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  1. cavern

    Eagles lose Swift, get Saquon Barkley

    i don't THINK so - for every rushing td he loses to saquon he probably gains a passing td TO Saquon. i generally believe more and better weapons around a QB help the QB's value...
  2. cavern

    New Steelers QB: Russell Wilson

    i hear you - just seems a bit odd to promise a starting gig to someone who has failed at their last 2 stops. although personally i like the guy and think he'll do well there. but pickett had just had a really good game under the new OC when he got hurt - so i never really understood why people were over him. however the coaches watching him everyday know a ton better than me
  3. cavern

    2024 Free Agency Tracker

    wonder if the Pats will no longer be a fantasy wasteland for RB's....
  4. cavern

    New Steelers QB: Russell Wilson

    so, do they just hand him the starting job or will pickett get to compete for it?
  5. cavern

    NFC Championship: Lions @ 49ers

    the key to betting this game is getting the bet in after learning Deebo's status but before the line adjusts
  6. cavern

    Wildcard Weekend: Rams at Lions

    and...they lose by 1
  7. cavern

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2024: First Four Rounds

    probably worth seeing how the coaching shakes out, here
  8. cavern

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2024: First Four Rounds

    I think that right there is why he drops a bit for the time being
  9. cavern

    Saturday Discussion: Lions at Cowboys - Wk17

    Once they lost 5 yards...kick....
  10. cavern

    I have the first waiver pick this week.

    i am surprised kenny gainwell has not gotten a mention... well, until now
  11. cavern

    Brian Robinson Jr.: My RB just got shot

    sounds like a solid kid with excellent home life
  12. cavern

    Chiefs release OL Fisher and Schwartz

    yes, and Burrow is the important one here. chase can be replaced much more easily. burrow is up for extension now, so things could get interesting for them quickly this offseason
  13. cavern

    Chiefs release OL Fisher and Schwartz

    it's a good point. there could be a window closing. although, i guess the point is that people thought a window was closing on KC
  14. cavern

    Official Super Bowl Thread: Eagles v Chiefs

    wouldn't eagles -2.5 be attractive then? personally, i'm looking at that over....at least i think so....
  15. cavern

    Divisional Round: Giants @ Eagles

    Hmm, the over bet you say?