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  1. cavern

    AJ Green Is it time

    that's good. don't want him rushing out there and hurting himself again. as long as i have him fully healthy by week 25 i'm happy
  2. cavern

    AB signing with the Eagles possibly?

    "Ok, Antonio, let's talk about your childhood. what were your parents like?"
  3. two very talented rb's and a struggling qb. i would think chubb will still get plenty of touches, but that hunt will get some too - i would think short passes are in order
  4. while Chubb has not been the problem, and has been a bright spot on the team, the team has under performed. Since it is broken, I expect them to try to fix it. What i would guess is that they try to find ways to have both players on the field at the same time at times in addition to rotating them in and out of that top RB spot. just a guess
  5. cavern

    Ronald Jones II

    i'm not ripping anyone. before jones truly becomes a reliable fantasy threat he needs to sort out the passing down stuff and simply get on the field more. plenty of plays where a back lays a block and then becomes a dump off option. he needs that. until he is playing more than the 53% there will continue to be wide fluctuations in production. it's definitely a step in the right direction that he's getting much more than barber
  6. cavern

    Ronald Jones II

    Still only 53% of the snaps. Beware
  7. cavern

    Preston Williams - UPDATE - Torn ACL

    if i had a nickle for every time i picked up devante parker....
  8. minshew was awful yesterday. that doesn't do anyone any good
  9. cavern

    Adam Gase

    can we add Tomlin to this list?
  10. cavern

    When does espn update player designations?

    Thx - yes around 1215. Glad i didn't drop someone
  11. Conner was declared out a while back and thus able to be put in ir so i can get a replacement. They still have him as doubtful
  12. cavern

    Emmanuel Sanders looking like a WR1

    he's a strong wr6
  13. cavern

    Who is starting Kenyan Drake

    yeah. would be a strange course of events that lead to a good game
  14. cavern

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    i don't know - if you take away a few big plays by mccaffrey and then factor in that cook typically gets hurt - then you realize there are no RB1's any more. it's like they went extinct. probably tied to global warming
  15. cavern

    Benching OBJ?

    this site is actually projecting OBJ with a nice week. fwiw