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    Keeper, Pacheco or Etienne?

    10 team ppr Keeping Lamb in the 4th and Pierce in the 9th. I have to choose between Etienne in the 5th and Pacheco in the 14th. I'm leaning Etienne as there seem to be some rb3 in the double digit rounds, and Pacheco doesn't seem to have more than rb2 upside. Thoughts?
  2. jackjohn

    Keeper, Pacheco or Etienne?

    Thanks everyone! I'm glad to see the consensus is about the same as I've been thinking. I do have the 2nd overall pick this year, with Chase, Jefferson, Kupp, and Hill all being kept, ill probably pick Mccaffery or Ekeler. Then I was thinking of going wr, wr or wr,rb at the 2-3 turn.
  3. jackjohn

    PPR keeper help, pick 3

    Keep 3, round in parentheses 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 w/r/t Ekeler (2nd) Lamb (6th) Akers (7th) Hurts (14th) 1st thought was the top 3, ow I'm wondering if I should keep Hurts over Akers? Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. jackjohn

    Help w keeper selection please

    Mooney in ppr
  5. jackjohn

    Tampa Fans-Word on AB-out or in Sunday?

    I have R. Jones or Antonio in the flex spot. I'm thinking Jones is the smart play. TB should be ahead and the Jets are one of the worst against the run this year.
  6. jackjohn

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz ...

    PPR bonus for 100 yds and 40 yd plays. Im the underdog in the championship. At least according to Yahoo. Pick 3. Lamb vs Ari Jefferson @ GB A. Brown(tb) @ nyj Waddle @ ten St Brown @ sea Thanks for the advice!
  7. jackjohn

    covid strategies

    I actually make a point to do this. Once I'm sure of who I am starting, early games go in the designated spots. Doesn't matter who it is. Late games get the flex, just in case there is an injury in warm-ups.
  8. jackjohn

    Anybody rolling with AJ Brown if he is active?

    I'm starting AJ. Albeit with little confidence. With ekeler and Kelce on the covid list, I need to start all available bodies. It is a homerun swing, I'd be happy with a double in the gap.
  9. jackjohn

    Hurts owners..

    1st rd of playoffs, had Kelce go off. So I'm going to start Cousins vs Chi rather than take the possible 0 if Hurts doesn't play. If I was the underdog, I probably would gamble on Hurts ceiling.
  10. jackjohn

    2022 stash

    Cam Akers?
  11. Sea vs Chi and Det weeks 16 & 17
  12. jackjohn

    2nd half breakout

  13. jackjohn

    Trade proposal

    Wrong forum, bud.
  14. jackjohn

    Rashaad Penny

    Not anymore. Lol
  15. jackjohn

    0 PPR: CeeDee for CMC

    If he needs wr help, I would think a wr and Gordon or Ekeler.
  16. jackjohn

    0 PPR: CeeDee for CMC

    Ppr league 10 team I offered CEH, AJ Brown, and Boyd for CMC. I have Kamara, Ekeler, M. Sanders, Gaskin, Patterson for rb. And M. Williams, Ceedee, Jeudy, Ant. Brown, for rb. I highly doubt he will accept. He has Carson, M. Carter and D. Harris.
  17. jackjohn

    If you have room, go ahead and grab Marlon Mack

    49ers. Just because they like to hoard mediocre rbs almost as much as I do
  18. jackjohn

    Shittyest teams

    Det, jets, Mia, jax
  19. jackjohn

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 3

    Hurts and Lamb to outscore zeke by 22.
  20. jackjohn

    S/F RB's

    Along with Hasty, Mitchell, and Sermon. I'm avoiding that situation, just not worth the headache. Edit: Can't forget about Jusczyk, he will get some too.
  21. jackjohn

    Gronk for M. Sanders? Whir

    Full ppr. start qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, te, w/r/t Team: Qb: Hurts Rb: Kamara, Ekeler, CEH, M. Sanders, Gaskin, Sermon, Patterson Wr: Aj Brown, Lamb, M. Williams, Boyd, Ant. Brown, Jeudy Te: Everett, J. Johnson Trade my rb Sanders and Everett for Gronk?
  22. jackjohn

    Gronk for M. Sanders? Whir

    Think I'm gonna hold off for now. Probably drop Sermon for Knox this week. Knox has been quietly decent. Currently te9 in both my leagues.
  23. jackjohn

    Packers at 49ers: SNF Discussion

  24. jackjohn

    Gronk for M. Sanders? Whir

    Because I have a surplus at rb, and my te spot is poor.
  25. jackjohn

    Packers at 49ers: SNF Discussion

    They've been pretty bad. Poor PI calls, then the no call on that hit