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  1. The best available option at this point is Fitzpatrick or taneyhill. Not really great options at this point.
  2. As stated in my question Rogers is my quarterback and Flacco plays on Thursday night. I am not sure what to do. The waiver wire is filled with lousy quarterbacks as well. Looking for some help or advice.
  3. phins1921

    When do you "trust" a guy?

    What he said...
  4. phins1921

    Who is your late round upside RB?

    Totally agree. That's my thinking too.
  5. phins1921

    Who is your late round upside RB?

    Dion Lewis is someone I like a lot.
  6. phins1921

    #2 Pick - Johnson or Elliot

    Johnson and it's not even that close to my opinion. Bradford will dump off so many past the Johnson... Johnson OB going crazy with PPR leagues this year. Also with Elliot there line is a little banged up and that worries me a little bit. I've always been a fan of David Johnson and then he's going to have an MVP season this year. IPic 5th overall in my league and at this point I am even considering picking Alvin Kamara over Elliott. I know that may seem a little extreme but the town of Kamara is just off the charts.
  7. I play in a PPR league and having a hard time figuring out which of these two would be the better selection. The only thing that worries about me with Kamara is, when Ingram comes back how much will that take away from some couches and playing time. Just looking for some advice.
  8. phins1921

    Is Mahomes in the 5th to early?

    I am honestly thinking about running with him as my main quarterback. I feel like the potential is there to be very very good with the weapons he has. I know the schedule is very brutal in the beginning but I see a lot of potential in this kid and sometimes as some of you have said that you got to take a chance and just go for it. Just asking everybody's opinion
  9. phins1921

    Minn WR

    I personally think Diggs is going to have a pro bowl season with cousins. I would put him in my top 10.
  10. phins1921

    Barkley vs Cook in PPR

    I like hook but I think Berkeley is going to be a top 5 player this year. I think the Giants are going to utilize him in the right way. Just my two cents.
  11. We have had a few teams now complain that they wish there were still playing and ask me and my co-commissioner for an ideal to have some sort of crap bowl etc. We did it for a few years but nobody seemed to care about it. The winner would be the #1 overall pick in the following draft. I am here to ask if in any of your leagues is there anything special or different you guys do. A different reward perhaps. Any ideals would help. I know in another league I'm in, the winner of the crap bowl gets there entry money back and the #1 overall pick.
  12. phins1921

    The F.U. thread for week 7

    Saints offense is a joke
  13. I would be dripping gore for ivory
  14. The Colts defense isn't that great but sometimes things never work out the way you want them too especially in fantasy. So who here is confident about starting him and who are you starting him over? I've decided to start him over Cameron Brate who's been on fire lately. Hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt.