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  1. DrG

    Wildcard Weekend: Seahaws at 49ers

    32+ looking at where they were drafted. There are some interesting articles about Purdy’s off season work. He worked on his mechanics adding 5 mph to his throw velocity. His spatial awareness supposedly off the charts and compares to Brees.
  2. DrG

    Wildcard Weekend: Seahaws at 49ers

    He bought a lot of that time, like that TD pass to Mitchell and drop by Aiyuk. Mitchell his last read on opposite end of the field. Also liked to see him throw it away when it wasn’t there.o
  3. DrG

    Wildcard Weekend: Seahaws at 49ers

    Aiyuk going to get razzed by his teammates this week for dropping that TD pass. Purdy did quite the Tarkenton impersonation on that play
  4. DrG

    The Official Week 16 FU Thread

    Let’s not forget Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams and the ghost of the immaculate reception. On cue, the Raiders lay an egg against the Steelers.
  5. DrG

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    Thank you and Merry Christmas Gentlemen! Gonna roll w Engram and sit the Indy backs.
  6. DrG

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    Doug yes.
  7. DrG

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    PPR TE start Goedert Everett or Engram? Always leery of a player’s first game back from injury. Doug Moss or DJax? Thanks.
  8. DrG

    Saturday: Colts at Vikings

    World class whiskey tango foxtrot choke
  9. DrG

    Who has the "stones" to sit Saquon?

    I would remind of the aphorism: do not bench your studs.
  10. DrG

    TNF Discussion: 49ers at Seahawks - Wk15

    I’d like to see the 49ers work Mason into the offense a little more. Runs hard once he gets a little steam. Kittle is starting to look like Kittle. Bodes well for the playoff run.
  11. DrG

    The Final All-Out Blitzes of the season ...

    PPR playoff rb stash? Doug, first off, thank you for your boards, articles and rookie reviews. Great reading and always the foundation to my ff prep. Who would you stash of these players in a deep bench league at RB? Mack, Carter, Hasty or Gainwell? Have the first two, but the last 2 would be productive with opportunity.I have Barkley/Breida, Jacob’s, Singletary and CPatt. Holding both Taysom Hill and Mattison. Bye week here let’s me see how the Falcon qb change affects that backfield. As always, thanks!
  12. DrG

    MNF Discussion: Patriots at Cardinals

    Tua missed several easy throws in the 9ers game two weeks ago. I am wondering if it were the coverages that messed him up or something else. Whatever it was carried over with the Chargers
  13. Timing certainly ‘fortuitous’ w Jimmy G injury.
  14. DrG

    FLEX: Cordarelle, or Zay Jones?

    CP has been working his way back from injury. At this point in the season I prefer the more consistent player at flex.
  15. DrG

    Perine over R. White at flex?

    PPR? For standard, RW might be the call