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  1. I had Cee Dee and Gallup, didnt want to decide which one each week for my # 3 spot. Montgomery was my 4th RB, now Cohen is out and has a better QB. Dobbins has averaged about 6 yrs a carry, I guess I have to hope for an Ingram injury to thin out the backfield, and Godwin isnt more than 2 weeks out I was so happy, then everything went to hell
  2. snatchit

    Damn, I plugged in the wrong SEA WR in Draftkings

    I meant to put in Cedrick Wilson too,.... ha ha . What a weird day
  3. snatchit

    David Montgomery's value after a little hype ?

    I think the change of QB will be better for him
  4. snatchit

    AJ Green done?

    I own them both in my big money league.... I can't give up hope yet. Will stop considering must starts in my line up now
  5. snatchit

    David Montgomery's value after a little hype ?

    I didnt sell, gonna give him one more game to raise his value
  6. Never seen anything like this, better have some depth. I wonder what things will look like Tuesday morning
  7. Here is my team, I drafted and collected a lot of RB's.. for injury support and trade chips. I also picked up 2 WR's on 2 different explosive teams. My mindset was, if 1 WR goes down on that team.. I would be in good position. Although they are still playable Prescott Cook, Mixon, DJ, Monte, D.Freeman, D.Harris, Maddison AJ Green, Gallup, CeeDee, Watkins, Hardman, Laviska Hockenson Harris is coming off IR next week, and it seems he will really be needed and have a chance to start Freeman may show he is useful and I think Gallup will have a really good game this week. I think I could trade any of my RB's but my top 3, and throw in Gallup.... And get a great WR. I for sure need to shake things up. Should I just wait till after this week, to deal ? Thanks for you help Weepaws, and anyone else with a suggestion
  8. I am kind of leaning Kelly, it would be bold. I think I would go ahead and play the Monday night guy. He wont screw you
  9. I understand your concerns for Monte, he is and will be much better this year. You think Anderson is enough ?
  10. PPR, Monte is my 4th RB and need a little WR help. Robby Anderson Corey Davis Maquise Brown Any of these guys worth it ?
  11. I think it might be a good time to sell, what sort of WR could you get in return ? Cohen has been a non factor so far. I just dont trust Nagy. Monte is my #4 RB
  12. snatchit

    Laviska Shenault

    Ya I wiffed on that one, plugging him in.
  13. snatchit

    Dolphins at Jaguars: TNF Discussion

    ya its BS
  14. snatchit

    Laviska Shenault

    you are a special ...Does Mike pay you for the laughs ?