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  1. DrG

    Seahawks at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Shanahan clock management in OT an area he needs to get better at
  2. DrG

    49ers defense for real?

    Road game vs division opponent on a Thursday night is not the best gauge. Monday night vs your chief division rival a better test. Wilson’s having a stellar year and that D Line is a game wrecker when they get rolling. This should be a good game.
  3. DrG

    Josh Gordon (knee) placed on IR

    Meyers stock rising
  4. DrG

    Week 7 Scoop and Play WR

    Meyers’ scouting report is interesting. Good hands, ex qb w feel for the game although not a burner by any means. Worth watching to see how he does. Edelman’s 32, Gordon is Gordon ... might be an opportunity there
  5. DrG

    Mark Walton Show ROS

    Always a little room for a few lottery ticket RBS. Good spellcheck memory AE lol
  6. DrG

    Mark Walton Show ROS

    Question for Miami homers, has he earned the rub job and do you see enough volume going forward where he might be an rb3 who gets a share of the dump off passing game?
  7. DrG

    What's up with Damien Williams today?

    I have not seen the snap counts yet but the other D Williams has two of the longest plays (run and pass) for any KC rob this year
  8. DrG

    week 6 plug and play WR

    Rallo used to run a waiver wire wr thread. Rams SF Gurley has a quad injury and 9ers just lost their fb and two coaches with a rep for offensive creativity. Potential here for a shootout. This might be a week for Marquise Goodwin
  9. DrG

    The New York Jets' Defense

    If you really want to wake up Axe .... Warrior Needs Food!
  10. DrG

    Browns at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Boss carried a grudge against Mayfield going into that game which is great to see. 9ers fan and happy with the start but they are not yet near the NFC top let alone the NFC West. We will see after a few division games.
  11. DrG

    PPR Flex McLaurin or Eifert

    It does feel inexorable lol
  12. If TM didn’t have hamstring issues he starts for me even against Gilmore. But am I crazy to roll w Eifert?
  13. DrG

    TE Help

    Every so often Eifert has a big game. If there’s ever a week for him to do this, this is the week.
  14. DrG

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Mecole Hardman, Chiefs

    Hill’s week to week numbers in 2018 were overshadowed at times by his monster scoring weeks especially when KC was also using him on returns.
  15. DrG

    Jordan Wilkins

    “Hindsight” (fixed it) in about 6-8 weeks it will really be about Wilkins as both Mack and Hines will likely be out