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  1. KSB2424

    SI Swimsuit Issue, did we discuss this?

    Somebody finally gets it. When your schtick becomes antiquated you have to go edgy to remain relevant.
  2. KSB2424

    Baby Formula Shortage...

    Quoted for posterity.
  3. Love of the game versus dirty cash ms what is boils down too. I don't blame anyone for doing what they want, but I judge harshly.
  4. KSB2424

    Anyone ever been arrested

    Once. 20 years old. Me and my buddy were meeting two chicks telling us to bring beer as they were in a hot tub at North Raleigh Country Club waiting on us..........parents were out of town and we knew these girls. They were smoking hot. I should not have drove but yeah the hormones kicked in, leaving a home town party hammered. Blue lights behind me two miles from our destination, 12 pack in the back seat. They took my belt, finger printed, in a holding cell with a only a couple other dudes but still strange. It was July 4th Weekend so I think they got overwhelmed and let me go......I called my other friend who I knew was sober and he came and picked me up downtown at like 3:00 am. Couldn't call my folks. Jeremy saved me from that. They charged me with a drinking under age thing but I got out of it. Scared straight for a while though.
  5. KSB2424

    ***80s Movie Draft***

    I have zero dog in this fight, but I'm going to put in my 2 cent. 1. Great job Geeks. After looking over the "teams" so far its close draft wise. 2. National Lampoons Vacation is the steal of the draft. 9th round? Wow. First round pick. Yes I know the rules. 3. Most blew their load on action / adventure in the first few rounds. Horrible strategy; If there are 20 great RB's never draft them early.
  6. KSB2424

    White supremacist murder spree in Buffalo

    I know you were being facetious but fixed anyway.
  7. KSB2424

    White supremacist murder spree in Buffalo

    Death is tragic. It’s the reaction to some murders over others that irks me. I see headlines saying “African Americans across the country are scared for their lives after Buffalo shooting”. I understand a crazed lunatic taking out 10 people, mostly of color like that is a wow moment. However we have ro live in reality. A black person has a much higher chance of being killed in their city by an act of violence at the hands of another person of color. It’s not even close. ETA: It's just math.
  8. KSB2424


    Bench: Luke List…..Webb Simpson
  9. KSB2424


    Sebastian Munoz
  10. KSB2424

    This time of year

    Cant you smell that smell?
  11. KSB2424

    What do you eat for breakfast?

    I'm 46. Right now it's a banana and coffee on the way to work and sometimes a proper breakfast on the weekends. That would consist of two eggs, one meat and either a toast or biscuit. But always coffee. Not a fan of these weird hippy omelettes, I prefer my breakfast simple and seperate.
  12. He's what? 82? I don't care who wins in 2024 dude needs to hang up the spurs. What's up with the Pelosi's and Fauci's and Bidens? Time to be put out to pasture. I mean Nancy Pelosi is 82 now, sounds like a complete idiot when speaking with her dentures about to fall out and is talking about going for four more years. I'm not even sure Biden knows where he's at half the time. WTF?
  13. KSB2424

    This time of year

    Spring has sprung.
  14. KSB2424


    Is that a question?
  15. KSB2424

    Poster you would like to see banned

    Come on man. There are ignore functions, or just move along. This is one of the only places on the internet that people aren't almost entirely fake. Facebook is gossip and people bragging, IG is people posting pictures with all sorts of filters of how great their life is......fake as hell. Twitter is less personable but the moderation is strict. Tik Tok is a reality TV show. It's people always saying or posting pictures of what they *think* the masses want to hear for likes. People can't wait to put a Ukraine Flag in their personal bio yet probably don't even know where its at on a map. It's just the next "thing". I want limited moderation or filters. I want to see a picture without fake filters,......you know, reality. If you say something I disagree with or think is just plain horrible, I make a mental note, judge you harshly then either engage or move along while mentally looking down on you and filing it away. I don't go whining to moderators or Ministers of Disinformation. That is such a puzzy move....JFC. Threats of violence against a specific person, posting personal information, things like that is a no no and my line of demarcation but other than that it's just hurting feelings or you being :gasp: offended......grow a pair.