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  1. DrG

    Justin Herbert: Fractured Rib Cartilage

    I don’t think Bobby Hebert has practiced in years
  2. DrG


    Bills on a mission after just missing last year. The Rams don’t look as strong this year compared to last. The SF D is the real deal this year. Buffalo vs SF.
  3. DrG

    The Henry Dilemma

    A form of regression to the mean …
  4. DrG

    SF RB

    I expect Mack will see the field in limited snaps. Same for Mason. 49ers should have kept Hasty or Sermon. The 49er veterans sure looked happy to see Garappolo back. Samuel probably gets 8-10 Carrie’s next week too. With all that Wilson should still get 15-20 touches vs Denver.
  5. DrG

    Justin Herbert: Fractured Rib Cartilage

    Not an insider but day to day and expected to play.
  6. DrG

    The Henry Dilemma

    This year I expect the playoff rematch to be the axual AFC title game. Game 6 wii be a nice appetizer though.
  7. DrG

    The Henry Dilemma

    Watch the tape. If it’s a newbie o line the run game should see some improvement. Is Henry pushing the pile or breaking tackles? looking at their wr corps, TN might want to get Hilliard on the field more with Henry. Keep your playmakers on the field. I expect Buffalo to be a force this year on their way to a rematch with the Chiefs in the AFC Championship.
  8. DrG

    Taysom Hill

    Rolling w Goedert, but he remains a potential lotto ticket. Might function as goal line rb today, good dice roll if you need him
  9. DrG

    Taysom Hill

    I outbid 5 others for hill in one of my leagues so if they turnaround and complain, no bueno.
  10. Where was Juju Smith-Schuster tonight?
  11. DrG

    SF RB

    The 49ers will need to run a lot due to Lance having limitations. Wilson does nothing great and everything competently.
  12. DrG

    The Isiah Pacheco Thread

    Here’s Matt Waldman’s take: https://mattwaldmanrsp.com/2022/08/04/hidden-masterpiece-matt-waldmans-sample-scouting-report-on-rb-isaih-pacheco-chiefs/amp/
  13. DrG

    The Isiah Pacheco Thread

  14. DrG

    The Isiah Pacheco Thread

    Fresh legs when he entered the game but he also looked like he was running angry and everyone loves that. Maybe he spells CEH a little earlier in the game this week and we’ll see how he does when the game score is more competitive.