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  1. DrG

    Marquis Goodwin

    I wont make it too complex but he had injury issues earlier in the season. SF rb corps beat up and he is the wr1 there vs a depleted Bronco secondary. Risky play but potential boom candidate iif one is thin at wr or flex
  2. DrG

    Marquis Goodwin

    Back w team and practiced this week Hes on the wire in some leagues Interesting dart throw
  3. Ware at home vs Ravens Crowell vs Bills Ekeler vs Cincy Shepherd should get volume w OBJ out?
  4. DrG

    Eli Manning vs Joe Montana

    Young had great numbers but was not the late game finisher that Montana was. He also made more late game mistakes The year he took the job from Montana he lost his first playoff game. And the opposing players said they knew they had a chance when they found out Montana wasnt starting. A 4 time Super Bowl qb lost his job to a guy who would go on to win only 1 despite being on a stacked team
  5. DrG

    Eli Manning vs Joe Montana

    Aikman could throw darts - as a 9er fan I say that. Steve Young was certainly a running qb but not as precise as Aikman Montana or Simms. He was also not the same caliber big game QB. 94 9ers were stacked with talent. Doesnt compare for example when Montana was traded to KC turning an average team into a playoff team.
  6. DrG

    Deep Sleeper RB

    Hard to see Balt not doing a test drive
  7. Imagine if the originator of this question is a newbie or a kid etc. childish to give them such a hard time
  8. DrG

    Ridely or Samuels as Conner's backup?

    With gronk hurt Ben Watsons inconsistency, I grabbed Samuels as a speculative add I dont think hes a 3 down back At best change of pace player whose dual designation makes him a decent bench add
  9. DrG

    Eli Manning vs Joe Montana

    Montana has 4 SB rings not 5 Eli 2 4-0 11 tds no interceptions in 4 Super Bowls. That hasnt been topped in the Super Bowl era.
  10. Ignore the sarcastic types. All being equal if you need another wr yes. DT may not get volume but right matchup should get you a floor of 8 pts and occasional TD and ok trade if you have concern about Collins being benched. That said you also never know if Collins pulls a Crowell and has a productive game here or there
  11. We have 2 flex spots I’m trying to fortify. I alternate between ekeler Baldwin dem Thomas and now McGuire Gio is on my bench. The Gordon owner would probably do Olsen straight up For Austin. My TEs are gronk and Ben Watson. Gordon pulled Ito Smith From the trade and added Baldwin. So now he wants ekeler gio and Watson for Olsen Shepherd and Doug Martin. Ben Watson has a tasty schedule so I’m thinking giving up 2 running backs with bell cow upside is too much.
  12. DrG

    Deep Sleeper RB

    To be seen. Rookie qbs often favor the tight end and the checkdown.
  13. DrG

    Elijah Mcguire

    the Scouting reports single out his pass catching over running inside. Forte lite or Powell 2.0. A gang green article this week mentions hes still building up conditioning and that they might move him around a lot. Rb3 w upside.
  14. Gordon owner wants ekeler Shepherd has slightly outscored ekeler by 1.5 pts a game Thoughts on trade values rest of season out Thanks
  15. DrG

    Ingram - Droppable?

    Rb1 upside I think he gets rewarded this week with some extra touches