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  1. jackjohn

    Thank You

    I 2nd the OP. I love this site. Helped me win both my leagues this year! The differing viewpoints and arguing (I mean debating lol) really make this site great. Instead of just getting 1 persons opinion in an article, we get a lot of different viewpoints. Thanks to all who posted their opinions! And keep up the good work!
  2. jackjohn

    Allow Or Veto This Trade? (Dynasty FF)

  3. I like Brown also, the other 2 are up and down with a known qb. I'd take the upside of Brown. Good luck and thanks for mine!
  4. jackjohn

    Poll: Start QB Luck or Newton and TE J.Doyle or V.McDonald

    Doyle is a pretty easy pick, pretty solid floor. Whereas McDonald has no showed enough. I think both Luck and Cam have comparable games. I think the panthers come out with something to prove. But nothing is guaranteed in the nfl, so I'd play the hot hand, and that's Luck. Thanks for mine!
  5. PPR, bonus for 100+ yards and 40+ plays C. Davis @ Ind C. Kirk vs Oak A. Miller vs Min Coutee (q) @ Was Leaning Davis because of the shootout potential. Tia and leave a link, I will respond
  6. jackjohn

    Week 11 Streaming Defenses

    I think I'm going to grab Was, and run with them ros. They have a decent schedule and @jax and @ ten for the playoffs. #5 overall def in my league as of now.
  7. jackjohn

    Has anyone traded James Connor if so for what

    He only lists Conner as a keeper, so I'm assuming that Gurley and Boyd cannot be kept.
  8. jackjohn

    Has anyone traded James Connor if so for what

    I'd be a little concerned that the rams limit gurley's reps if they get the top spot locked up.
  9. jackjohn

    Last day to entertain trade offers

    I'm on the mobile version, so no help here. Sorry
  10. jackjohn

    Any value for Brandon Marshall?

    I would expect a bit more value than what Dez offered, as he was on a team at least this year. But the floor is low and ceiling would be very td dependant. And with Thomas, Carson, AK, Ingram all getting theirs, youd have to pick the right game or 2. Good luck
  11. jackjohn

    Last day to entertain trade offers

    Gotta have more information to make that call. Roster? League settings?
  12. jackjohn

    MVS for A. Jones? Whir

    And the trade deadline is tonight, so no chance to wait and see.
  13. jackjohn

    MVS for A. Jones? Whir

    New situation arose. Zeke For Edelman, Fournette Thoughts?
  14. jackjohn

    YOU make the TRADE!

    I think he is going to look elsewhere. Offering Landry or cooper should net him a startable rb2. And he is able to start 3 wr's. So he might just ride it out with matchups in the 2nd rb spot. Also Bell isnt back yet, so he may not really be worried, yet. I dont see an offer that nets you Brown without including Adams. But that's just my opinion. Good luck
  15. jackjohn

    playoff defenses?

    Washington? They are away team but @Jax and @ Tenn might be pretty tempting