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  1. edjr

    ***Happy Football Day Week 13***

    Jamar Chase owners got an early Christmas present
  2. edjr

    ***Happy Football Day Week 13***

    this is the dumbest thing people ever say, how the fock do you or anyone else know what the correct officiating might have changed?
  3. I was talking about yesterday’s game, funny no one seems to have those stats link to where I said anything else. will hang up and listen also if stats are on X, they must be true
  4. Julian Edelman and Wes Welker are white and were nobodies until they met TB12. You think they could outrun anyone? Stop. All they had was quick hitters. TB12 made his receivers. Purdy's receives make him.
  5. Where did I say I said it and was looking for a compliment?
  6. Yeah. he called it. Hadn't heard that yet.
  7. make a thread about the Duke Lacrosse kids having their lives ruined and then delete it
  8. Kraft wanted Jones drafted. BB did not. Jones went to Alabama coaches the beginning of last year to ask for guidance/complain. It got back to BB and Jones has been focked with beyond belief. BB is like The Godfather. No one goes outside the family or they pay
  9. BB is making 25 million a year. Krafts are too cheap to fire him
  10. How does Staley still have a job?
  11. No way! Purdy threw 2, 3 yard bombs to Deebo last night!
  12. San Fran is so good, nearly brought Alex Smiff to a super bowl and krapernick to a super bowl
  13. edjr

    Chevy Commercial?

    dude, you’re getting a chevy
  14. edjr

    FSU got hosed

    Did they beat undefeated Georgia with the world watching?