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  1. KSB2424

    Anyone else pluck their eyebrows?

    I personally (nor my kids) don’t have this issue, but gut reaction is......it’s just hair, manage it.
  2. KSB2424

    The Jihad squad

    Nah. We good. First World Problems. Well, as long as we keep the 2019 Liberals out of office. BTW Obama, Bill Clinton, Pelosi etc don’t even fall in that category. These new Mofos done gone crazy.
  3. KSB2424

    The Open Championship - DRAFT - Cloaca OTC

    Finally caught some Golf Channel coverage of Royal Portrush. Whoa. This course looks incredible. We’re in for a treat boys.
  4. KSB2424


    If his birthday is close to the cutoff and you feel his is behind his peers, then sure, why not?
  5. KSB2424


    When is his birthday? When the cut off date? Do you feel he is already “behind” his peers academically?
  6. KSB2424

    The Open Championship - DRAFT - Cloaca OTC

    I'm a sucker for fairy tales..... 3.08 - Graeme McDowell
  7. KSB2424

    The Open Championship - DRAFT - Cloaca OTC

    I'm here, give me a few min.
  8. I'll do whatever, but normally I'm a KISS person. Keep It Simple Stupid
  9. KSB2424

    The Jihad squad

    You need to get out more.
  10. KSB2424

    The Jihad squad

    Disagree, a citizen is a citizen. It's why going through the whole and legal process is so important. I just don't get how the hell she isn't more grateful for this better life, opportunity and prosperity she now has HERE in America. Maybe I'm missing something.
  11. KSB2424

    The Jihad squad

    I will say this. The Iady from Minnesota I believe fled here from a war torn area of the world, was allowed in the country legally, became a citizen and is now a congresswoman. Only in America can this happen......yet all she does is disparage America and its values. It is rather odd in my opinion.
  12. KSB2424

    The Jihad squad

    Can a person not call out these Congresswomen because the President went into arsehole mode on twitter?
  13. KSB2424

    Trump deporting millions of illegals next week

    I feel like everyone needs to reset here. 1. Can we all agree that there shouldn’t be just mass open boarders and a free for all? I just wanna get that far in the conversation.