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  1. DrG

    Trade Carr or Trade Mariota?

    I don’t like New Orleans but saying Brees isn’t a great QB because he only made the playoffs 60% of the time is nuts. Getting to the top of the mountain is difficult, staying there more so. That’s all. Yes you can win a Super Bowl without a great QB but it sure helps to have one. In the salary cap era it is almost impossible to assemble a dynasty.
  2. Raiders actually almost got em twice this year.
  3. DrG

    Hayden Hurst

    And the FFToday Calculator may have the answer. Over the second half of the season, Hurst was the 18th ranked TE.
  4. DrG

    Hayden Hurst

    Hurst was a disappointment this year. I got lucky that someone dropped Gronk. To me, the question is whether a Hurst owner would have been better streaming week to week versus plugging him in.
  5. DrG

    Browns receivers in danger of missing Week 16

    I’d say they all missed the game.
  6. DrG

    FU Thread: Championship Edition

    I should win the 3rd place game my dynasty league and I can say at least today it helped to ignore the experts’ advice. Ogunbowale was serviceable as was Conner at least with the TD.
  7. DrG

    Jeff Wilson

    So who started juyszcyk? Lol
  8. DrG

    49ers at Cardinals: Saturday Football Discussion

    Wilson not far off from 200 Coleman and McKinnon might be looking for work in 2021
  9. DrG

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    Doug thank you I started the week strong w Agholor Gronk and Gaskins, going to roll w Hall and flip a coin a few times.
  10. DrG

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    I forgot I also have Malcolm brown
  11. DrG

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    1 pt ppr 2 pts every 10 yds 2 to flex: choices: marvin hall James Connor ogunbowale ito smith Mooney or gayton im inclined to roll hall v Jets and Connor ogunbowale should be fresh tho
  12. DrG

    Chargers at Raiders: TNF Discussion

    Buck is better at wearing ties than he is calling games.
  13. He has to clear Covid protocols now. Not good news for Gibson owners
  14. DrG

    Ronald Jones placed on COVID-19 list

    This has split backfield written all over it. McCoy may be in his last year. If yes, he’s not wanting to get hurt. If Bucs get ahead they might have Fournette eat some clock.
  15. Yes Nelson Agholor is somehow still on the wire in some leagues and he gets the Chargers in what could be a shootout Thursday night. Prediction: 6/88/1. Chad Hansen - DeSean Watson has to throw to somebody and their running game seems kaput. Garbage time/scrambling dump offs? Prediction: 8/61. Lynn Bowden Jr is an interesting option for Miami with all their injuries and could see time at wr and rb. Note to self: slot wrs have had a tough time versus the Patriots