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  1. DrG

    Do Not Draft List

    I grabbed Gaskin on my dynasty team and he produced when he started. He does his job in all phases. He only started part of the year. Brown looks to have the Howard role. If Brown succeeds, he will vulture TDS. Gaskin has yet to show he can start a full season but the opportunity is there. I read somewhere that the Dolphins didn’t think he was built to be a bell cow but maybe he adds some muscle this year. Henderson is not flashy but the opportunity is there for him also with no vultures overhead. I like Gaskin but I see why some would say Henderson is a better pick. 6 pts for a rushing TD counts the same as 6 points from 60 rushing yards.
  2. I’d say this moves Adams back up into mid first round and maybe the first wr off the board
  3. DrG

    Had to Get One In Before Memorial Day

    CJ U will be waiting for you. Whether it is Newton or Jones I think Wild Bill is going to run the snot out of the ball in 2021
  4. DrG

    Cam Akers Torn Achilles

    WP it’s a 17 game season 37 attempts a game would be 629. 39 and a little change would be 670.
  5. DrG

    Axe Elf Guides Your Draft

    It seems every year there is a substantial drop off after the first 16-18 players. Justin Jefferson might be a steal at that adp.
  6. DrG

    Cam Akers Torn Achilles

    Goff averaged 37 passes a game last year. The year before, 39 without Akers. With new arm talent and less running talent with Akers gone, I think there is a great chance passes per game in the Ram offense do not lessen. 35.3 attempts a game is 600 for the year. 38 attempts a game would be 646 in a 17 game season.
  7. DrG

    Axe Elf Guides Your Draft

    My point was the need is more important. A hit in the first round is great but doesn’t usually win titles without more. A miss, however, means you’ll most likely not win.
  8. DrG

    Cam Akers Torn Achilles

    Goff didn’t have the arm Stafford does. Good chance Rams crack 650 passes this 17 game season.
  9. DrG

    Do Not Draft List

    Tried this once before. Good luck if you do.
  10. DrG

    Axe Elf Guides Your Draft

    With your high picks you want a ‘dominant’ performance, but what you need are some players with consistent high floors with their position
  11. DrG

    Cam Akers Torn Achilles

    Sean McVay is pretty creative working around limitations and he has a new gunslinger as a toy. Goff often liked to me like he only saw part of the field. I just think the Rams are going to throw a lot more.
  12. DrG

    Axe Elf Guides Your Draft

    The hope with a first round pick is some consistency and that the player finishes reasonably near his adp. If any player can replicate a top 5ish finish one would think it would be Henry. I liken him to Jim Brown 2.0. So a top7 finish is really within the reasonably successful range for any of the Tier 1 rbs.
  13. DrG

    Cam Akers Torn Achilles

    Stafford and Rams WRS will get an ADP boost
  14. DrG

    Cam Akers Torn Achilles

    Probably about as much if Sean McVay bolted the Rams to join SF
  15. DrG

    Joe Mixon