or such; what I wonder is do you drink it black or with cream / sugar. I don't drink coffee every morning anymore and certainly not more than once a day but when I do, I add cream and sugar. I've never drank it otherwise. I have friends that drink it black and many like it that way and strong. They laugh at me and call me a puzzy for adding cream and sugar. I absolutely could not drink coffee black .. but I'll bet some, if not many of you guys do. What say ye ?
  5. When I was a kid, a guy from my school used to go to games early and watch batting practice. Seems I remember him having 9-10 Balls hit into the bleachers before the games. But he went to a lot of games. Myself, I've gotten 2 Fouls during games. Been to probably 100 games in my life. My neighbor was telling me that had never gotten a Ball in about 50-60 games before this year. But this year he's gotten 3 already BUT with limited attendances. Anybody get multiple Balls in the stands. Anybody get a Home Run ball from the opposing team and did you throw it back onto the field.
  6. kozmiq

    I have a question

    and it may have been answered previously but I only drop by once or twice a month for obvious reasons. How many different people are posting under the edjr handle? I think the over / under is 4. Anybody Know? Anybody care?
  7. or do some of you, for whatever reasons that you will explain, want to argue otherwise.
  8. the Hennepin County Medical Examiner THOUGHT George Floyd’s fentanyl levels were at a POTENTIALLY “fatal level”, but his and other medical examiner’s findings showed he died of a combination of factors.
  9. kozmiq

    What was that Beatles song?

    Baby you can drive my car.
  10. Anybody seen this? I liked it especially the faux Manson Family ending.
  11. kozmiq

    What things make you definitely an a$$hole?

    Pretending that you are smart and knowledgeable about politics by repeating what you hear on Television news.
  12. Didn't really discover America. Everybody knew the World was round during his time. Really killed a lot of Native people and took many back to Spain as slaves. Was a real nasty mofo. Anyone disagree .. or have anything to add.
  13. kozmiq

    Time to get rid of Christopher Columbus

    What sort of life, or lack there of do you have for something like this to bother you enough to respond to it?
  14. kozmiq

    *** Breaking News ...Stafford for Goff

    Forgive me for not reading every post but when I saw this news, I thought WHAT ? As a Redskins (sic) fan and with local Talk Radio begging the Redskins to trade for Stafford or Watson, I am like NO ! The buzz was that it'd take a 1st rounder and maybe a Defensive Lineman to get Stafford. Well THAT's out the window. The Redskins obviously didn't have the trade capital to get Stafford and they certainly don't have anywhere near what it takes to get Watson. My question is what is it going to take to get Watson. Prolly 3 - 1st rounders and 3 Players. Agree ?
  15. My Uncle owned a small parcel of land that abutted the Potomac River and Trump's Sterling Golf Course. A few years ago it was taken in an eminent domain private property expropriate. My Uncle didn't really care; not enough to argue it in Court .. but he didn't receive any compensation .. also he didn't receive any personal property bills either. Now, he's been sent a bill for personal property on that tract for the past several years with penalties included. Is this normal?
  16. Okay, what you all missed was it was expropriated in an eminent domain fashion by the Trump National Golf Course of Washington, DC in Sterling, Virginia. Done so for the safety of the President of the the United States of America and additional Lawmakers. At the time, it was addended by Donald J. Trump, POTUS. Currently, the possession was deemed not legal due to Trump not owning the facility but the Bank that he owed the money to owns it .. and he has not paid the loan off; not even one penny. In fact he owes several million dollars on the original note. My Uncle doesn't care one way or another, he's too old, but his son (my Cousin) does. But if he were to take it to Court and subsequently to the SCOTUS, how do you think they'd rule. Besides he wasn't going to utilize that tract nor does he care about the pp tax although no penalty was assessed.
  17. kozmiq

    Do you believe in God ?

    Obviously, it's not a person but do you think there's something there that listens to your prayers and acts upon them. Something that decides on good from bad (whatever the heck that is). And as importantly, a Heaven and Hell (whatever the heck they are). Do you believe in God ?
  18. Or are u guys gonna take the high road and admit he lost fair and square?
  19. https://oceancitylive.com/ocean-city-webcams/ocean-city-md-boardwalk-cam-2/
  20. kozmiq

    Do you believe in God ?

    I appreciate your answer. You just won me 10 bucks. I bet my Sister that someone would try and turn this into a political discussion. Thank you posty. Btw, isn't it the Republicans that pander to the religious right. I think so.
  21. what is the ratio that you prefer? Many request 6 parts Gin and 1 part Vermouth. Others use the 3 oz Gin to 1 oz Vermouth. Me, I like 1 1/2 oz Gin and 1 1/2 oz Vermouth. Dry Vermouth of course. The sweet Vermouth is terrible. Any Martini drinkers?
  22. kozmiq

    Favorite non-chocolate candy

    Jolly Ranchers
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    I'm sure you guys have discussed this ad nauseam but without it being political, I ask your opinions. Yesterday, I left Arlington, Virginia where I saw approx. 50 people on the streets and in one store. Everyone was wearing a Mask. Then I drove up to Inwood, West Virginia to look at a property we're considering purchasing. While up there I went to a Sheetz gas station / store. During the time I was in Inwood I saw approx. 40-50 people. Not one single one was wearing a Mask. Other than political, is there something I'm missing?
  24. kozmiq


    Ok but everyone in Arlington can't be liberal democrats and everyone in West Virginia can't be conservative republicans. Can they?