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  1. The Reds are way better than this dildoo prognosticator says they are
  2. With the societal distancing being moved back another 30 it has officially ruined the first holiday weekend of the year. Confederate Memorial Day is April 26th this year and it looks like I won't be having my annual BBQ bash. I go all out too - 6 grills/smokers running, tiki torches, a whole pig, shitttons of macaroni and cheeses, baked potatoes, puerto rican chicks showing their pusssies and ittties off everywhere. China sucks.
  3. BiffTannen

    Best Live sporting event you were at.

    2006 NFL season: January of 2007 - Patriots at Colts in the AFCCG and last game played at the RCA Dome. Pats led 21-6 at half, but the Colts stormed back in the 2nd half to win 38-34.
  4. Cincinnati is a Reds town. The Bengals lost the fans and media sometime around 1989
  5. The Bengals will bungle until the day Mike Brown dies and his kids sell the team.
  6. BiffTannen

    Growing Pot

    I knew it was something like that. Either way, I focked it all up in my half assed attempt. Now would be a good time to try again considering today is day 17 of not leaving my home with no intentions of doing so for months. The only problem is, the weed I have now does not have any seeds. I would have to go on the innernets and order some.
  7. BiffTannen

    Growing Pot

    I’ve looked it up and watched YouTube vids on it. If it was legal and I didn’t have to worry about getting caught I would have an entire farm dedicated to it. Trying to grow just enough for personal consumption I found to be more of a pain in the asss than it was worth.
  8. BiffTannen

    Growing Pot

    I have half way tried a few times with no success. Sticking your seed in a pot and simply watching it grow will lead to a weed with the famous 5 point leaves, but no smokable buds. You need multiple plants with a mix of male/female so they can pollinate which then leads to smokeable buds. It’s easier for me to go across town and buy and ounce from Reggie.
  9. BiffTannen

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    In terms of my personal well being - 0 I have been prepared for this. In terms of my anger towards the chinaman going forward - 11 They will never be forgiven.
  10. China should charged with murder for this one.
  11. BiffTannen

    Anyone been playing Video Games lately?

    I was used to playing TW for 15 years and I hated this game at first. It slowly grew on me as well.
  12. BiffTannen

    Anyone been playing Video Games lately?

    You will get used to putting after some reps. Close approach shots are key.
  13. BiffTannen

    What sport do you miss the most?

    When you are missing your favorite sport, just remember the Chinese did this. Every time you see a person that looks like they could be Chinese in public, let them know they are not welcome anymore.