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  1. Do you wear knee pads when you pray for people you don't know, or do you like the feeling of hardwood on your knees?
  2. edjr

    Florida Opens up 100% capacity no mask fines

    We have a trip planned there in November. As of right now, my son would have to quarantine for 14 days before returning to school, because you know, no tests or anything
  3. Must have been all the thoughts and prayers
  4. edjr

    Edex Cup V - US Open - TEAMS

    Looks like Cruzer was accusing me of pilfering
  5. edjr

    Edex Cup V - US Open - TEAMS

    Us Open $25 - Masters $25
  6. edjr

    Edex Cup V - US Open - TEAMS

    Correct. LOD (10) I owe cloac 10 as well and doodoo 30
  7. I was going to say. Every cop in America should line up to pistol whip Lebron and every other pro sports nitwit and then when they are done, they can quit their jobs
  8. edjr

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    wow, birds not bothering anyone. My hero please come to my city and shoot the seagulls. fuckers
  9. Paid for remainder of year. US open $25 and $25 for Masters I just checked paypal and you did not pay twice for the US Open.
  10. The crows nest has your name written all over it.. also was in Perfect Storm
  11. https://www.masslive.com/coronavirus/2020/08/massachusetts-updates-covid-19-guidance-for-restaurants-after-bars-found-loophole-to-reopen-early.html Where I live, this did not happen. Bars have remained open that serve food. No one has shut them down.