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  1. cavern

    AB....right before things went bad

    Yeah, when I mention blows to the head people usually reply that he was an idiot before the BURFICT hit. But, he has likely taken many blows to the head over the years. Who knows which ones really hurt him.....
  2. cavern

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Agent

    i wonder how long a guy with no salary can maintain an entourage like his. although, i'm not sure how his history of not paying his bills factors in to the equation
  3. cavern

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Agent

    i tend to think the behavior seems like brain injury issues that are progressive in nature. i do not tend to think any one hit or even necessarily ONLY hits sustained in the nfl are the culprit. it could be that he already had some brain damage from prior hits and then hits like the Burfict hit sent him "over the edge". regardless, whether he has brain damage or he is just an ass or somewhere in between (most likely, imo) - it's sad
  4. cavern

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Charity

    ha. Tomlin regained some of my respect this season and, frankly, watching the AB meltdown
  5. cavern

    Luke Kuechly retiring

    i'm glad that he should not be sustaining any more football related concussions. i do wonder if this also has a little to do with the coaching change
  6. cavern

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Charity

    i'm a steelers fan. i've gone from loving him, to hating him, to really hating him, to being sick of him, to being saddened and thinking it's going to all end up tragically for him
  7. no, you said "avoided chubb because...". my point is these people probably got someone less reliable
  8. thanks. i just wanted to make sure we were looking at the same lists. not sure i wholly agree with the "vindicated" since Chubb dropped to 15 after Hunt arrived. of the two top 10 lists in question (weeks 1-9 and 10-17) only 5 rb's managed to be in both top 10 lists (CMAC, Ekeler, Jones, Zeke, Henry). Given that CMAC and Zeke were picked ahead of Chubb in drafts anyways - it's a VERY small group of runningbacks that were more consistent than chubb over the long haul. if someone is saying "I had the opportunity to take chubb and, instead i took (ekeler, jones, or henry)" then hats off to that person. but most of the alternatives were less consistent - probably mostly due to injuries to others while chubb stayed well this year - but the "why" hardly matters. That's why his overall ranking for the whole year only dropped 2 spots, to rb8 for weeks 1-17 - other runningbacks were even less consistent. looking at the situation a different way - chubb was a rb 2 for me (and for many). so the rb6 for the first half of the year i got rb1 value for my rb2 selection. for the 2nd half, i got solid rb2 production, or what i bargained for when making my initial selection. so the overall investment was a very good one.
  9. can you copy/paste the top 20 lists before/after you are using here?
  10. are likely to break out next year? D. Henderson? D. Thompson?
  11. cavern

    Ok Chubbies

    probably part of it..... there were alot of backs that were not worth their pick this year. Chubb, who finished as rb7 in my league, was not one of those
  12. cavern

    Ok Chubbies

    this is the most bizarre "argument". he led the league in rushing. he did great after Hunt came in too. sure - he lost a few touches but he was still awesome
  13. cavern

    Josh Gordon

    He should get to celebrate his td... NoFunLeague
  14. cavern

    Parker: No more concussion.

    i've picked up and dropped parker so many times over the last few years. still have him, randomly in 1 dynasty league
  15. cavern

    Ok Chubbies

    one of the more bizarre "Need to be proven right" arguments i have seen
  16. cavern

    What the Kupp?

    Ive got to decide between kupp and aj brown. Both getting similar targets of late but i think brown is on the field more. Can't have a broken play td from the sideline
  17. cavern

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    is damien williams playing this week?
  18. cavern

    What the Kupp?

    is it because they won somewhat easily the last couple of games? the last loss they had he had 10 targets. Are they TRYING to go with the Gurley/2 WR looks at this point, but if they get down then Kupp becomes a much bigger factor? and, if so, what will happen vs dallas? unfortunately I always think Dallas will be strong (and then they often suck in actuality)
  19. cavern

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    i understand your point and to each his own. the reason i don't like that is that someone can be at a disadvantage compared to others due to differing work schedules, etc
  20. cavern

    Ok Chubbies

    need alshon jeffrey to have 32 or fewer to win my game where i have Chubb
  21. cavern

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    and mahomes is already nicked up
  22. cavern

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    help me here - who do you think is the top KC back this weekend? i think you are discussing Thompson here but the article seems to be arguing that they will go ahead and give mccoy a ton of work
  23. if we are speaking of Leslie Chao, i wanted to drop a warning. he is not a doctor - he's a madman
  24. cavern

    Ron Rivera FIRED

    i don't understand the timing
  25. cavern

    Damian Williams injury update?

    other brother Darrell, imo