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  1. What are you looking at, butthead?
  2. BiffTannen

    Happy B-day MJF

    60 years young - one day late. Congrats on that new ice cream parlor you opened up, even though you only sell shakes.
  3. BiffTannen

    Best Line In A Movie

  4. BiffTannen

    Happy 62nd birthday, Tom Wilson

  5. BiffTannen


  6. BiffTannen

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    What’s the vote for this year? Use the same site or explore options? I would prefer a setup like yahoo used to have if one is available.
  7. BiffTannen

    Cobra Kai

    Season 3 is out
  8. BiffTannen

    So now "black" is a capitalized? WTF

    I only use a capital “N” if it is at the beginning of a sentence.
  9. BiffTannen

    Everyone gets an A!!!!!!

  10. BiffTannen

    Entry level smoker

    My issue with the Traeger is a maximum temp of 450. You can't get a good steak sear at 450
  11. BiffTannen

    New Seattle first time offender program........

    You should smash up some of her favorite belongings and tell her since you're a first time offender that you will be granted leniency.
  12. BiffTannen

    New Seattle first time offender program........

    That's because most criminals can't swim.
  13. BiffTannen

    New Seattle first time offender program........

    This is a great idea and I hope many more cities take this stance. Let them all rot in the shiitholes they produced. Hopefully it results in mass casualties and violent crimes against those that vote anything other than Republican.
  14. BiffTannen

    Entry level smoker

    I have a Traeger, but have not used it in over 2 years. I find it to be the microwave version of smoking. Go to Lowes and get a Charbroil Acorn Kamado grill -$299. Watch a few youtube videos to see what to do and thank me later.
  15. BiffTannen

    NASCAR geeks.......Lost Speedways.....

    I have watched it a little during this past seasons rain delays. Does it have an real time slot?