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  1. cavern

    I have the first waiver pick this week.

    i am surprised kenny gainwell has not gotten a mention... well, until now
  2. cavern

    Brian Robinson Jr.: My RB just got shot

    sounds like a solid kid with excellent home life
  3. cavern

    Chiefs release OL Fisher and Schwartz

    yes, and Burrow is the important one here. chase can be replaced much more easily. burrow is up for extension now, so things could get interesting for them quickly this offseason
  4. cavern

    Chiefs release OL Fisher and Schwartz

    it's a good point. there could be a window closing. although, i guess the point is that people thought a window was closing on KC
  5. cavern

    Official Super Bowl Thread: Eagles v Chiefs

    wouldn't eagles -2.5 be attractive then? personally, i'm looking at that over....at least i think so....
  6. cavern

    Divisional Round: Giants @ Eagles

    Hmm, the over bet you say?
  7. cavern

    So, who are the backups and/or free agents

    thanks for the comments - yes, I managed to stash Zamir at the end of my bench in a keeper league. if they keep/re-sign Jacobs then I'll likely not protect Zamir at draft time. If Jacobs goes elsewhere and it looks like the job may fall to Zamir, I may have a valuable keeper. yes - the lack of use....could be that he wasn't impressive - although the raiders were one of the few teams that really rode their starter with tons of touches
  8. cavern

    Dynasty 1.2 - Where to go

    was genuinely curious, didn't mean to be an ahole, but i'll just never read another post of yours
  9. cavern

    Dynasty 1.2 - Where to go

    sorry i'm not answering the question you asked, but leagues really do rookie drafts before the nfl draft takes place? wow, that really requires some research!
  10. cavern

    So, who are the backups and/or free agents

    thanks - yeah, i like the zamir white idea. he had flown under the radar in my 2 keeper leagues. mattison not so much (already rostered)
  11. that are likely to not be rostered now but might play prominent roles next year? wondering who to stash on my bench in keeper leagues
  12. cavern

    Does your league have a runner-up trophy?

    we have a trophy for every spot in the Safe Space League. we want our league to be a place where everyone is comfortable and noone takes negative hits to their self esteem
  13. cavern

    Josh Allen Injury

    yeah, i was thinking my 2QB league. but that league is also a dynasty so, someone who is only good for short while would have to be really good to drop a younger player over. that's why i asked about top 12 (when top32 are relevant in my league)
  14. cavern

    Josh Allen Injury

    do you see keenum being a top 12 fantasy QB while he's leading that offense?
  15. so frustrating. in a dynasty I had my RB stable decimated by injuries in the past. Worked my way into the #1 pick and got Breece Hall to go along with Elijah Mitchell (who i had managed to land last year) to finally have a respectable starting duo to go along with my good wr's and qb. and now they're both in my IR and i'm starting Brian Robinson and Tyler Allgeier. we're talking about years on end of seasons like this with my rb's