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  1. edjr

    2018 NFL draft

    #1 Mayfield #3 Darnold #10 Josh Rosen #31 Sony Michel
  2. edjr

    Michigan online poker

    Unlikely. I saw a trick online to tether to phone, no workie. Next time to go to my dads in maine i will do it
  3. edjr

    Books you are reading

    my 7 year old reads to me.
  4. edjr

    2018 NFL draft

    and losing to the raiders at home allowing 40 to ML Carr
  5. edjr

    I do NOT wear a mask.

    but your brain doesn't
  6. edjr

    Michigan online poker

    Yes. Maskachusetts has likely blocked everything. I can place a lineup on Draftkings, but can't place a bet
  7. edjr

    I do NOT wear a mask.

    No correlation there that people also started leaving their houses again?
  8. edjr

    US government will sue Google

    other than the board game, I thought Monopoly was a big no no in 'Merica? I remember the Microsoft lawsuit
  9. edjr

    2018 NFL draft

    You could say that about every QB ever drafted that didn't make it. I blame the team that drafted them. Obviously they were going to teams that sucked.
  10. edjr

    ***Happy Football Day Week 6 ***

    I traded Travis Kelce in a dynasty league 3 years ago for the #2 overall pick in the 2018 rookie draft. Rashaad Penny I had Rudolph and drafted Mark Andrews
  11. edjr

    The official Biden crime family thread.

    What do you mean if? this is 2020, We don't need proof. Just write it in an article and post it.
  12. edjr

    ***Happy Football Day Week 6 ***

    I played Draftkings for the 1st time in like 5 years yesterday. My lineup had Henry, J Jones, A brown, Gronk, Jefferson and dolphins D. amazing, near perfect. My QB was that cack sucking queer Rodgers
  13. edjr

    All is back to normal with Philthy fans

    I don't see any bir.... I see what you did there.
  14. edjr

    All is back to normal with Philthy fans

    wow. Carson is really mad they made him sit in the nosebleeds
  15. What is the genesis of her living in the mansion?
  16. edjr

    I want the Astros to win the World Series

    Rhymes with gays, this isn't shocking
  17. What's with all the new racist aliases?
  18. edjr

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Ron DeSantis is the best Gubnah in America, the way he has handled it. We need more of him
  19. edjr

    Why is there no TNF tonight

    have another one drunko
  20. edjr

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    2nd lockdown is imminent sad
  21. edjr

    Cobra Kai

    This is being released next week. Looks like it came right from the 80s