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  1. BiffTannen

    Is it racist to hate Canadians?

    I did a stint once for cutting one of those do not remove tags off a mattress back in the 80s.
  2. BiffTannen

    Is it racist to hate Canadians?

    I don't like them. Is that racist behavior on my part?
  3. BiffTannen

    George Brett or Wade Boggs

    My line of thinking was Brooks Robinson and Mike Schmidt are 1-2 in either order and Brett and Boggs are battling for the #3 spot.
  4. BiffTannen

    George Brett or Wade Boggs

    I was in the middle of a lunchtime debate with a few guys taking GB and a few others taking WB. What do you say?
  5. BiffTannen

    How millennial are you?

    Zero. I haven't heard of 95% of that stuff.
  6. BiffTannen

    Trump, you clever dog

    big·ot /ˈbiɡət/ noun a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. I believe that immigrants (the brown ones) suck. That does not make me a bigot. You, by definition are the bigot for being intolerant of my opinion.
  7. BiffTannen

    Trump, you clever dog

    Racist? Where did he mention skin color?
  8. BiffTannen

    Putin: Western liberalism "eating itself"

    I hate the legal ones too. I don't care if they come from Mexico or Europe. Our boarders should be closed to any newcomers except for attractive Asian women. Asian women who are appealing to the eye should be permitted on an unlimited basis.
  9. Do you have any idea how hard it is to wake up before noon? Show some compassion, man.
  10. BiffTannen

    Putin: Western liberalism "eating itself"

    I like Vlad. I hate immigrants.
  11. BiffTannen

    Trump deporting millions of illegals next week

    Trumps comments - Female muslims in our government -
  12. BiffTannen

    Need a favor from an alias

    This is why I like Ed.
  13. BiffTannen

    Need a favor from an alias

    https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/777288-if-the-government-paid-you-750-per-asylum-seeker-per-day-how-many-at-a-time-would-you-house-feed-and-clothe/ preferred response: So you’re going to pay me to have slaves? And as long as I keep them fed, they can sleep in the barn? I will take 10 to start with and keep an option open to take on more. :thumbs up:
  14. BiffTannen

    Need a favor from an alias

    Oh my I am in need of a solid. Anyone with an alisas willing to go over and make a post at the Gheys? One of the big phags made a dumb thread and I just want to throw a grenade in it. Nothing vulgar or foul , but real nice. TIA
  15. BiffTannen

    Hypocrisy at its finest

    This one happened right down the road from me. Lesbian female teacher gets the scissor action with a female student and gets one year probation. Bullshiiittt!!! https://www.wlwt.com/article/former-sycamore-teacher-given-probation-after-teen-professes-love/28382411