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  1. BiffTannen

    White Men Can’t Coach?

    Reminds me of when the opposing defense falls down on purpose and lets the retarded kid score a touchdown at the end of a game that has already been decided.
  2. BiffTannen

    Cincinnati Reds: 2020 Edition

    That was 5 hours wasted.
  3. BiffTannen

    Who is Club Pro Guy? Ex PGA pro.

    I like to handle women like that for sure. Ain't no way to treat one of the fellas.
  4. She has a decent enough face, but that midsection looks like the Michelin man.
  5. BiffTannen

    NASCAR 2021 thread

    I like the idea of a dirt race, but not at Bristol. Go to Eldora for the weekend if you want a dirt race.
  6. BiffTannen

    Cincinnati Reds: 2020 Edition

    Keys to winning the series against the homos of Atlanta.
  7. BiffTannen

    NASCAR 2021 thread

    Chicago gone Kentucky gone
  8. BiffTannen

    Pre debate shenanigans

    I hate Joe Biden's face and the sound of his voice. That man doesn't deserve to be white.
  9. BiffTannen

    Pre debate shenanigans

    That’s not a drinking game. That’s death by alcohol poisoning.
  10. I have not watched a down of the NFL. I have watched quite a bit of college football.
  11. BiffTannen

    What should female referees wear?

    Referee is not one of the universally accepted occupations for a female. They have no business near the field of play unless it is with a short skirt and pom poms.
  12. BiffTannen

    Cincinnati Reds: 2020 Edition

    Best 1-3 starters in all of MLB. This could be a deep run for the guys in red.
  13. BiffTannen

    TNF TV Ratings

    Damn near lost to celebrity Family Feud
  14. BiffTannen

    Secret Of BLM Success

    I’m surprised the two could be afforded. Pure ignorance.
  15. BiffTannen

    I got 4 ballots in the mail today.

    Exactly what I was thinking. Mail all four of those fockers in with Trump votes. Reminds me of when I used to vote for all of my exwives. The last wife, she was pretty as hell, but dumb as shiit, once asked me- what’s the difference between a democrat and a republican? I snatched the envelope out of her hand and let her know daddy will take care of all this voting stuff.