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  1. 1997 Last time 2 QBs that will never make the HOF faced off in the SB? 2002 Johnson/Gannon
  2. Does this mean the Patriots won't pick up ABs 2020 option for 20 million?
  3. edjr

    Happy Football Day Week 3!

    really? at home against the Dolphins?
  4. edjr

    What happened to TB12?

    Dude waited till he was 70 to turn into the shape of a football? da fuq? c'mon Terry, you're on TV, tighten that sh1t up.
  5. edjr

    “Stay off Tom”

    Not even phased, dude got right up. Clements hit like Roughned Odor That type of hit on Bledsoe is what created Brady.
  6. Mason Rudolph is the next great thang
  7. edjr

    Colors you won’t wear

    Love Lonely Island, never seen this though
  8. edjr

    Colors you won’t wear

    nailed it
  9. edjr

    Colors you won’t wear

    fluorescent Was something I wore skiing and to school once in a while Nothing beat the tiny striped shorts over the sweatpants though
  10. edjr

    iOS 13

    Yes. One minor complaint, the flip screen is too touchy. Which there was a way to change that, other than shutting it off
  11. Thanks for chiming in Posty Jr.
  12. edjr

    Colors you won’t wear

    I had a fabulous pink turtle neck I wore with Guess jeans, think it was 1987
  13. edjr

    Colors you won’t wear

    When Reality and I get together to paint the town red, we wear white pants
  14. edjr

    Antonio Brown cut by Patriots!

    can't really blame him for all the sexual assault allegations.