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  1. cavern

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2022: First Four Rounds

    yeah - often the KR is a back up running back
  2. cavern

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2022: First Four Rounds

    ugh - any insight as to what role on ST?
  3. cavern

    Remember Kids Fantasy Football is about Value

    most of us play adult fantasy football. at least I think so
  4. ugh - i had not known about his mental health issues. the comments from dez bryant seem to insinuate that he believes the mental health issues stem from his playing days, which makes sense - with his style of play he probably sustained numerous concussions. smh. RIP marion
  5. i'll go williams since it is non ppr...
  6. cavern

    Jarvis Landry signs with the Saints

    doesn't winston tend to throw a pretty good deep ball but struggle (relative to other NFL qb's) at throwing the types of routes Landry runs?
  7. cavern

    Jarvis Landry signs with the Saints

    idk about considering none of their skill players, but the skillsets of jameis and landry don't seem to mesh really well. just 1 or 2 missed throws a game can really damage landry's ceiling, imo
  8. cavern

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2022: First Four Rounds

    to be fair, someone was discussing that, perhaps, Sony Michel (as a ram) should be included in the projected first 4 rounds of next year's fantasy draft, and my comments were rebutting that notion. yes, Cam may never fully recover, but he is a major reason why Sony Michel is not someone the Rams fought to keep (and then start)
  9. cavern

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Breece Hall, Jets

    are you saying you believe Hall is the #1 rookie pick regardless of need?
  10. cavern

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Breece Hall, Jets

    so, if i have the first pick in a rookie draft, and i desperately need a rb....is hall the pick? or is there someone else transcendent that i take and ignore the need at RB? or try to trade down a spot or 2?
  11. I must admit, with other, bigger, names seemingly available, I was disappointed when I heard this news a while back. However, some have told me they think it will be a good fit, etc. I mean, it's better than Rudolph, and Ben has not been great for a while - so maybe this will be better....I want to believe. To tie it back to fantasy: he's available in my 2 qb keeper league draft....worth a pick? Tia for any opinions
  12. cavern

    Your teams offseason hopes.

    i think 9 playoffs, seven division titles, three AFC Championship games, two Super Bowl appearances, and a Super Bowl title in 15 years is plenty good to not qualify as underachieving. i've gotten frustrated with him plenty over his tenure, but the big picture looks pretty good. imho
  13. cavern

    Your teams offseason hopes.

    obviously, steelers have to bring in a servicable (at least) QB. if they don't they're looking at tomlin's first losing season
  14. cavern

    Jerick McKinnon

    agree that best case scenario is KC getting him back under contract. yes - as number 2. They have already shown that they could give him the bulk of the work. if he goes somewhere else it's just a complete guessing game. if you can hold him through FA i think it would be a decent move (although, in all reality, his ending up as nothing is the most likely outcome - but we're talking about last roster spot)
  15. cavern

    Washington: New name, logo reveal on Feb. 2

    this name indicates that some people are in command while others are subservient. i'm offended