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  1. Besides McClaurin ... the other guys are around 3k. Someone will produce in a catch up game against KC. Any insight on who that will be ?
  2. snatchit

    Buy low WRs (week 6)

    Julio ?
  3. snatchit

    Darnell Mooney

    I have a hunch he has a huge week, A Rob is hurt, playing from behind at GB, GB secondary is hurt and bad, another game with Fields. Been waiting dude, show us !!
  4. I didnt look it up, do they use Wilson in the passing game ?
  5. or wow that would be contrarian ... everyone will be on Fournette. Why do you think that Weepaws ? That would separate me from the field
  6. It was a $50, 300ish person deal on DK. I played Jackson and Brown but didnt get in Taylor or Andrews. I have Fournette, D.Smith, Ertz and one of the TB WR's. I have 95 points, if I could get 100 points out of these 4 guys... I could probably get into some money.
  7. so true, I have noticed Brady always feeds the one that was left a bit out the game before
  8. I did a Monday Thursday game. I wonder about Bradys hand, and it makes me lean Godwin. Evans is a good target in the endzone with Gronk out, and AB... well he is AB. If you wanted 30 points, who would you go with ?
  9. I dont believe that was a recent quote from Shannihan
  10. snatchit

    If you have room, go ahead and grab Marlon Mack

    I carefully watched him on his few carries, he wasnt lacking explosion. Just had no holes to run through
  11. snatchit

    FA TE for week #6

    I picked up Ricky for insurance for Hockenson. I may play Ricky even if Hockenson is a hobbling start again this week.
  12. So would you drop Sermon for Wilson ?
  13. The good thing, though, is that he should be back once San Francisco returns from its bye week next weekend, and ready to hit the field running (pun intended) come Week 7.