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  1. snatchit

    Mike Boone anyone?

    I have Boone and Mattison... if Mattison plays its gonna screw up everything with a RBBC. Mattison would be the play, but what if he goes out early or they take it easy on him... I pray he is out
  2. He was so involved and in on almost all the snaps. Then there was that one play were he started in motion in the backfield, Brady stopped him, he went back... play started and he shifted again and got hit at the line of scrimmage with the ball.
  3. snatchit

    dak or winston

    got to get this right
  4. Winston or Dak ?
  5. yes …. says the guy that played Lamar and RG3 in their show down... to be contrarian
  6. They may need him, no need to have Lamar in there
  7. snatchit

    Prescott or Winston ?

  8. snatchit

    Prescott or Winston ?

    Both have an injured hand
  9. Get the youngsters Boykin and Brown another year along with Andrews...
  10. snatchit

    N’keal time?

    he is going to be their red zone target
  11. ya that worked against RG3... but he doesnt throw like Lamar
  12. snatchit

    N'keal Harry

    Dorsett concussed
  13. snatchit

    N'keal Harry

    I disagree, they have no one on the team like him... a true X receiver . He will be better and more involved than Gordon was.. when he was his best.
  14. Beat writer says he will be very involved... I am not playing him yet, want to see. Bench stash