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  1. Im down for this league Crimsongiants@gmail.com
  2. Clash of the Titans

    June PPR Mock happening this year?

    Yes Nicdolas that's me....I see the draft happened and went underground so I didn't get a chance to participate lol.......did you find a team in the IBL?
  3. Clash of the Titans

    June PPR Mock happening this year?

  4. Clash of the Titans

    June PPR Mock happening this year?

  5. Clash of the Titans

    June PPR Mock happening this year?

    I would like to get in this year if there is an available position? This format is extremely relevant to how fantasy football has evolved the last 5-7 years......count me in......
  6. Clash of the Titans

    FFToday IBL Team

    Voltaire! Now that's a blast from the past.....
  7. Clash of the Titans

    **Round Three/Four/Five Commentary**

    did someone flash the bat signal....or should i say " Clash Signal " im available and can pick for Ray.....be back in a few minutes.....i was always fast efficient and courteous!
  8. Clash of the Titans

    2015 June Mock

    would love to get back in and get another chance to win a championship!
  9. Clash of the Titans

    **Round One & Two Commentary**

    Best running back I've over seen at Alabama like i said 3 years ago..........mike must think his toe is still bad lol.........,, order up boys RTR
  10. Clash of the Titans

    Check-in - Good luck everyone!

    Im still in if someone cant do it this year! Thanks! RTR!
  11. Clash of the Titans

    June Mock time approaching

    As i have stated for the last 3 years i would REALLY LOVE to be the 1st person ON the replacement list...... I lost my position 3 years ago when people responded in a thread like this before i did.....been around here since 2004 till 2011 doing this mock and even won it one year! Would love back in! Roll Johnny Hotdog Football! 8)
  12. Clash of the Titans

    June Mock time approaching

    if someone wants out this year i'll be glad to get back in.........................
  13. Clash of the Titans

    **Round Three & Four Commentary**

    man i would like to add some really in depth comments but i am pressed for time this week at work and this draft is moving too fast.....anyway...... Ray- so your daughter is getting an athletic scholarship? congrats!! who is recruiting her and what sport? when i was being recruited for baseball at college that was a GREAT experience....... on to the draft.......the early 2nd round run on wide receivers was expected.....after calvin johnson i have brandon marshall 2nd....great pick there for value............thought it was too early for andre johnson and cobb was a BIG gamble there.....two other guys on that team are better value and lots of competition at wr there to justify a 2.11 pick.....like the qb picks at the end of the round will add some more insight tomorrow when i am not busy.........
  14. Clash of the Titans

    **Round Two Commentary**

    The 1st qb is rogers.....suprised the 1st one taken slipped this low
  15. Clash of the Titans

    **Round Two Commentary**

    Even though graham is the #1 TE right now its still hard for me to take one this early in this format.....if graham doesnt finish #1 significantly higher than others its not worth the pick JMO