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  1. snatchit

    Don't forget AJ Green

  2. snatchit

    Sony Michel

  3. snatchit

    Less than 5 % owned for the 1st games

    and dak and lamb give me nothing... who would have thought
  4. Jonathan Taylor and Jefferson...plus a flyer on MVS..... got Dak, and Lamb coming up
  5. snatchit

    2nd half breakout

    ya I am holding on, also holding on to Marlon Mack. Was gonna drop him after he didnt get traded, but decided against it. He is the direct back up, good oline and running game there
  6. snatchit

    Nico Collins breakout game week 9

    ok, lets see how he does after the bye
  7. snatchit

    Bears at Steelers: MNF Discussion

    its clear the refs are trying to throw the game for the Bears
  8. snatchit

    Nico Collins breakout game week 9

    It wasnt him, Cooks also did nothing... which he always does
  9. snatchit

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    If you listen to his full interview, he was totally just in what he did.
  10. snatchit

    Nico Collins breakout game week 9

    Really, the next 5 games after week 10 bye: TN, NYJ, IND, SEA, JAX what ever dude
  11. snatchit

    Nico Collins breakout game week 9

    We will see, I just have a hunch Collins will do well... they need him. Having Taylor back with help
  12. snatchit

    Nico Collins breakout game week 9

    No, I was saying they have more upside and I dropped Green for them. Green was as productive as any other WR on the Cardinals, they just spread it around a bunch. My point was at the beginning of the year, was he wouldnt be a bust