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  1. https://data.cdc.gov/NCHS/Provisional-COVID-19-Death-Counts-by-Sex-Age-and-S/9bhg-hcku/data What an absolute EMBARRASSMENT that we all fell for this ruse, this sham. WOW Hook, Line and sinker
  2. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/san-francisco/sf-mayor-london-breed-declared-local-emergency-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/2241796/ Not because the city is littered with feces and homeless or anything.
  3. I don't think I will be back in the office full time until at least September. July 6th we gt back at 25%
  4. Tuna company in hot water after worker is cooked alive in 6 tons of fish http://nypost.com/2015/04/28/tuna-company-in-hot-water-after-worker-is-cooked-alive-in-6-tons-of-fish/ Dude just made his family VERY rich by sleeping with the fishes.
  5. hasn't Ed been posting about this for 2 solid months? yes, yes he has
  6. Manning is a funny guy WHO WANTS TO GAMBLE????????????????
  7. Do you keep 6 feet away at all times too?
  8. no one wants to gamble???????????? They started at -200, while Mickelson and Brady were at a familiar +160. Woods and Manning have seen their odds go down as low as -195, but they are trending toward -225 and -230 with the match imminent. Mickelson and Brady's best odds are at +165 and their worst odds are at +190. My $50 on Brady/Nippleson to your $75 for Woods/Manning
  9. go swimming naked and look down
  10. Mt Hood - Melrose - the IT director (bosses boss) bought a house on the course last year. I got lucky with 3 or 4 drives, but my iron game and inside 30 yards was strong by the 14th hole they were all b1tching about being tired. I didn't have a bite of food all day, had 6 seltzers and finished at 3:30 Walking 18 does blow. was very hilly
  11. edjr

    The mask effect

    I find it hot when girls use their worn thong as a mask
  12. 9 holes shot a 56 2 weeks ago, 9 holes shot a 47 monday, 18 holes shot an 82 yesterday Talk about out of nowhere. didn't lose one ball with trees, high grass and water allover. I played with 3 brothers. None of them tried to mug me.
  13. When professional athletes weren't self righteous, tone deaf, spoiled douchebags Used to love watching this when it was on Classic ESPN back in the day.
  14. edjr

    What's for lunch today?

    Fam is going to a place called "Flip the Bird - fried chicken" https://flipthebirdfriedchicken.com/menu/ I am getting the THE CRY BIRD ghost pepper dipped + habanero spiced fried chicken topped with shredded lettuce and red pepper jelly - 10
  15. edjr

    Customers refusing to wear a mask

    My nose is so big when I wear a mask I can't see the ground and I am always tripping and missing steps
  16. edjr

    What's for lunch today?

    spicy sausage with peppers and onions, left over from last nights bday/cookout/firepit
  17. Went to a family b-day party last night. 11 of us around a nice firepit, sharing ice, drinks and sitting real close.