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  1. Didn't Oscar Pestorious murder one?
  2. The Army can always use a few more good women.
  3. What a focking Hopefully someone will hold him to it and not let him back in America when he tries to come back.
  4. edjr

    The next Manning: Arch Manning

    How can giving an 18 year old millions possibly go wrong? Sure Arch is well adjusted and probably won't fock it up. What about all the others?
  5. edjr

    Smear the queer?

    been brought up a couple times here.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/23/us/ohio-state-university-trademarks-the/index.html This is how dumb America is and shows how fall we have fallen as a nation. The most common word in the English language has been trademark because of a bunch of bickering idiots.
  7. I am about ready to start leaving my almost 9 year old son home alone. They did it in the movies
  8. edjr

    So I am looking at this house to buy

    I will bring my trailer
  9. Now that Bert and I have proven this can be done. Lets get some more geeks that gold to show up and we can have some fun. Also. AVN awards are that weekend. I guess Vegas will be filled with wh0res.
  10. edjr

    So I am looking at this house to buy

    Most were built 1900s. Massachusetts is ancient
  11. edjr

    So I am looking at this house to buy

    On this street in particular, plenty of parking.
  12. edjr

    So I am looking at this house to buy

    pretty rare to have a garage here. That is rarified air. We have more pools than garages