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  1. KSB2424

    Tomorrow Is National Pi Day

    Chicken Pot Pi for dinner Apple Pi (with vanilla ice cream) for dessert. Hair Pi for late night snack
  2. KSB2424

    V.P. Aaron Rodgers

    Hindsight, Aaron was right on Covid Vax, as was Djokovic, but they were publicly shamed. Neil Young pulled all his songs from Spotify because Joe Rogan wouldn’t get a Covid vaccine and spoke about it. Well ole Neil is back now on it, now that the CDC pretty much says Covid is like the Flu. Ergo, some of y’all hate people who simply don’t fall in line with what you are “told” to do. And it upsets you so you act out like a child.
  3. KSB2424

    Trans Kids

    Hopefully the tide is turning. The whole premise of this thread was pre pubescent kids cannot make those decisions. It’s not only common sense but biology.
  4. KSB2424

    George Stephanopoulos is Gutterboy.

    Close your eyes. Now imagine being 58 years old and taking the time to decide on which color blue and font you want to bold a 12 year olds response.
  5. KSB2424

    George Stephanopoulos is Gutterboy.

    I find this cute. Short weird guys sticking up for other short weird guys. So sweet.
  6. 1. 5 foot 5 old guy 2. Completely shameless. Will unabashedly make an azz of himself for political reasons. 3. Looks eerily like him. Uncanny. 4. Hates women, because he was turned down most all of his young life. 5. Kid toucher. Unlike 99.9% of famous folks, George aka Gutter went to dinner with Jeffrey Epstein AFTER he was charged.
  7. KSB2424

    Geriatric Joe’s State of Union Address

    I’m just calling balls and strikes. If it offends you that’s your problem.
  8. KSB2424

    Geriatric Joe’s State of Union Address

    In real life most hardcore liberal men I know are divorced, horrible fathers. They think going to the movies with their kids on their every other weekend is “parenting”. Most all conservative men I know are married, involved, coached tee ball and help with homework….Dads. The wives respect it, and are more then likely attractive. I don’t make the rules, just report what I see.
  9. KSB2424

    Geriatric Joe’s State of Union Address

    Admittedly she rambled. However, if I can be serious for once, you could tell she actually cared. She spoke as a mother, from the heart and whilst clunky, it was authentic. It wasn’t some polished career politician who says what they are told to get re-elected and all the fake people clap. I am tired of the games y’all play.
  10. KSB2424

    Geriatric Joe’s State of Union Address

    What is “this”? The sales job?
  11. KSB2424

    Geriatric Joe’s State of Union Address

    True, they could have hired an actor or salesman to fake it.
  12. KSB2424

    Geriatric Joe’s State of Union Address

    She’s just a normal woman and mom. Not a career politician….saying things that a writer told them too with fake smiles. It’s unpolished but I find it refreshing. Authentic beats fake every time.
  13. KSB2424

    Geriatric Joe’s State of Union Address

    How many times have you been divorced?
  14. KSB2424

    Geriatric Joe’s State of Union Address

    You’ve never been good with normal attractive women, fatherhood, hard work or common sense. It all makes sense now.