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  1. DrG

    Super Bowl LVIII: Chiefs vs. 49ers

    Shanahan is due! wild card: both CMC and Samuel have kick return experience. I think Shanahan pulls a few cards out of his sleeve tomorrow.
  2. DrG

    No Need To Watch Today - The Fix Is In

    I expect the camera crews to give equal WAG time to Olivia Culpo.
  3. DrG

    Super Bowl LVIII: Chiefs vs. 49ers

    I don’t bet on the home team no Seahawks on my fantasy roster either
  4. DrG

    Super Bowl LVIII: Chiefs vs. 49ers

    The 49ers’ counter to Taylor Swift is Miss Universe. 49ers 27-24.
  5. DrG

    NFC Championship: Lions @ 49ers

    49ers not a great wet weather team. Perfect weather tomorrow. They have Armstead back. Lions score some points but SF wins. Look at the two teams, point differentials.
  6. DrG

    NFC Championship: Lions @ 49ers

    The Lions will come out on fire and make noise. But SF avoids turnovers, the game is theirs. Too many weapons.
  7. DrG

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz (2023) ...

    Happy New Year all and good luck! Doug thank you for another year of great insights. Mostert’s ankle solved my dilemma. Chandler Jones Ford with Monty. Monty has been solid this year btw. Doug thank you for that preseason tip. Return league rolling w Shaheed over McLaurin. I’ll take the guy who’s overachieved … may it be punt return Sunday for him.
  8. DrG

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz (2023) ...

    I’ve got to pick 2: Aaron Jones, DMont or Tyson Chandler. Chandler seems the biggest wild card.
  9. DrG

    Brock purdy

    Post game, Ravens bragged they picked up some tendencies they used to jump throws. They may have done 49ers a favor. SF can clean up their game plan. As bad as that game was, SF offense gained well over 440 yds. Steve Wilks not their answer at defensive coordinator. If those teams meet again, SF still the better team.
  10. Not a Bear fan but Ford seems the safer play
  11. DrG

    TNF Discussion: Saints at Rams - Wk16

    DeMarcus Robinson seems to be turning into the player the Chiefs once hoped he would be.
  12. DrG

    TNF Discussion: Saints at Rams - Wk16

    The Rams appear the wild card team no one’s going to want to face in the playoffs
  13. DrG

    Lessons learned from 2023

    I ascribe to the 1 rb rule. I will draft 1 rb and 1 wr early. Zero rb risky and prone to misdraft if there is a run and the roster is unbalanced.
  14. DrG

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz (2023) ...

    Doug thanks for the insights. David Montgomery or Tyson Chandler? I lean Chandler if Mattison is a no go or limited
  15. DrG

    OK Jax Homers, Agnew or Washington?

    Agnew had 10 snaps next week - is it confirmed he’s starting? Bump for return leagues. Low floor but a good ceiling too if he starts