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  1. DrG

    Boycott the NFL

    It’s the other way, the radio runs ahead
  2. DrG

    Boycott the NFL

    I’d turn the volume down and tune in the radio but now they run the radio ahead so you need a converter to that.
  3. DrG

    Boycott the NFL

    One thing the NFL could do is make refereeing a full time job. Quality over optics would be another there as well, especially for the playoffs. A big one to me is that the salary cap overly restricts teams from keeping a talented, but not necessarily star or contributing player tied to a team long term. The revolving door inhibits team identity. I’ll use Kevin Faulk formerly of the Patriots as an example of a contributor who developed some fan rapport there both with his play and longevity there. The game now feels more like assemblages of temporary mercenaries wearing transient colors facing off with each other. Loyalty and identity require some long term commitment
  4. DrG

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz ...

    Doug, just a thank you this year for all the insights and articles. Much appreciated! Happy New Year to you and the FFT crew!
  5. DrG

    Steelers at Vikings: TNF Discussion

    The Steelers didn’t come to play the first half. Tomlin must have ripped some new ones at halftime. Cousins ty for putting up your worst qb2 numbers this week when I finally started you.
  6. DrG

    QB1: Herbert, or Cousins?

    Over the last 5 weeks the Bengals have allowed the 12th highest points to qbs, the Lions are 28th. Herbert can also get me some points on the ground. Ex Oregon QB should be able to handle a little rain and a cloudy day.
  7. DrG

    What do you need tonight?

    Request for scary Terry: 10 catches 150 yds 2 tds, that is all and a nice game from his qb.
  8. DrG

    The Official Week 12 FU Thread

    The.experts who said D’Onta Freeman was going to get the bulk of the carries for Tn
  9. DrG

    Fantasy D/ST vs. slot receivers

    This site does in a way. Go to fantasy points against WR and click on the individual teams and you’ll see each wr stats per game. More tedious but an option. I’d also check Doug Orth’s delicious dozen article
  10. DrG

    Adrian Peterson waived

    Hilliard might come up with another high target low per touch avg vs the Patriots
  11. DrG

    Jeff Wilson Jr was just activated for Sunday

    I’ll add it seemed like a lot of straight ahead runs.
  12. DrG

    Jeff Wilson Jr was just activated for Sunday

    It was his first full game back after a knee injury. Wanted more yes, but okay.
  13. DrG

    Jonathan Taylor: the FF Legend

    These I told you so threads are all weak. Everyone focuses on the hits, not the misses, to boot.
  14. DrG

    Patriots at Falcons: TNF Discussion

    I saw a stat that 2.68 ydsout of Davis’ 3yds pc average was after contact. Atlanta 22 draft - time to invest in the o line
  15. Gallman got more touches. He could get the nod.