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  1. edjr

    I hate Fortnite

    yeah my niece too. I am like WTF.
  2. edjr

    I hate Fortnite

    I am pretty terrible. whenever I try to build I end up shooting the ground, or doing something stupid. so I try to find the high ground. I can shoot and aim well.
  3. edjr

    I hate Fortnite

    96 real players. Sorry bud. They may have all been 8 years old, but they were real. Unless bots know how to drive cars
  4. edjr

    I hate Fortnite

    I only recently started playing Fortnite, because my 7 year old loves to play with his 11 year old cousin. We have a ps5 and ps4 so we play together. I did this last night with him watching, he was so proud of dadda I barely even know how to build, was like my 7th time playing solos https://i.postimg.cc/jjhxF1qY/fortnite.jpg
  5. Now who will pay Bobby Bonilla his 1 million per year?
  6. He was low am at the Masters in 2011. he's been on the PGA tour for 10 years!
  7. edjr

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    Because the teams won so much and it's a team game, the NFL is such a hard one to judge HOF. I still go by the eye test. Randy Moss HOF. Lynn Swann? Laughable.
  8. edjr

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    They are in, but certainly should not be.
  9. edjr

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    Funny the people that watched him most and love him to death, realize he is not HOF. It's the fantasy nerds that think he is HOF
  10. and he didn't have a warrant and certainly wasn't resisting arrest and that cop was acquitted of murder.
  11. edjr

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    Those are good comps. Edelman dominates them all in playoffs, but still isn't a HOF to me
  12. It is very possible Charlie Sheen did dope too. Very likely he was focked up enough to share a needle.