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  1. KSB2424

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    This has to be fake. Everybody knew everything about the Covid-19 back in January.
  2. KSB2424

    Golf these days

    Played yesterday. My local course had the debit card reader sitting outside on a table, a wire running in 10 feet to the golf pro sitting at a table. Just swipe and he told us to enjoy our round. One rider per cart or you can walk. It was perfect, zero human interaction. I'm a 12 handicap, shot a 40 on the front. Then a 47 on the back. I walked, and am not used to walking, I blame the back nine score on that. It wasn't I was tired or out of shape per se, but when you walk up a hill dragging your clubs, then people are waiting for you to hit, its weird. My heart rate was up and I felt rushed. I am going to have to get used to it.
  3. KSB2424

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Fock the Chinese government Fock the WHO (not the band)
  4. KSB2424

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    What in the hell is wrong with these people? https://thehill.com/homenews/house/490591-schiff-drafting-legislation-to-set-up-9-11-style-commission-to-review We all know why he is doing this.....
  5. KSB2424

    The Negative Media

    Biggest lie of the day. Congrats Joe Scarborough. Just more Monday Morning QB'ing and making stuff up. Read the responses, its crassic. Just obliterates him.
  6. KSB2424

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    We all cannot stay in our houses for a year, the economy would come to a stop or close to it. America would go into a depression. People would suffer, there would be more homelessness, hunger, crime et al. Death rates would be hard to quantify for multiple reasons though as suicide rates would go up, but car accidents would go down. However peoples 401(k)'s, all they've worked for would vanish right before our eyes. We cannot do 2 Trillion dollar packages every month for that long, the well will run dry. On the other hand we are in a global pandemic and the social distancing, shutting down of non-essential gatherings, so on is the the right call to "flatten the curve" of transmission - sickness - death. So what the gov't (State and Federal) is doing is listening to the experts to try and find at which point in time has the curve flattened, exactly how do we go back to normalcy, is it a tiered approach, can we get a vaccine, can we get medication that helps, can we get better testing, does temperature / humidity factor, etc etc. Right now, what we are doing, will go on for another month, April 30th is the goal, another checkpoint. Hopefully we can reach it, but this is uncharted waters and everything is being constantly assessed and reassessed. I just don't see a reason to argue about exact dates at this point in time.
  7. KSB2424

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I'm watching now, its insane. Fear Fear Fear.
  8. KSB2424

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

  9. KSB2424

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    Thank you. The Trump administration set up the Coronavirus Task Force on January 27th. Around the same time stopped incoming flights from China. February had a Dem debate and it wasn’t even talked about by the candidates or media. Yet NOW Democrat’s and a handful of Monday Morning QB’s here are blaming Trump for not doing things fast enough. You can’t make it up.
  10. KSB2424

    A Million Confirmed Infections By When?

    I think people need to stop being alarmed at that statistic alone. It's fairly common knowledge that China is mis reporting their numbers. Russia too. The U.S. as a country has many more people than Italy, the U.K. South Korea, etc. Other countries that we can trust their data. Therefore of course we will lead the number of infections detected because we are testing the most people. The number I look at the most is the percentage of people testing positive to deaths of this virus. Right now it's around 1.5% .
  11. The answer is easy. People shouldn’t drive cars. Every life matters. Any person arguing otherwise is heartless.
  12. KSB2424

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    All this 20 / 20 hindsight, Monday morning quarterbacking is really irritating me. Anyone alive today has never gone through anything like this, we are in uncharted waters. Things change daily, there is new data, new findings, on and on. This old standard by people and the media to not allow anyone to evolve during a time like this is beyond ridiculous. It's only done to throw political shade and doesn't help anyone in anyway.