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  1. edjr

    Kenny Pickett...2 tds so far...

    He wasn't good enough to beat out Tribsucsky.
  2. TB12 has outlived his welcome. I thought he died in 2020?
  3. edjr

    MLB 2022

    Cuckdyer? Sure whatever you need
  4. edjr

    So the Q in... LgbtqciafbistfupLmnop

    Q is silent in Qfayg
  5. His parents should be shot. Bailey? Get the fock out of here.
  6. Should have gone the route the NBA used to suspend Michael Jordan for 2 seasons. Ime should have left to play in a pickle ball league
  8. Was your boyfriend busy?
  9. Same here. Wish I could remember where I saw it.
  10. edjr

    MLB 2022

    Mets could have used Cuddyer this weekend. All month really. Ouch. Pathetic
  11. I read this yesterday while taking a sh1t. I wanted to come make a thread about it but forgot. America is so focked. This logic and other nitwits who think this way. All this movie needs is Smollett in it