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  1. cavern

    Antonio Brown harassment case

    i don't know. calling her broke and sad and then including pictures of her children as EVIDENCE that she is broke is pretty darned bad, jmho
  2. cavern

    Antonio Brown harassment case

    i think all this person did was provide an interview to a media outlet concerning her past interactions with AB. she has not charged him with anything. yes, i would think, if he were so inclined, he could press charges for slander or similar. but he has not done that the text messages, if real, are a terrible idea by AB. certainly falls within any number of transgressions. certainly conduct unbecoming. i cannot imagine the NFL, IF THEY BELIEVE the texts are real and from AB, continue to allow him to represent their organiztion
  3. cavern

    Antonio Brown harassment case

    if it turns out to be real - you gotta think they suspend him/exempt him or whatever right?
  4. cavern

    Antonio Brown's Farts

    that doc is just a gas bag blowing smoke
  5. yeah. that's not what happened
  6. cavern

    Damian Williams update?

    well, this is more of a "who do you think is going to get hurt first?" situation. damien and lesean are ALREADY hurt, but we don't know how bad. and todd gurley has a condition and is on a pitch count. i don't think i will be DROPPING brown for thompson - but i do have 1 team where i have both stashed and i am waiting to see if either hit. of course, in the meantime, brown is playable on occasion even with gurley "healthy"
  7. cavern

    Dolphins Headed to Super Bowl LV?

    ok, but be careful. there are alot of con-men out there that will find out about this bet and approach you with legitimate sounding investment opportunities. if i were you, i'd consult an attorney before claiming your winnings
  8. cavern

    Njoku may be out a while

    yep...we might never know what would have been with njoku this year. i mean...they were targeting him early in that game. for all we know, he had 9 targets coming his way
  9. cavern

    Steeler Desperation Move

    oh no - are they giving Tomlin another extension?
  10. cavern

    Steeler Desperation Move

    this is such a weird position to take. you don't think it's possible to have an excellent grade on a player like Rudolph, but believe your needs to be greater elsewhere - so you use your first 2 picks on other players you deem to "need" more... and then, as the third round is getting going someone in your draft room speaks up and says "Hey guys, Mason Rudolph is still available...." and then you trade to move up? that or something similar is just not even possible?
  11. cavern

    Steeler Desperation Move

    i'm not saying they did or they didn't actually have a "first round grade" on him - however, if you think he's great, and you somehow know or suspect others do not rate him so highly, then it would be foolish to take him early when you can have him + another first round talent
  12. cavern

    Who do you regret drafting so far?

    i had Howard and Njoku going on separate teams this week. Howard was just a bust. Njoku went out after getting upended on an early target. for all i know he could have had a big game if not for the injury, but Howard just isn't a part of the gameplan so far
  13. cavern

    Who do you regret drafting so far?

    thanks. not dropping him. he has talent but i think he lacks the needed common sense. i hope he figures it out
  14. cavern

    Is Sony Michel dead?

    it was not difficult to predict a good game from michel this week. now - the news on the fumble is a little worrisome...