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  1. There are a lot of other great quarterbacks that we could put at number 2 of course. With his running yards and running touchdowns do you think this puts him as the #2 ranked qb?
  2. I am commissioner of the league now for the past 26 years and we are considering putting in the team with the highest scored points as the last team to get in no matter his record. Do any of you have that in your leagues already? Also do you agree with it by not putting in the best six teams record wise in the playoffs?
  3. Thats what happened this year. TwM made playoffs at 8 and 5 and was 10 scoring team in 12th team league. Two other teams at 6 and 7 had # 3 and 6 ranked points in league. It was bs imo.
  4. I was thinking mahomes is clear cut #1
  5. I know he had a great game against the Jets, but his numbers the ladt two games look great. Anyone taking a flier on him?
  6. Out of DJ and Carson, which one would you rather you. I have a sneaky feeling Johnson has a good year with 50 plus receptions and 10tds. Just looking for opinions. Tia.
  7. I was just wondering where does everyone see him being drafted? Does anyone think late 4th or early 5th is way to early for him?
  8. phins1921

    What round is Kyler Murray being drafted?

    Apologies should of said Kyle my bad
  9. anyone agree that these two could both be ranked in the top 5 for tp by qbs?
  10. I currently play in a redraft league and was asked to join a auction league. They seem to be a lot of fun. What do many of you prefer better? Tia.
  11. phins1921

    Bold Predictions

    I think Fitzgerald will be over 1000 yards receiving and have 10 tds
  12. phins1921

    Lamar Miller Signs with Patriots

    Miller is useless no thanks
  13. phins1921

    So how'd taking two WR early go?

    Just brutal. Adam's was a bist...hall was good when he played...thielen same thing
  14. phins1921

    Bust of the Year Nominees

    Kamara hands down
  15. phins1921

    Kamara - Bust

  16. phins1921

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    I signed Reynolds from the Rams because of injuries and byes. Hoping for the best.
  17. phins1921

    Hill or Jordan Howard

    An owner released Howard last week. I need a rb because of a bye to Carson. I really need this win, if I lose I will be screwed. The opponent I'm playing also needs a rb. So whatever one I dont sign will more then likely go to him. Which one out of Hill or Howard would you sign? Thank you in advance.
  18. phins1921

    FU Week 9

    Fu thielen why even bother
  19. phins1921

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    Barry Sanders
  20. phins1921

    Trade question need opinion....

    I was offered dj chalk and Carlos hyde for terry McLaurin and Jamal Williams in a ppr league...I need another rb for byes coming up and he desperately wants McLaurin....thoughts is this a fair trade or offer? Tia...
  21. phins1921

    Trade question need opinion....

  22. I was thinking of trading for Ridley. Does his value go up now and will his targets rise as well?
  23. phins1921

    Tyreek - the wait is almost over

    If hes playing I'm starting him nough said
  24. I have him on roster but have started Brady the last two games. I'm considering dropping him asap. Anyone else think of getting him off your team?