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  1. edjr

    Where is Edgar’s NHL thread ???

    It was a pretty genius thread.
  2. edjr

    Ancestry DNA results are in!

    Not my fault your a55hole was so loose
  3. edjr

    Where is Edgar’s NHL thread ???

    definitely not peenied.
  4. Rusty should change his name to Jamarcus Russell.
  5. edjr


    Should give it all to the house and congress, they do the real work
  6. edjr

    Ancestry DNA results are in!

    If I saw that on my DNA, I'd be hanging in the garage right now.
  7. https://i.postimg.cc/d1krR7HF/DNAOrigins.jpg I am 1% more Indian than Granny Warren. time to start putting that on applications. of course I am 1% jew too My whole life I have been telling people I am irish and I have been celebrating on St. Patricks day. What a kick in the balls to find out it's Scottish
  8. Who wants to go head to head vs spread for this weekends games? $25 pp pick all 4 teams vs the spread and pick your lock (as a tie breaker) and 2nd lock (for 2nd tie breaker) if still a tie, fist fight
  9. I think his scar is fake too. Like Putin