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  1. KSB2424

    Kaepernick to hold workout in Atlanta

    Imagine if Kaep signed with a team in the CFL. Immediately held a press conference where he said he’d donate every pay check to a cause he is passionate about. Then balled out (since his camp thinks he is so good) all but proving his worth to NFL teams. i would respect the hell out of that. He’d win over so many people, not all, but a ton. But that won’t happen. That’s not what he’s about.
  2. KSB2424

    Help me with a meme from recently.

    Ok Boomer
  3. KSB2424

    Here’s a CNN article about me

    I don’t get it.
  4. KSB2424

    Kaepernick to hold workout in Atlanta

    People are putting their personal “politics” over logical thought. NFL teams make business decisions every day, this is no different. It’s sports, it’s business. Period. Not the place or vehicle for anything else. If Kaepernick wants to use his money, brand and influence to give to entities and foundations that promote his passions that’s great. But his entitlement regarding demanding a specific job is beyond ridiculous. As if people OWE him something. My word.
  5. KSB2424

    Kaepernick to hold workout in Atlanta

    The NFL made a special exception and had a tryout for just ONE person. Has that EVER happened? Somehow that wasn’t good enough and didn’t meet Colin and his camps “demands”. So he bailed and had his own thing at a high school all the while whining. WTF? How entitled can one person be? Shitshow. Circus. No wonder a sports team doesn’t want that stuff around. Has nothing to do with any “cause”. It’s Business.
  6. KSB2424

    Kaepernick to hold workout in Atlanta

    The circus that happened today is the EXACT reason no football team wants Colin around. NFL teams want to win football games, which bring in fans, which strengthens the teams brand. Why would you want a traveling circus all around you?
  7. KSB2424

    Bald Guys with Beards

    I’m neither bald nor have a beard but I don’t get the OP’s post.
  8. KSB2424

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Well this seemed odd. Isn't the point to get to the truth?
  9. KSB2424

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    I don't understand this testimony. Yovanovitch is simply complaining that she was fired and upset over it. Where is any testimony about.....you know some criminal offense....or bribery or anything close to what this whole thing is supposed to be about? All this is, is former state department people whining about Trump.
  10. KSB2424

    National Debt tops $18 Trillion

    I was right then and I'm right now. Term Limits is the only answer. We need representatives who don't put getting elected next go-round as first priority on the list. Cutting the debt and/or deficit requires reducing spending first coupled with more (or more efficient aka less loopholes) taxation. A politician can maybe survive one, but no politician can survive both.
  11. Not for nothing. But I just finished.
  12. KSB2424

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    "Hearsay can be MUCH more better evidence than direct evidence" - Some Democrat from Illinois Is this real life? People want to impeach a sitting POTUS based on hearsay? whoah
  13. This is all good and well, but what does suxbnme think of this? His emotions have to be all over the place.
  14. KSB2424

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Well sure, this thing is supposed to all week right? My question though was Why was this Taylor guy called as a witness at all?