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  1. Redzonehog

    Bad week for DeSean Jackson

    Haha. Dude you could be born and raised in Cuba for all I care. My point is you completely missed the point. You're right, my math is off....simply because a little sarcasm was involved when I used those figures.
  2. Redzonehog

    Bad week for DeSean Jackson

    Good thing you saw the whole point there...
  3. Redzonehog

    Bad week for DeSean Jackson

    LOL...if you only knew. Clearly you're poor or you wouldn't have said that.
  4. Redzonehog

    Bad week for DeSean Jackson

    Are you people serious??? For an NFL star that's like the equivalent of $25 to most people. This is hardly even news....get real.
  5. Redzonehog

    ***The Official Seattle Seahawks 2013 Season Thread***

    Shut your fat mouth. You know damn well you troll posts left and right just to stir things up, you hypocrite puzzy...
  6. Redzonehog

    Let the Seahawk excuses rooooooole in

    Why don't you ask FlaHawker how he feels about his sucky team getting STEAMROLLED??? Loser.....
  7. Redzonehog

    Observations from shopping for my wife...

    Well, you're a focking asshat too...but who cares...
  8. Redzonehog

    Am I toast?

    Yeah, bc having the best WR and #3 QB in the game along with Murray, McCoy, and Andre Brown makes me sorry. Stupid piece of chit. BTW, you trolled this thread BEFORE the game started. Do you lack a chromosome or something?
  9. Redzonehog

    Am I toast?

    No problem, man. I wasn't neccessarily expecting to win but really thought it would be closer than that.
  10. Redzonehog

    Am I toast?

    http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=429853&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 Good thing you signed in there, too. This whole damn board was pulling for you.
  11. Redzonehog

    Am I toast?

    Good, I'm sure the dude with the old school seahags avatar will be happy.
  12. Redzonehog

    Am I toast?

    ========> <======= That actually doesn't work, guys. Sorry
  13. Redzonehog

    Am I toast?

    Say no to drugs?
  14. Redzonehog

    Am I toast?

    Titled "am I toast?" Sounds completely optimistic to me, dipshit...
  15. Redzonehog

    Am I toast?

    Good thing I never claimed to have a chance, huh?....