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  1. didn’t look at my phone once during last nights 1:55 Red Sox game
  2. edjr

    MLB 2024

  3. edjr

    Too many playoff teams

    it is 2024. All teams should be included in the playoffs.
  4. edjr

    Braun electric shavers

    Wasn't that the guy that got busted doing steroids?
  5. edjr

    From the heart of idiot country

    That's not a side?
  6. edjr

    MLB 2024

    Went to the Red Sox last night free tickets, right behind the sox dug out (vendor tix) Less than 2 hours? Are you sh1tting me? What a focking game to go to!! 3 hit,. complete game shutout by Tanner Ralph Houck Was out of Fenway by 9:10
  7. edjr

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

    Change his name to marvin smith and he’s a jag
  8. edjr

    2024 MLB (home) Attendance

    assuming they passed away and had auto renewal turned on
  9. edjr

    2024 MLB (home) Attendance

    No wonder the Red Sox "sold out" for like 20 years straight,
  10. After Lorena cut of John Wayne’s member and took it with her she was driving along the highway and decided to throw it out the window. What you don’t know is that there was an old couple following her and it hit their window. The old man, fascinated, turned to the old woman and said, “Edna?! Did you see the d1ck on that bug?!”
  11. edjr

    2024 MLB (home) Attendance

    I think that is likely paid and not people who show up