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  1. So, i guess he was rewarded for this behavior. SMH, sigh
  2. cavern

    Jason Witten is back!

    i really think he could pull a rabbit out of his head with this move
  3. given that he has proven to be easy to work with, this should not give any potential suitors reason to pause....
  4. niners would be just typical. get rewarded for this ridiculous behavior
  5. cavern

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    these little holy wars that spring up on this FANTASY FOOTBALL board are tiresome and make me visit less
  6. i would agree...IF THEY DON'T add another big name. i think they like Mack, but he has not been durable, yet, so they might add another name player
  7. cavern

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    i thought the same thing. it wouldn't help again this year. it might not even help NEXT year. but what possible good can talking the the press do for you?
  8. cavern

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    because of the way they played saturday? apparently they had a "tell" and knew what the defense was going to do. not sure you can extrapolate that into future success
  9. cavern

    Colts @ Chiefs Game Thread

    is it supposed to be very windy? simply snow or even just slick conditions, imo, tends to favor the offense and, in particular, the passing game. this is due to the receiver knowing where he's going as opposed to the DB having to make quick changes in direction from a reaction
  10. cavern

    2019 NFL Draft Order

    i'm not a Bucs fan. I got winston a few years back in a dynasty and have watched closely. He just comes across as a moron. plain and simple. if he is a moron then no amount of coaching will help that issue. i can totally see why TB fans might have no confidence in winston
  11. cavern

    2019 NFL Draft Order

    but he's a great motivational speaker !
  12. cavern

    Eagles at Bears: In-Game Discussion

    interesting. it looked weak - i guess this is why
  13. cavern

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    lol. steelers should jump ALL over that
  14. cavern

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    good. however, i cannot help but feel that AB is just a symptom. that tomlin is the actual illness
  15. cavern

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    i tend to agree. how in the world a team with THIS talent didn't make the playoffs is beyond me