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    Not McFadden, listed third on depth chart. Darkwa and Powell.
  2. Bdemain

    Flex this 💪

    I guess it is Morris or Anderson.
  3. Bdemain

    Hot Garbage

    (With my hand over my face) - Raiders. The only other team that Is bring up is the 49ers. Stanton is awful. Sacks, maybe a pick or two. The Niners defense, aside from Philly and Dal - two very good offenses - has been pretty decent.
  4. Bdemain

    Trade McFadden for Fitzgerald? PPR

    I'd do it in ppr.
  5. Bdemain

    Monster Trade

    Wilson for Howard is solid, not sure I'd let go of Watson for Fournette. That means you would have Wilson rest of season. I agree with above response, try to pair the trade and get a WR as well.
  6. Bdemain

    Flex option

    I think so, wait until Friday. If Reed doesn't start, absolutely.
  7. Bdemain

    Tired of Reid

    Not a lot available. Kroft is best option.
  8. Bdemain

    Flex this 💪

    PPR League Not sure if I'm buying Morris getting 20+ carries against the Chiefs, thoughts? Start one: Morris, Robby Anderson or Crowder Thanks, I'll respond to yours, leave a link.
  9. Bdemain

    Trade help

    Do it
  10. I have Ellington, Crowell and Allen in a ppr league as well. I would actually disagree with the others ... Blount and Gilli are too Td dependent in PPR leagues. Crowell might have his first good game against the Jets, but I'd go with Ellington, Allen and Lynch. Then maybe Crowell. Bad matchups for Funchess and Fuller.
  11. Bdemain

    Who wins this trade?

    I think you can get more for Rogers. Gordon and Bryant are not consistent fantasy points, Rogers is. It's that simple.
  12. Bdemain

    who to start

    Crowell may have finally game. Cardinals pass D is tight, Is go with Jaron's targets. Jeffery still hasn't found his way with Wentz.
  13. Bdemain

    WR help

    Landry, Tate and Hogan - Matthews didn't catch a pass with Cassel at QB. Landry should be huge, Hogan and Tate will get their share.