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  1. believe it or not he's become my best friend. he's from South Vitenam. He was born here, he only looks Asian
  2. black, peruvian, spanish, mexican, viatnemese. the CIO is white though. IT director is AA
  3. Left there, been working in Private Equity since Jan 2019 That's why I've been to NY 5 times the past 3 months, we have an office there and in SF
  4. Out of 11 people in IT, I am the only white guy, HOWEVER, we have no injuns
  5. why do you think ManRam and Papi wore all that sh1t around their necks? 1 vibration for each type of pitch
  6. edjr

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    Name something worse than a good cumpilation ruined by music. Want to throat punch the person that did that
  7. edjr

    Titans @ Chiefs: AFC Championship

    They cheated! They lost on purpose!!
  8. I need the housing market to crash, soon