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  1. When doing my own mock draft it would appear both players could be available to me. Which one you rather have. To me some ppl are saying Beckham won't have a good year because Mayfield likes to spead the ball around. That scares me just a little. Just looking for opinions.
  2. phins1921

    Anybody think Fournette could be in for a big year?

    I agree I think he could be a steal in the late 2nd or early 3rd just my 2 cents
  3. I think he can really get it together. Maybe 1200 yards and 10 tds. What do you guys think?
  4. I am talking about late 20s or so in a ppr league. I definitely like Chris Carson, Damien Williams and Devont Freeman. I think Carson is going to have a great year. If Freeman can stat healthy I think he could put up top 7 scoring. Who are some of your targets?
  5. phins1921

    Thielen or Diggs?

    Thielen imo is the better option
  6. I pick 15th in 2nd it's to early to call but if DJ is back to.old form hard to pass on him
  7. Thank you that's my thinking 2 rbs 1 wr
  8. 15 because of another trade then.my original pick at 23 both 2nd rd picks. This is how I pick 2, 5 1st rd 15, 23 2nd rd 26 3rd rd 46, 47 4th rd
  9. Just to update everybody the number one overall pick as a New York Giants fan so he is picking Barkley for sir. I will more than likely go with Kamara. I believe it will boil down to David Johnson or hopkins at #5. Conner is the only other rb I can think of at 5. Advice still welcomed.
  10. This is what I have been thinking about doing. My only question is---is David Johnson worth the 5 pick or go with Hopkins or Julio Jones?
  11. I'm in a ppr league for starters. In my league We can trade picks for players for the following season. I happen to have the number 2 and number 5 over all picks. My question to all of you is would you take a second running back at number 5 or pick the number one rated wide receiver on the board? We play with two starting rbs that is why I ask. I am torn on what to do. More then likely it will go Barkley, kamara, elliot and McCaffrey. Looking for some sound advice from great fantasy ownersike yourself. Tia.
  12. phins1921

    Thoughts on David Johnson as a top 5 pick

    Who are the safer bets..do you think Gordon or Conner are better picks in a ppr rb league.
  13. Anyone think he turns it around after a poor season last year? With the new offense and kingsbury has already said how much he will use Johnson in the passing attack has peaked my interest. Anyone this hyped up about him too and think he is worth a top 5 pick. I out him behind Barkley, Elliott, kamara and McCaffrey.
  14. My league is a ppr league. We take 2 running backs and I was thinking that I want to get one of the best in the beginning. The 1st over all pick will be Barkley. My question is with the number 2 overall pick who would you pick between Elliott or Kamara? Any chance Elliott gets suspended?