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  1. cavern

    wild card round low cost DFS ideas?

    if you google draftkings salary there are some sites, like football diehards, that look at weekly salaries
  2. cavern

    wild card round low cost DFS ideas?

    $6100 on DK, so not exactly what I'm asking for, but a great name to bring up given he's a potential stud that can be rostered for much less than the going rate on studs. a quick google makes me think evans is trending towards playing? although, maybe the best situation for brown would be evans on the field but slowed a bit (not getting usual targets)
  3. boy would I like to see that...i have darnold (along with several other "spaghetti at the wall types" in this 2QB dynasty league where I have bungled the QB spot...
  4. cavern

    wild card round low cost DFS ideas?

    thanks - right now, i'm expecting thomas TO play - and at $6400 in DK, probably jumping on that, if he does? like brown or davis, probably brown more - thanks again
  5. cavern

    wild card round low cost DFS ideas?

    i suppose watching kamara status and possibly adding murray if kamara can't play?
  6. who do you have? right now I have Cam Simms, Hilton, Hollywood as my way of fitting Jackson and jonathan taylor into my lineup, but I'm not in love with what i've done
  7. cavern

    Dynasty & Keeper League End of Season Snags

    why damien williams? does he take the reins CE-H next season or are you all thinking he has value in a platoon?
  8. cavern

    Buccaneers at Giants: MNF Discussion

    i can't imagine TB will look past MNF when they are a game back in the race for homefield. but, i basically agree with everything else. i could see the coaches making TB hand the ball off alot late
  9. cavern

    Le'Veon Bell to KC Chiefs

    this is exactly what I am thinking. Bell gets 5 touches with the game undecided and then 10 in mop up duty. against the jets
  10. cavern

    AB....right before things went bad

    Yeah, when I mention blows to the head people usually reply that he was an idiot before the BURFICT hit. But, he has likely taken many blows to the head over the years. Who knows which ones really hurt him.....
  11. cavern

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Agent

    i wonder how long a guy with no salary can maintain an entourage like his. although, i'm not sure how his history of not paying his bills factors in to the equation
  12. cavern

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Agent

    i tend to think the behavior seems like brain injury issues that are progressive in nature. i do not tend to think any one hit or even necessarily ONLY hits sustained in the nfl are the culprit. it could be that he already had some brain damage from prior hits and then hits like the Burfict hit sent him "over the edge". regardless, whether he has brain damage or he is just an ass or somewhere in between (most likely, imo) - it's sad
  13. cavern

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Charity

    ha. Tomlin regained some of my respect this season and, frankly, watching the AB meltdown
  14. cavern

    Luke Kuechly retiring

    i'm glad that he should not be sustaining any more football related concussions. i do wonder if this also has a little to do with the coaching change
  15. cavern

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Charity

    i'm a steelers fan. i've gone from loving him, to hating him, to really hating him, to being sick of him, to being saddened and thinking it's going to all end up tragically for him