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  1. I know, I know. 8 team league, but was actually pretty fun with everyone having pretty stacked teams. I led the league in points but will undoubtedly end up being #2 due to injuries and benchings this week. QB - Dak, Fields RB - Henry, Jacobs, Sanders, Pacheco, J Williams (had B Hall) WR - Hill, Adams, Lamb, Evans, Jeudy TE - Hockenson, Goedert K and Def varied throughout the year. Was looking forward to finals but now with Henry likely out, Tua concussed, Stidham up for Vegas, seeing the writing on the wall.
  2. LarryBoy

    Sit Tyreek Hill?

    First Round of playoffs in my 8 Team, .5 PPR League. The weather is worrying me, and in week 3 against Buff, he was held to 4 points. With 2 flex spots, I need 6 players from the following: (* current starters) RB: D. Henry*, J. Jacobs*, M. Sanders* I. Pacheco, Z. Knight, D. Foreman, J. Williams WR: T. Hill*, D. Adams*, C. Lamb* M Evans J. Jeudy What is the best 6 man combo here? Is Hill in or out?
  3. LarryBoy

    Favorite Song - Deep Purple

    As a long-time lurker, let me just say I love me some Deep Purple (and Rainbow as well). They do not get the respect that Zeppelin and Sabbath do, although I think Purple had better musicians. Blackmore may be an ass, but when he was on, I don't know who played better. Sad to see the recent Rainbow efforts, though. Voted for Burn, but Lazy is a great song. I would add Mistreated to the list as well. It is a killer live. I'll see myself out now.
  4. LarryBoy

    Favorite Christmas Music

    Big fan of the Brian Setzer Orchestra stuff (catch his Christmas concert most years. Bummed he had to cancel this year for health reasons) Also the Merry Axemas cd’s have some interesting takes by rock guitarists. Most are pretty good. Steve Morse’s “Joy to the World” a personal favorite.
  5. Non-PPR League. After a rough start, I find myself at the top of my division. If I win, I am in the playoffs. If not, I probably lose a tie breaker to another team. I need one of the following to pair with Fournette: James Conner @.Ari Benny Snell @ Ari Rashad Penny @ LA Rams Derrius Guice @ Green Bay Jordan Howard vs. NY Giants Latavius Murray vs. San Fran 49ers
  6. Have Fournette and Connor in lineup, but am concerned that Connor might not get the full share of work this week, while Brian Hill is the only RB in town for ATL against Carolina. What do you think?
  7. LarryBoy

    Latavius Murray or Jordan Howard?

    As a fellow pessimistic Boys fan, those were my original thoughts exactly. Well, I can rest secure in the knowledge that whichever way I go, it will likely be the wrong choice!
  8. Who is the better RB to start this week alongside Fournette? I have Howard in now, but having second thoughts.
  9. LarryBoy

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    8-6 record QB- Ryan, Cousins RB - S. Barkley, Damien Williams, Tevin Coleman, Gus Edwards WR - D. Adams, C. Samuel, A Humphries TE - T Burton DST - Balt Ravens, Broncos, Bills K - Lutz At the end, only 5 draftees remained.
  10. 12 Team ESPN non-PPR League Someone just offered his Brandon Marshall for my Ty Montgomery. Much as I like Ty's dual role (eligible as WR and RB), I am leaning yes. I am not sure what Ty's ongoing role will be once Knile Davis and Jackson get some time in with the Packers. The Jets are a train wreck, but I still see Marshall as having value if Fitz can get the ball near him. What do you say? Yes or No?
  11. LarryBoy

    I will answer all questions

    My RB are terrible (my team is not showing in my signature on preview, so I will add it ion this message) but I am pretty deep at WR. Trying to get a decent RB. Another team in my league has good RB but not so much on WR: His RB/WR: WR: Mike Wallace, Desean Jackson, Golden Tate, Tayvon Austin RB: CJ Anderson, David Johnson, Spencer Ware, DeMarco Murray While I would like to think I could get DeMarco Murray for Cobb or Jordan Matthews, I can't see that happening. Do you think a Cooper for Murray is reasonable. I think I could get by with AJ/Cobb/Matthews/Fuller if I could start Gore and Murray at RB. (We start QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, K, DEF) Any other possibilities you see? My Team: 12 Team ESPN League, Non-PPR, 6 pt pass td QB: Eli Manning (will pick up backup after I settle some other positions) RB: Frank Gore, Devonta Freeman, Charles Sims, Devontae Booker WR: AJ Green, Amari Cooper, Randall Cobb, Jordan Matthews, Will Fuller, Tajae Sharpe TE: Antonio Gates K:Graham Gano Def: KC Chiefs
  12. LarryBoy

    Going to put my dog down

    I just had to put my dog down on Christmas Eve, of all days! It was certainly much harder a process for me than for her. The people at the vet did an outstanding job - completely compassionate, professional, and effective. My pup got the first shot and drifted off to sleep within 10 seconds. Never felt any pain. I hope your experience is as smooth from an operational aspect. Very tough day no matter how smoothly it goes. I am still tearing up a bit while I type this. (But I freely admit to being a wimp...)
  13. LarryBoy

    Champions Check In Here!

    Despite my best efforts to lose (starting Miami Def over Arizona, starting Amari Cooper at all), I managed to eek out a close win with this team: Kirk Cousins Lamar Miller Karlos Williams Antonio Brown Amari Cooper Zach Ertz Dolphins Def Chris Boswell Would have been much easier if I had stuck with the AZ Def, who I drafted and rode all year...
  14. LarryBoy

    Going to put my dog down

    Tough time, no matter how it is done. We had to put one of our two dogs down last Christmas time and my other has cancer and will go within the next 2 weeks, I am sure. We went to a vet for the shots, I was with him till the end. Pretty quick and after the first shot he seemed relaxed, sleepy, and out of it. One practical tip - pay in advance or on the way in. I didn't want to stand there at the counter blubbering while they ran my card after the fact. I just wanted to get out of there with him and bury him. Best of luck to you.