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  1. Has anyone else noticed this transition recently?
  2. KSB2424

    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    Life is not black and white, nor do we live in a vacuum. The whole hip hop thing is but one tangent, one layer of the onion. You are trying to make it the main ingredient. Good grief. There was a reason having two parents and morals were ranked over hip hop culture. Close your eyes and imagine if your dad left when you were three, mom had to now work two jobs, all you did was hang out with your buddies AND now were influenced by Snoop Dog. Then you get a weed charge at 15, kicked out of school, don't care anymore.....yada yada. BTW, I'd crush you in any 80's or 90's rap trivia. I wore Orange Etonics with my Miami Hurricanes Starter jacket and New Era hat.
  3. I’ve only watched Stranger Things and Breaking Bad. I don’t watch TV all that much but Gah, there’s no sports right now. Talk to me Geek Club!
  4. KSB2424

    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    Again, this is macro discussion as individuals are just that. I feel like that disclaimer is needed. Who said anything about genetics? That is you putting words in peoples mouths and being intellectually dishonest. And not sure why you are stuck on "hip hop" as the only qualifier. That current sub-culture cannot be denied though as a tangent cause. A 16 year old person is very much impressionable, this cannot be denied. And when a statistically significant portion of that set is impressioned upon that leads to negative lifestyle choices is a reality. No matter how much you want to stick your head in the sand or it makes you uncomfortable.
  5. KSB2424

    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    Obviously we are speaking general terms but I'll bite: Inferior? No, of course not. No Souls? No, of course not. Less moral? Lets deep dive, shall we? Morality: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. This is where a family structure (father figure) and less sub-cultures that glorify crime / drugs / and "bitches ain't shiot but hoes and tricks" come into play. Gutterboy, Human beings are human beings are human beings. The question at hand is why (root cause) is there still this disparity? When Asians, Indians, etc thrive? I know this makes people uncomfortable, but its okay to think about and answer the questions. Only then will real progress be made.
  6. KSB2424

    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    Yup that's exactly what I said. It's the only thing. :oldrolleyes:
  7. KSB2424

    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    If you drew an X and Y axis graph with race on one line and family values (divorce/father in home/etc) on the other. There is a direct correlation. Asians would be represented best, Whites second, Latino's third and African Americans last. This is not a coincidence. Asians are People of Color yet thrive in America.
  8. KSB2424

    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    To be fair, if that is what you are tying to be, I brought up Jim Crow laws before my #1. However those were overturned 60 years ago. It is illegal for institutions to discriminate based on race. That root cause has been fixed......two generations ago. Let me ask you a question. What is the statue of limitations on bringing that up? Two generations, three generations, forever? Or could that be a crutch to lean on so we don't have to talk about the others?
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    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    Generational Poverty isn't color blind, if the rules are fair then any person can do it. My parents lived in a trailer park when I was born.
  10. KSB2424

    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    That's a large in-depth question that people a lot smarter than me in government and social programs should be looking at. But just spit balling: By in large the "Institutional" Racism is gone. Jim Crow is no more. It is illegal to discriminate in education - business - school - ect. based on the color of one's skin. The "rules" of the game are equal and fair in 2021. So why is there still a gap or issues? 1. Individual racism: Problem is you cannot legislate that. As long as Human Beings (who are fallible by nature) have differences in how they look, culture, religion there will be bias. There is no Utopia. I would argue implementing racial equity (like affirmative action) only makes some individuals more likely to judge. 2. The disintegration of the traditional family. More to the point, fatherless homes. This has been widely documented. 3. The hip hop culture: It was a culture born out of poverty so this is a chicken or the egg argument, but who cares, breaking the cycle is the goal. The bottom line is a sub culture in black america where drug dealing, calling women biotches and tricks, prostitution (pimps), on and on is celebrated will not help in any way shape or form. 4. Reliance on the government teet leads to laziness. Don't get me wrong, 75 years ago it was bad, and well before that slaves were in this Country. However this is 2021 and you have to talk about 2 thru 4 above or else the cycle doesn't stop. However if I typed what I just typed on social media I'd probably lose my job. That's how crazy it is out there. It's taboo and why it will only get worse.
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    Edex Cup VI - 2021 Schedule

  12. KSB2424

    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    Racial Equity is the new buzzword, it is intentional and every news article I've seen recently has made the transition in wording. There is a reason for that. If you want to truly solve a problem you find the root causes. Those are the things that "cause" the issues or the gaps. Racial Equity is not doing that, it looks at the outcomes and then just try's to plug the holes. Normally by throwing money at it.
  13. What about Radio Shack?
  14. KSB2424

    GME - Gamestop Stock up $70 today to 148

    Watch the government "Bail Out" some of these Hedge Funds who are getting killed.
  15. It ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun! ***NSFW Language***
  16. The RobinHood APP is now "down".
  17. Wall Street intervenes.
  18. yes, pump and dump. Wall Streets being doing forever, now its the peoples turn.
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    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Is there threshold on Executive Orders? Sheesh, Biden is going though them like edjr does girlfriends. Dwarfing the marks of any modern President.
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    Racial Equality is now Racial Equity

    In a nutshell racial equality is rooting out systemic racism like not hiring based on skin color, not getting a loan based on skin color, not being able to vote, not having the same (equal) opportunities. Which is what 99.9% of America wants. Equal opportunity and treatment for all. Racial Equity is things like Affirmative Action and Reparations. Actually rigging a practice the “other” way.
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    Baseball 2021 Hall of Fame ballot...

    He is a Republican, they held it against him. Insane.
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    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Liberals are funny