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  1. snatchit

    N'keal Harry

    I disagree, they have no one on the team like him... a true X receiver . He will be better and more involved than Gordon was.. when he was his best.
  2. Beat writer says he will be very involved... I am not playing him yet, want to see. Bench stash
  3. snatchit

    Wilson looking like MVP

    a interception , fumble, low yards and TD's... that was not a MVP performance
  4. snatchit

    Joe Mixon

    forgive me for being harsh, I just dont think any RB that is the bell cow should be dropped.. no matter how crappy the team is. Mixon is my 4th RB, holding . I do believe things will get better for him, they just need to throw him more screen passes
  5. snatchit

    Joe Mixon

    Probably the same people that dropped David Montgomery a few weeks ago
  6. snatchit

    Joe Mixon

    believe it or not, he will be much better off the bye and a new QB... people dropping him are super stupid
  7. snatchit

    David Johnson this Sunday?

    David Johnson is in a smash spot, beat writers said he was lining up as a WR in practice this week... I will have plenty of shares on him on DFS with like 3% owned
  8. me too axe, almost seems he is full of shiit
  9. ya I posted this when they said he would... my other therorys still hold
  10. I suspect the Ravens feel like they just won the Super Bowl, beating the Pats.....Thinking Cincy is just a push over. Cincy will be at home, a division game, and I truly believe Green will make a difference . I put a few bucks on the money line and the over. BOLD, HUH ?
  11. snatchit

    AJ Green Is it time

    People keep poo pooing on that he always gets hurt, he's old ect, ect. He is about Julio Jones age with less miles. He is one of the true super stud WR, that has come out in many years. The man is playing for his last contract, he is fresh and is going to ball out. His Finley has a strong arm, and the play calling has offered great production from the other WR's. The D is terrible and there will be a lot of garbage time. Hell yes I am playing him, and expect at least low end WR 1 every week for the rest of the year.
  12. yet me rephrase, I reached for him in the late 4th... I was liking what I was seeing
  13. snatchit

    Nick Foles In As Starting QB

    I am so excited, I drafted Dee Dee because Foles was peppering him with targets before he got hurt. I have been holding on to Westbrook for the return of Foles
  14. He was locked in on Westbrook, I thought that was a sneaky draft pick