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  1. DrG

    Mostert FTW!

    If one can afford to put $50 casually on an 82-1 long shot for fun, hardly would call it not working a gut punch.
  2. DrG

    Rams at 49ers: SNF Discussion

    Mosterarris can be high maintenance but worth it. He is often one missed tackle away from a house call.
  3. DrG

    Week 6 FU

    Ditto Rivers
  4. DrG

    Week 6 FU

    Self for starting MJones over Fulgham
  5. DrG

    How do I not win this league every year?

    Could be that others are ripping off the weaker players also!
  6. DrG

    Mostert FTW!

    Casual fan yes, but I try to watch the Kentucky Derby. In 2005, turned the TV on before the race and saw like 50-1 odds on my ‘namesake’ horse Giacomo,. If more time, it’d have been fun to put some money on the race he went on to win. A long shot won again in 2019. who could have predicted Mostert’s 228 yd playoff explosion? Long shot yes, but I think he’s better than 82-1. Btw I’d like to see a race between Raheem and Tyreek!
  7. DrG

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    As long as Lock is healthy you’re okay there then. Justin Hebert was my draft pick in a dynasty league 10th pick) I agree with your talent assessment between Tyrod and Jacoby but the latter might have more of a chance to play if Rivers keeps throwing game killer picks
  8. DrG

    Week 6 Waiver Wire

    Darrel Mooney - is this the week he puts it together?
  9. DrG

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    If jacoby Brissett were available he might be worth grabbing
  10. DrG

    Josh Kelley droppable?

    I’ll take the goal line carries and hold. And hope Ekeler is a fast healer. Jackson’s been in the league a few years and really hasn’t shown he is more than a fill in.
  11. DrG

    Le'Veon Bell to KC Chiefs

    He knew the Jets were not the best team when he signed ... Holdout cost him some serious coin.
  12. DrG

    RB depth just isn't what it used to be

    With the seasonal attrition that occurs at running back, this assessment is best left for later in the season.
  13. DrG

    What to do with Melvin Gordon...

    At practice he might need a ride home
  14. DrG

    Vikings at Seahawks: SNF Discussion

    Cost the game
  15. DrG

    Hayden Hurst

    Ryan playing his way to the bench