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  1. DrG

    Lottery tickets? - Rank these Waiver Wire RB's

    I’d second Doug Orth’s article re Elijah Watson.
  2. DrG

    Week 3 Injuries

    Gabbert comes in solely to justify Reid’s usual decision to keep Mahomes when he’s missing a leg
  3. DrG

    Week 2 Waiver Wire adds

    10 catches 119 yds great Kupp imitation
  4. DrG

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Kadarius The nickname Stone Hands fits like a glove
  5. DrG

    Carolina WRs

    Don’t underestimate the power of garbage time stat padding
  6. DrG

    Mark Andrews Unlikely to Play

    Jackson still likely to look for his TE in the red zone.
  7. DrG

    Taysom Hill

    He’s a TE on yahoo. If you have a deep bench, a weekly lotto ticket if you are a serious underdog
  8. DrG

    Super Flex

    Uh in a super flex you do need do decent qbs along with an alternate as earlier posters noted
  9. DrG

    Super Flex

    Get as much arm talent as you can. You will find replacement wr 2s and rb 2s and 3s as the season goes on but you cannot replace a qb as easily
  10. DrG

    What to make of the Colts backfield?

    Allegedly Indy improved their line. But rookie qbs do like to check down
  11. DrG

    What to make of the Colts backfield?

    DJax to start the season
  12. DrG

    Derrick Henry

    Any Titans insiders with news about DH?
  13. Palmer is worth a stash especially in return leagues. The guys that are in doing against the 1s are the guys to grab
  14. DrG

    Dak or Tua

    Rallo, if you’ve completed your drafts, who are your sleeper w r picks?
  15. DrG

    Javonte Williams 2023

    Perrine and Mims are the upside picks in Denver